Running on Empty


I’m empty. I’ve got nothing left. I do very little each day and it’s horrible. I’m trying very hard to work on my art journal. I’m attempting backgrounds so I can journal my way through this illness which we think is Lupus. I’ve managed to do a bit each day on a few pages and will snap a photo for you soon.

I’m battling a face on my rash which could be Lupus or Rosacea. So to find out I take a Tetracycline drug for a month. If after that time I show an improvement then we treat Rosacea. If there’s no improvement I’m assuming we treat Lupus.  I’ve three weeks left of meds before we find out.

We attempted treating Raynauds but the meds landed me in the ER via and ambulance. Not a fun day… nor a fun week of recovery.

Baby steps. My new motto! ~~ I’ll be back after I get a little more fuel in my tank.

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