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From Mayhem to Marvelous!

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions… and so was my bedside drawer. I truly had intentions of keeping it clean, organized and NOT to turn it into a hot mess.  That was an EPIC fail!

I had the urge to “get it together” this past week and worked on an organizational system that would fit “me.”

I grabbed an empty egg carton and some tin cans and set to work.

Pretty enough for a desk top… I spray painted the egg carton pink and set about to make it pretty. Using vintage pink ric rac I glued it down around the edge and grabbed a used dryer sheet and made a yo-yo with it. Then I sprayed the yo-yo with Viva Pink Glimmer Mist. I topped it with an up-cycled button and topped it with some texture medium… along with the edges of the flower. I added some cut paper leaves, some pearls, and a bit of metallic embroidery thread and glued them to the corner. Wa-Lah!  Useful garbage.

And now the reveal…

Ta Da! Everything I need first thing in the morning and/or last thing at night. And nice and clean. I used pink tissue paper to light the bottom of the drawer then added some non-skid white mesh… you can see the pink peeking through with adds to all the pink of the cans and containers. I even spray painted the basket that I was using before. I feel calmer inside knowing that one of the “messes” I see daily is now history. Next up… the other nightstand drawer… and here’s a head start…

I left some of the torn up paper on when I painted these as I knew I’d be adding texture to them anyway. I’ll tackle these next week.

Have a great Friday and a happy weekend. And I’ll be back next week… It’s time for me to go catch a frog. O.o(you’ll see….)

Art Junkie!

Here’s a peek at the goods I bought for myself from some of the money I made selling my art… I’m supplying for my habit!

There’s lots more but I don’t want to bore you with pictures of embellishments. Instead I’ll surprise you with them in my art. My Angelina Fibers came today and I’m having fun adding them to my latest piece. They are absolutely gorgeous and add great color and texture to my art.

I also cut my hair today with the Creaclip. It works awesome. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. And I love how my hair turned out. And… I did my nails… just a clear shiny coat but they look oh so much better. I’ve been on a strict diet for a while now and the results are starting to show so I’m taking my care of my appearance now that I have my cheekbones back. =)

One of these day’s I’ll post a picture of myself… I’m not quite ready for that though.

Okay… I have coffee to drink so I’m outta here for now… I’ll share my next painting super soon!

Studio Stop

Painting in progress on my desk… A beautiful mess of paints and papers litter my space.

In the pink… bins filled to the brim with supplies books begging to be read again and again.

An array screaming to be organized and cleaned up… Often ignored when I have a work in progress.

Coffee, a computer game of solitaire and another mess to clean up!

Ugh! From towels and blankets to electronics needing dusted… at the end of the week I’ll post photo’s of a clean studio!

Thought I’d share my messy room today.

Wet Paint

I’ve been wanting to make this piece for some time now. I have several pieces of this white wooden picket fence. I chose the shortest on and collaged text pages over it leaving some of the edges white… I plan to whitewash this once it’s dry.

The background on this painting starts with a piece of collage paper that I dabbed with bubble wrap and other wonderful patterned household goodies. I added a layer of brayered green in streaks then using torn up tissue I layered over the top of that… and using a baby wipe I dabbed a smeared, smudges and smooshed paints on top. As it sits right now I’m liking the look. 

I’ll let it dry while I go out for my weekly grocery hunt and won’t be able to play again until tomorrow. That will give me time to think about what I want to do with it. I have an idea or two where I’ll go from here… This is part of a series I’ve been playing with that I want to hang in my entry area for a season or two.

Until later. Keep an eye out for…

This hangs on my studio door. Hee!

Doodles and More

Done on a light gray paper I freehanded this simple bouquet of flowers as a therapeutic relaxation exercise. Using fine point Stabilo felt tipped pens I drew this out in black. Then I added the teal, blue and oranges. It was an extremely enjoyable and quick process.. I’m going to try to find a frame for this today as we have the perfect spot for this in our new home. I have another one I’m working on and will share that soon as well. I’ve finished several paintings since I last posted and I’ll share those with you during the next couple days. One is of the house I was working on… I added the final touch today and it’s drying. The other is a very whimsical (or whizmickle as I was pronouncing it on Christmas eve.) Noah’s Ark painting.

Today is shopping day so I’m about ready to head out and do the weeks errands. But first we interrupt this chore to bring you a large steaming cup of mocha and a quick break!

I’ll see you tomorrow with more artsy love.

Occupy … and stuff

I had fun playing with torn papers, stamps, embellishments, pens, paints, and oodles of other goodies making this Valentine collage. I took advantage of the Occupy movement and moved it to my heart! Right were it belongs. What a fun expression. I used paper umbrellas, brads, confetti, and much more that just doesn’t show up in this photo. I’ll try to get a scan of this painting this week and share a better close up of this punch of color!

I’ve been having lots of fun in my studio this new year. I’ve created everything from my clay acorns and cardboard birds to more recycled tins, collages and art journal fun. I’m working on some more tins for hanging on the wall and will share them as I can.

I’m also working on a art doll that I made over ten years ago… I’ve covered the clay with tissue paper so that I have a base to work from. Let me know what you see in this doll … I could use a boost of inspiration!

So far all I’ve come up with is Crash Test Mummy…. OY!

See you tomorrow for more amusement!


I made these clay acorns for myself this week. I had ordered some felted acorns from an Etsy seller for my sister as part of a Christmas present but they never arrived so I was forced to come up with a solution to the missing link in my “ACORNucopia” gift for her. I had gotten her a mini c cornucopia just to put the acorns in. Always the punster! Well… after stressing and buying several different types of acorn items from Walmart I still wasn’t happy. I knew I had to make them myself. So… out came my ever-so-old stash of unopened Sculpey III clay. I used the dark brown and a Moroccan red for hers. I fell in love with them and was so happy that I decided to make some for my living room… and here they are! I even made one into a charm to put on my new purse.

Christmas kept me very busy this year and wore me out. Hence my extended absence from posting. But now, thankfully, I’m well rested and raring to go and excited about a brand new year in our new home! I’ll be doing various kinds of creative things this year… as you can see… I finished some “Word Birds” which I’ll share with you tomorrow.  I also started a “diary.” Just a journal of thoughts and events that I plan to record in handwriting over the year. The art is dying and I wanted to do something about that. =)

I’ll be back tomorrow to share again… until then! God Bless!

Happy Tuesday

Happy 2sday. I’m a bit unhappy today. Scribefire, the tool I use for making posts on my blog had an update and I can’t figure out how the poop to use it. I HATE updates like this. It says they have redesigned it to make it simpler. NOT. Get real peeps. You did it simply to ruin my day. So I’m blogging from the back door of my WordPress account which is as slow as dial up. (Sorry for the small font size… I can’t figure out how to change it with this bucket of bolts setup.)

Needless to say… because of these frustrations today’s blog post is going to be short and sweet until I can either undo the update or stab my way through it.

My show and tell for today is a harvest! Perfect for the time of year.  This was part of a birthday present many, many moons ago. Each veggie was individual wrapped and packaged in this adorable basket. This is a very detailed bounty and each gem is a work of art… and healthy “candy” for the eye!

I hope to be back tomorrow with a functional tool to blog with. Until then… eat  your veggies!

Happy October

Happy October!

I wanted to share a link today. If you remember back just about before summer started I made a painting for Enzo who had a wish to swim with the dolphins. Well… I’m happy to report that his wish came true and last month he… well… I’ll let his mom tell the story… click here.

She was sweet enough to post the painting I sent Enzo as well. It’s a heartwarming story. I encourage you to add a smile and some tenderness to your day and head over and read it.

With the weather changing I’m turning my gardening focus indoors and tending to my house plants. This is one I picked up at Home Depot over the summer. I love the colors…. very pretty

I’ll be back tomorrow for Psalm Sunday.

Clean as a Whistle

After vacuuming up a house plant that I dumped on the floor the cleaning bug hit me. I love it when that happens. I finally got the desire to clean up really good in my studio. I started by hanging some of my mini paintings above my computer desk. What an impact. Now when one sells I just grab it off the wall and package and mail. Nice.. no looking through my boxes of finished art that I so carefully have stowed in my art closet. This way I’m inspired by works I’ve done and the paintings remind me of materials that I have and haven’t used in a while. Inspiration with a purpose! What could be better.

I put some finishing touches on a painting I’m doing for myself today. I’m now waiting for glue to dry so I can finish the final touches and adhere some hangers. Ooohh! This is going to be delicious! I’ll share this yummy with you tomorrow. Nom!

Another great day today…the weather has been cool and breezy, but no rain to speak of today. I’ll have to head out after dinner and water the flowers. I’ve been very productive today and haven’t taken the time out for tea on the patio. Here’s a few pictures of a few corners of the garden.

Mexican Heather

Penstamon and Gerbera

I don’t have a toy for todays Tuesday’s Toys category. I’ve spent most of the day putting them all away. I’ll share photos of my “clean” studio tomorrow!

God Bless!