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Stuff from daily living that I find noteworthy.

Sailors Delight


I’m testing a new nail polish formula. Sinful Shine with gel tech. This manicure is 4 days old with no topcoat. Zero chips! I’m not excited about the color -  (Sailors Delight) -  but I love the wear so much I grabbed two new shades after yesterday’s dentist appointment.

Alfresco and Yours Truly are the newest colors to my expanding collection of nail paints. These polishes are extremely affordable and I highly recommend checking them out if you like your art to creep from the canvas to your fingertips!

I’m still working on my Top Hat painting… along with other goodies and will have them posted as soon as I’m done.

Tata for now. Keep Creating!

Gears and Glam


Ooohh La La… Oh how I love texture and color. I snapped this photo several days ago… I’m almost done with this painting. I thought I was finished yesterday but this morning while sitting here pondering it I got inspired… so I’m not yet done.

I took a break yesterday to grow my indoor garden…

And glam myself up a bit.


My nails are Wet N Wild’s Undercover…I Love the megalast® polish line. It’s got a professional brush for an awesome manicure and it’s fortified with staying power. A must have so I have more time for art…

The flower is made of muslin and a vintage button. I’m growing more flowers and don’t even have to water!

Playing with Paint


I picked up a gorgeous new nail polish to brighten my mood. I’ve fallen in love with the new spring/summer pastels that are out. They make your nails look so happy. I bought a pretty pink, two different shades of pastel yellow and this unbelievable blue. I love Sally Hansen nail polishes. They always wear well and have awesome color! Plus I’m a gi-normeous fan of the pro brushes they have in these Insta-Dri bottles. It makes for a flawlessly fast manicure.

Today I’m working some more on a bird painting that has a life of it’s own. It’s taking me on a path that I hadn’t intended when I started it. I guess that’s why I don’t normally “plan” art. So it’s time to put my hiking boots on and let this bird take me on a hike.

Paint with passion!

Accidental Art


While washing my hands this morning getting ready for another coat of lilac polish I noticed the shape of the soap took on a ghostly appearance. The creative side of me just couldn’t miss the opportunity to add some googly eyes and a post it note with BOO written on it for the next person in line for the bathroom. I thought I’d share my sudsy spirit with you today.


Mission accomplished! Sally Hanson’s Lacy Lilac nail polish is perfect for spring and summer and a statement polish for me for the lavender color which represents Lupus Awareness Month.

Today I’m finishing up my sewing collage and starting on this…..


I made this garland of buttons, beads, and bobbins for the painting I’m currently working on but it just didn’t fit in the way I wanted it to so I decided to make a special piece just for this band of bling. What better things to do this time of year than to create gardens… indoors and out!

Since the sun has taken a certain dislike to me I’ll make my garden indoors for now. I’ll share me blooms with you as they grow.

Twinchies Collage



Using 2” pieces of cardboard thanks to an empty Wheat Thins box… I up-cycled my trash to treasures. There’s everything from text pages to paint chip scraps adhered to the cardboard with tiny collages created on each.


Each is it’s own adorable little work of art. I used everything from tassels to chipboard, straight pins to buttons, and silk flowers to mini clothes pins… and tons of imagination. The possibilities are limited only to your creativity. Try some!


I mounted all of the minis on a wooden plank that I adhered vintage sheet music to. I topped that with tissue paper and then used an array of colors and glimmer mists to add depth and shimmer to it. As you can see it truly turned my trash into a treasure that I gave me mom for her lavender bedroom.

Something to make me feel better


I’ve gone from young to chic. I needed the change and I needed something to care about… and to make me feel better and a bit pampered. I’m undiagnosed and struggling daily to make it from morning till night. I’m often interrupted with a nap… something I really don’t want to do but feel the need for. My next doctor’s appointment is Wednesday of next week. One can pray for an answer which I’m doing.

I went with black and white for the bedding so that I can add and/or subtract any color at any time. My theme is French Shabby Chic. I’ll have some close ups of goodies soon.

The quilt is cotton and crocheted squares and I adore it. It very comfortable for cuddling and reading under. Ooo la la!

I’m going to be pulling out some canvases and start some drawing and painting ideas to cover my far wall with. So at least I’m thinking about art. I’ll post ideas soon so you can get a feel for what I’m hoping to create with this space.



I’ve always loved putting puzzles together and when I saw this one in Costco a few weeks back I knew I had a pastime that would be relaxing enough to take my mind off doctor visits. These cupcakes are enough eye candy that I didn’t even crave sweets…. other than some coffee with Sweet Italian Cream coffee creamer. /NOM!

It took a while to put this 1000 piece puzzle together which is what I was looking for. I had so much fun with it that I just picked up another from my grocery store this week…

How quaint is this village?


Tomorrow I have some accidental art to share with you… A happy accident that happened while making breakfast this morning. It’s rather egg-citing so check back soon!

Mauve It


Yeah, I know the photo’s a bit blurry but it truly was challenging holding the camera with one hand. I adore the color and will be using it frequently. It’s super neutral, therefore it’s really wearable and versatile with the truly wardrobe which is presently hoodies and yoga pants. I’m not at my goal weight yet so I’m holding my birthday/Christmas cash and gift cards till mid to late spring for my first “Skinny again shopping adventure.”

Today we went window shopping in Lowe’s and my DH bought me an adorable lamp for my nightstand. I LOVE it and will share soon. I’m redoing my bedroom in a shabby chic French theme so I’ll be busy with little projects to keep my mind off my woes.

Drop in tomorrow to discover what my achievement of the week is!

Chips ahoy


I mucked up my manicure yesterday so I’m having to redo it. I thought I’d take a before picture with just a clear base on. But first I have to make a grocery list and then hit the store. It’s more than likely I won’t get my manicure done till later tonight or tomorrow. I will share though.

I’m happy to report that I’ve finally got an appointment with a Rheumatologist for January 30. Now the wait begins. And lots of prayer for the doctor.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading to keep my mind off my health issues and I just finished The Home last night by Scott Nicholson it’s my first read by Scott and I’m looking into reading a few more of his thrillers… That is after I finish a novella by Suzy Turner titled Daisy Madigan’s Paradise. You gotta love the kindle store… so many free and inexpensive books!

See you tomorrow with a splash of color on the tips of me fingers!

ReFerring …

Happy January and Happy New Year. It’s been a bit since I’ve been around here to chat. I’ve not been feeling all that great lately so I haven’t been creating. I’m feeling much like this puzzle that I spent the last week putting together… I’ve had more down days than I care to admit. I went to my new GP yesterday and am so happy to report that he’s absolutely awesome and he’s referring me to a Rheumatologist. He thinks I may have a connective tissue disease. I’ll keep you posted when I get my referral appointment.

Things we know…

  • Raynaud’s Disease
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Edema around the eyes
  • Reoccurring Rashes

These are the visible symptoms. The rest… we won’t get into.

Today my creative endeavor is my nails!  I bought a new shade of Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri and I’m going to go paint… at least I have a mini project to satisfy myself with for a short time. I’ll post a picture for you tomorrow and I’ll try to do better at keeping you up to date on what the haps are here. Until tomorrow…

God Bless You!