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And finally! It’s Friday. Spring is far from us but I just had to share number three in my Seasons Series. Today I’m playing a bit with Summer. Think flowers and yellow. I likely won’t have it done today but I will share it next week. Can you believe it’s almost November!? Me either.  ~ ♪ ♫♪ ♫ ♪~  Slow down we’re moving to fast!  ~ ♪ ♫ ♪~  Got to make this life time last!  ~♪ ♫ ♪ ♫♪~  So many creative ideas so little time!

I’m also working on a mixed media drawing on Stonehendge paper. I’m spiffing up a sketch I drew out the other night while kicking back in front of the TV. I’m also thinking of picking up art journaling again. But in a more messy style. Something to do for experimentation purposes… and to glue awesome scraps of pretty papers into. Of course!

To share more “pink” …here’s some of the flowers in my moms birthday bouquet she got from dad. It’s the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers I’ve ever seen. I’m sure that has nothing to do with the color though. /wink!

The photo doesn’t show but the edges of the rose are pure white. It’s truly the prettiest of roses.

Well… it’s Dr appointment day… so I’m off to dig up a clean shirt… one without paint stains on it perhaps?


Second in my Seasons Series. Simply titled… “Winter.” The cool of the blue and the dark of the black contrasting with the white pretty much encompasses the ice, snow, and loss of daylight of the season. I added stars instead of snowflakes to emphasize the dark and cold starry nights with shimmer with snow crystals on the ground. Winter is a gorgeous season in odd ways. The lack of life adds a stillness that prepares you for the new season to come. Such is life. We all go through such seasons in our lives when things change and turn and twist and finally renew. I’m in the bit of a winter right now… I’m ahead of the calender this year but I feel confident that come spring I’ll be bursting with new freshens and growth.

It’s time to download a few books I’ve really been wanting to read onto my Kindle. The first being The Christmas Sweater. The sequel to this book is coming out next week. It’s called The Christmas Angel and I’m very excited about reading them both. I need a kindle partner… so I can share books and have someone share with me. I guess I’ll hit Google to see how to find one. No one I know has a kindle that doesn’t have a partner. Twice the books… half the price. I’ve finished reading Killing Lincoln. Excellent read. Now I’m reading a free Kindle book about Lincoln… very informative and telling about that period of time in history.

In keeping with sharing my photography I indulged in at my moms last week I’m including this picture to depict winter.

The Chives are spent for the season and will be totally gone on the first frost… I found something intriguing about this capture and love the speck of life among this death. Always remember there IS hope!

See you tomorrow my friends… and God Bless You!

Tuesday’s Toys

Winter, Spring, Summer and …

Here’s the first in the series of the four seasons that I’m painting over the next couple of weeks. I finished the final touches on this one this morning and started on winter. Yep! It’s cold! Time for baked squash and roasts, not to mention hot spiced cider. Comfort food to keep your tummy warm after coming in from raking the autumn leaves. Total gorgeousness of color!

Keeping with today’s Fall theme I want so share a picture of my mom’s Sumac tree. They are absolutely a burst of color in the fall and a lust shady green in the summer. They grow like mad though and would soon consume my back yard so I have to pass sadly.

No one paints like God! And all we have to do is enjoy it.

It’s Tuesdays Toys again and instead of sharing a toy… (I won’t drop the last shoe till next week.) I’m sharing something I saw this morning that tickled my funny bone. I hope you get the same chuckle I got from it.

On the way to Halloween


I made this painting for my mom for her birthday. She has an early October birthday and this isn’t the only time I’ve given her something spooky for her day. This turned out awesomely. In person it’s vibrant, the textures and prominent and the softness of her face really stands out. I tried something new on this one. I usually do the faces directly onto the wood but this time I gave it a base coat of paint. The colors blended extremely well this way and it actually eliminated the amount of work I needed to do at the end of the face shading process… plus it gave her a sweet look.

I have four more this size that I’m currently working on in a Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall series and I did the faces the same way on them. I’ll share them when I get back. I’m going out of town for a few days for a visit with my parent. Since I’m in the process of getting ready now I thought I’d do my Tuesday’s Toys post as early as possible.

Here’s this weeks show and tell!

Aren’t they just the sweetest for your feetest! There ya go sugar toes! See you in a few days with new Nom Nom to share. Have an awe-filled week!

Poodle Passion

Poodle Passion

Yep… If it can be painted pink you can count on me to try it. This painting was inspired by a news article I read months ago about a lawsuit in Florida because someone dyed their Poodle’s fur pink. Which apparently is illegal in said state.  Really…  Thus… A completely legal pink Poodle for anyone living in the state of Florida. I used lots of reds, pinks, black, and sparkles. Lots and lots of sparkles!

Her shoes have since been painted shiny black… like usual, I end up taking pictures just before I’m finished… I don’t like to post paintings that have been varnished as the gloss of the varnish distorts the look of the photograph.

More tomorrow with an update for Tuesday’s Toys… drop on by to get a look at some eye candy!  Enjoy your Monday.

Happy Friday!

This is a favorite. Her face is just so sweet. She reminds me of the gnome I played in World of Warcraft.  She’s going to make the cutest Christmas greetings! I really enjoyed this one, the layers of papers and confetti, flock and glitters. Artsy Nomminess! I had so much fun making these that I’m going to make a few more Christmas goodies. I’ll be making ornaments and cards and tags and goodies for sale for the Holidays this season to sell on my Etsy, and now is the time to get started! For once I’m actually a tad bit ahead of the game.

As the blossoms fade from the summer I’m awaiting the robust color of the autumn leaves. In the meantime I bought some Violas to help with the transition. Here’s the color spot on my back patio.

I tinkered with this in Photoshop to add some eye candy interest to it. It turned out kinda fun.

Friday at last and again pondering what to do about dinner. I bought some Polenta at the grocery store yesterday and just took a few chicken boobies from the freezer… I’m going to make a mock chicken tamale pie. Just sauce up the chicken and serve over a few slices of pan fried Polenta and Nom Nom… Dinner’s done!

Tomorrow we’re heading to Home Depot to pick out our new kitchen faucet… I’m pretty excited about it. I want to get a “statement” faucet… one that looks (in the words of Whitney) Uber Cray Cray! I hope to finally settle on the green I’ve been wanting to paint the accent wall in the living room. /prays! I want more blue in the green than yellow. I guess I need to take a few papers that are close to the color with me for comparison. I just keep bringing home paint chips… pretty soon I’ll be able to mosaic the wall with them… heh! Actually that sounds like a fun idea. =)

Okies… I’ve got laundry to finish and dusting to do… then I’m off to trace a witch onto poster board to cut for the downstairs window. Pictures later! =)

God Bless and Peace… OUT!

Thursdays Thoughts

More Christmas! You betcha! Deck the hall with boughs of holly and trim out the tree. This is the first year I’ll have a tree bigger than one foot tall. Although I WILL have my mini tree in my studio decorated with pinks and greens and purples and turquoise… oh yeah! Now we’re talkin!

I’ll even be playing Christmas music while I’m making Christmas gifts… and I have the PERFECT idea in mind for my nieces this year. I’ll need to get started soon though. =) Things like this take time ya know.

Late yesterday afternoon I started the Halloween painting I mentioned… Here’s the work in progress as it sits on my desk right now…

Yep… except without the skulls… Those I Photoshopped in for kicks. I love fun Photoshop brushes. They make photo’s so much more fun to customize.

Today’s grocery shopping is done and I have a bit more of the afternoon free before I have to start dinner… which will be French Dip Sammies. (One of my all-time faves!) A big hit with the family!

I’m enjoying one of my new favorite treats… It’s ice cubes crushed in the blender with chocolate milk and extra choco syrup added… whipped into a frenzy… poored into a glass… garnished with what else other than another drizzle of choco syrup and then add a dollop of frozen cool whip! Oh yeah… brain freeze worth the pain!  A bit of a guilty pleasure but if I have it for lunch I consider that gee… half is actually WATER anyway! (Great logic no?) NOM!  I highly recommend one…. or more. They medicate a sorrowful mood as well.

Well kiddos I’m outta here for now. In getting in the spirit of the zombies on Wall Street I have housework to protest! I’ll be back tomorrow to share more art. (After vacuuming…/sigh!)

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

It’s that time of year again when things around us are happy and joyful. The season of candy! Lots and lots of candy. Soon little goblins will be ringing the doorbell for Nom Nom! Then we’ll smell the wonderful aroma of turkey roasting in the oven… and before we know it we’ll be bringing Christmas gifts to those we love.

With this painting I went with pink and spring green instead of the traditional red and green… something fun and whimsical instead this time. I’ll get to more mainstream colors soon enough. =) This is painted on watercolor paper with collage papers, rubberstamps, doodles, tinsel confetti and little bling stickers. The hat is embellished with fun flock… and yes, the pompom on the end of the hat is now drying. =) Oh the details! This  is going to be made into cards once the glues all dried!

I posted all but one of my Autumn Owl ACEOs on Etsy today so click on over and take a peek!

I wanted to share my harvest from this year… This is a little less than halve of what we got from our forgotten potatoe plant we planted. We forgot to harvest (it was planted in an outdoor pot and our deck was rotten to the core… thanks to our diligent landlords maintainance.) This year when it started to grow I had the feeling whatever it was wasn’t a weed so I let it grow.. one day it hit me… “Oh yeah!” “We planted potatoes!” Here’s what we haven’t yet eaten!

They are a product of placing “this” in a pot outside and forgetting about it. I can’t wait to plant more next year. It was SO fun digging through the dirt to find an edible treasure. Each time I was just giddy! Funny huh?

Now for Whispering Wednesday…

  • I love taking pictures of virtually nothing and turning them into digital art.
  • I NEED to go through my art supplies to weed out what I don’t use and give the rest to charity.
  • I’m a salt freak! Given the choice between a savory or sweet snack… I’ll take the salty one every time. 

Speaking of snacks… I hear some trail mix calling my name. See you tomorrow for more Christmas in October.

Christmas is Coming

Christmas IS coming… and it will be upon us before we know it. This year I’m making Christmas cards to put on my Etsy shop. Most will likely be postcards to help peeps save on postage. I spent the second half of last week playing with these little ditties that I’ll share in detail as the week progresses. Today I put most of the finishing touches on them. Tomorrow I’ll be adjusting sizing and messaging in Photoshop and making some prints. I’m pretty excited about it.

Last night was the season premiere of House. What fun. I’d been waiting all summer for it. Tonight’s another new episode of NCIS. Gotta love Mark Harmon! We watched the second episode of Terra Nova last night as well. I think we might catch the Pilot tonight On Demand. It looks like it might be a pretty good show.

Will fall comes cool nights and warm blankets curled in front of our new homes gas fireplace. I’m gonna love this winter! Tomorrow I’m going to do a bit more fall decorating around the house and work on my flying witch for our front entry circular window. It’s going to be an awesome Halloween. Yep! I’m gonna make a pumpkin painting real soon too!

Today’s 2sday again… ALREADY! SLOW down… Time’s moving too fast.

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe….

And she was really teeny tiny! I got a box out of storage a couple weeks ago that was FULL of fun stuff. This is just one of what you’ll be seeing on
Tuesday’s Toys in the upcoming future! Oddly enough I have three shoes… each different. I guess we all need a spare just in case we blow out a heel!

Come back tomorrow and hear some gossip on Whispering Wednesday!



This is my fifth in the Autumn Owl series of ACEOs that I’ll be listing on Etsy tomorrow. Next I think I’ll play with a larger owl painting that’s been brewing in my head. I’m also finishing up this….

The painting under the owl is coming along nicely. It’s now pinks, reds and black… and white. I have more to do on it today but also need to hit the grocery today so I have limited time today. I’m also working on a series of small paintings that I plan to make prints for for Christmas postcards and such. Something to celebrate the upcoming holidays. I “should” have done this in July but it seems I’m always behind schedule.

My desk is a Hazmat zone right now so I have to run and suit up so I can get it cleaned up before heading out for my weekly shopping trip.

See you back here tomorrow for more mayhem and madness!