For the most part I’m a self-taught artist who thrives on creating. I live the the beautiful Pacific Northwest where the trees are green and the ground is wet. =) I’m married to an awesomely talented techy who has taught me a lot about Photoshop and webpages.

Things I like: rain, anything pink, (well almost anything), sushi, wine, any and all art supplies, reading, downtown Olympia, the Internet, shopping, candles, cozy socks, wild and whimsical creations, fingerless gloves, hoodie sweatshirts, spending time with my sister, time with my mom, and time with my family, getting goodies in the mail, watching movies with my sweetie, cooking, seafood of most all kinds, eating out, learning new art techniques, messenger bags and backpacks, prayer, hearing testimonials from other Christians, and so very much more.

Things I don’t like: Drab colors, cleaning the fridge, dull pencils, dried out pens, backstabber’s, crocodiles, selfishness, lying, atheists, vulgarity, mint tea, insomnia, PMS, dentists, time going by so fast, and other icky stuff.

I believe we are living in the end of days and am excited about being raptured and experiencing what Jesus has prepared for us. What I do in my art is only by his grace and the God given gift I’m daily thankful for. So for all my work, all Glory and Honor go to Jesus Christ.

And that’s a tiny speck about who I am.

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