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Talk about a Hiatus!

I’m back. It’s been a few years I know. I hadn’t been feeling well and found out I have Lupus so I’ve been learning to take care of myself and limit my time and energy. However, I’m back to creating again and I want to keep you up to date on my creations and artistic endeavors. I’m also back on Etsy as of today so I hope you drop by and check out what didn’t get posted here … yet made it to the shop. I’ve got some really fun items up for sale now and look forward to creating even more. Here’s the latest goodies from the studio.



Eat, Pray, Love

Having fun with houses! This is actually a canvas frame I’ve had in a craft drawer for-  nearly… -ever! I slapped my favorite shabby chic text pages on and started painting and adding bling and other various nom nom. The tissue paper flowers are handmade from crepe paper and accented with leaves from Recollections. I treated myself a few weekends ago to some Michaels lovin. I received a gift card from Christmas that I cashed in on a few of these wonderful floral embellishments. They are super yummy!

I’m going to be posting all of these treasures on Etsy soon. I’ve too busy today creating spoons. Yep! I thought I’d stir things up a bit this year and expand my creative juices to whatever caught my fancy. I’ll share a bite full as soon as thing are all cooked up! Can’t have any half-baked ideas hitting the net just yet. =)

Today is buying new sofa day… so I need to head out of here and clean up a bit before it’s time for shopping. I’ll tell you more about that later… You just gotta LOVE interior decorating!

Ta-Ta for now!

Happy Halloween

I did not draw this adorable picture but I did find it on a wallpaper website and thought it was super cute. I wanted to wish you a Happy Halloween with some eye candy!  I’m looking forward to tonight to see how many ghosts and goblins show up at our new home. We live in a populated neighborhood with lots of kids around so hopefully my candy investment will pay off this year. If not …it’s more Reese’s peanut butter cups for us.

I finally found time and energy to finish my mini markers I’ve been working on. They are posted on Etsy now and ready for purchase. Super affordable… great for gifts, cute for tying onto packages or tucking into cards…or Christmas stockings. Take a moment to click over to check them out.

Here’s one of the sets.. they are sold in sets of three and I’ve posted five different sets. Fun, functional, and great for your friends!

I’m also working on this…

I have five matching pieces of birch left in my wood pile and started what is going to be a banner style hanging. This is the result of day one. It will take me a few days to put this “banner” together as each tile is different… yet the same. It’s going to be fun to watch this come together. I’m going to make prints from the original on this before adding heavier dimensional items.. then I can add bling in Photoshop or glue unique items onto the prints once mounted. It’s a work that’s coming together with very little pre-planning. We’ll see how it turns out.

Now I have to plan dinner… I took sausage out of the freezer yesterday and I’m leaning toward a lasagna casserole of some sort. I’ll hit up Google to see what recipes I can find. It’s chilly today so something hot in the tummy sounds like just the ticket! Until tomorrow and Tuesday’s Toys … I’ll see you on the flip side. Enjoy all the candy you get from trick-or-treating and remember to save some for me! Nom!



I finished my series. It was so much fun! Now I need to add the hangers, vanish the paintings and post them on Etsy. Should I post them separately or as a set? What do you think?

I’m getting super low on birch wood and decided to make a mini banner hanging with the 5 smaller pieces I have left. It’s going to say PEACE… I’m in the middle of drawing it out now. And again I have to decide on colors… oy vey!  The hardest part of my creative process. Once I’ve chosen a color scheme I can create like a mad woman!

I’ll be starting Christmas gifts very soon. I have some ideas already about what I’d like to make for peeps. I can’t share them here till after the fact though as I actually have at least ONE family reader. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one reading my blog. I’m more than sure that’s true on most days. Hee!

Tonight’s supper is going to be a delicious medley of beef, rice and beans with a Mexican flare! I dug through the larder and found all the ingredients I need. I did however quit buying avocados … they are just too expensive now.

And now time for the final shoe to drop in my teeny shoe collection.  Here’s this weeks installment of Tuesdays Toys.

Next week I’ll share the weather appropriate attire of my teddy bear. Fun stuff ahead! Stay tuned.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

It’s that time of year again when things around us are happy and joyful. The season of candy! Lots and lots of candy. Soon little goblins will be ringing the doorbell for Nom Nom! Then we’ll smell the wonderful aroma of turkey roasting in the oven… and before we know it we’ll be bringing Christmas gifts to those we love.

With this painting I went with pink and spring green instead of the traditional red and green… something fun and whimsical instead this time. I’ll get to more mainstream colors soon enough. =) This is painted on watercolor paper with collage papers, rubberstamps, doodles, tinsel confetti and little bling stickers. The hat is embellished with fun flock… and yes, the pompom on the end of the hat is now drying. =) Oh the details! This  is going to be made into cards once the glues all dried!

I posted all but one of my Autumn Owl ACEOs on Etsy today so click on over and take a peek!

I wanted to share my harvest from this year… This is a little less than halve of what we got from our forgotten potatoe plant we planted. We forgot to harvest (it was planted in an outdoor pot and our deck was rotten to the core… thanks to our diligent landlords maintainance.) This year when it started to grow I had the feeling whatever it was wasn’t a weed so I let it grow.. one day it hit me… “Oh yeah!” “We planted potatoes!” Here’s what we haven’t yet eaten!

They are a product of placing “this” in a pot outside and forgetting about it. I can’t wait to plant more next year. It was SO fun digging through the dirt to find an edible treasure. Each time I was just giddy! Funny huh?

Now for Whispering Wednesday…

  • I love taking pictures of virtually nothing and turning them into digital art.
  • I NEED to go through my art supplies to weed out what I don’t use and give the rest to charity.
  • I’m a salt freak! Given the choice between a savory or sweet snack… I’ll take the salty one every time. 

Speaking of snacks… I hear some trail mix calling my name. See you tomorrow for more Christmas in October.

Christmas is Coming

Christmas IS coming… and it will be upon us before we know it. This year I’m making Christmas cards to put on my Etsy shop. Most will likely be postcards to help peeps save on postage. I spent the second half of last week playing with these little ditties that I’ll share in detail as the week progresses. Today I put most of the finishing touches on them. Tomorrow I’ll be adjusting sizing and messaging in Photoshop and making some prints. I’m pretty excited about it.

Last night was the season premiere of House. What fun. I’d been waiting all summer for it. Tonight’s another new episode of NCIS. Gotta love Mark Harmon! We watched the second episode of Terra Nova last night as well. I think we might catch the Pilot tonight On Demand. It looks like it might be a pretty good show.

Will fall comes cool nights and warm blankets curled in front of our new homes gas fireplace. I’m gonna love this winter! Tomorrow I’m going to do a bit more fall decorating around the house and work on my flying witch for our front entry circular window. It’s going to be an awesome Halloween. Yep! I’m gonna make a pumpkin painting real soon too!

Today’s 2sday again… ALREADY! SLOW down… Time’s moving too fast.

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe….

And she was really teeny tiny! I got a box out of storage a couple weeks ago that was FULL of fun stuff. This is just one of what you’ll be seeing on
Tuesday’s Toys in the upcoming future! Oddly enough I have three shoes… each different. I guess we all need a spare just in case we blow out a heel!

Come back tomorrow and hear some gossip on Whispering Wednesday!


I couldn’t resist! I always think of Halloween when the smell of autumn tickles my nose. It’s a definite change. You can feel in on your skin, smell it in the air and feel it in your heart. It a warm feeling amidst the new chill that hits the air… and I LOVE it. It makes me think of the safety of home. Warm cocoa, nights in pajamas watching TV, family, dessert after dinner, the warm feeling that I’m safe. It very could be the way I grew up…nevertheless, this is how I feel at the first rush of autumn air.

This ATC is done layers a small corner of decorative napkin and building on top of it with the painted owl and embellishments. Admitidly I likely spent way to much time on this ATC but it was really a fun and involved process… and the results are well worth it. I’ll be posting this little treasure on Etsy on Friday when I post a few more I’ve completed.

Since we’re on the subject of birds… I can’t help but give you a shot from my backyard window at the bird feeder. It’s been packed lately 4 deep each time I take a gander! (birds… goose… gander… see what I did there!?)

This is as about as focused as I can get using partial zoom with my little portable pocket cam.

This is what I’m talking bout! NOM NOM!

Whispering Wednesday – Yay!

  • I harvested my very first homegrown potatoes yesterday
  • I’m cooking them tonight with sausages
  • I’ve taken an interest in houseplants again and will share my mini indoor garden soon.
  • I’ve picked out my birthday present… tune it Friday for a look-see.


This set called “Seasons” was quite a fun little project. Each painting is measures only 3×3″ so they are perfect for grouping in a small space or propping on shelves and even for easel display.

They can also be displayed separately, the green in the spring and the red in the fall. Use your imagination. I’ll have them posted on Etsy next week after I take some time to write up the descriptions for works I need to post.

We went to our first Home Owners Association meeting last night. Over two hours of discussing everything from parking to trees and a few odd subjects inbetween. I ended up signing up for the “special projects” committee. I’ll be helping out with a project that my next door neighbor has in mind to help out the neighborhood. I’m looking forward to see how it progresses. I’ll keep ya posted!

Until tomorrow… I’m tired today =) and I still have plenty to do!  Peace ~~~ Out! 

Commission Done!

This is a 9×12″ original painting mounted on a 10×13″ heavy 3/4″ painted wood backboard with a a picture hanger. To get a better close up picture you can see it at Etsy … here. I always get overly stressed when someone orders a painting. I want desperately to meet their needs and they give me free creative license which makes it both easier and harder at the same time. I ask questions about colors, interests, dreams, goals, etc. I just try to get to know a little about the subject of my paintings.

What are your desires, dreams, hopes, beliefs? I’d be honored to express them via my creative energy for you to enjoy on your wall. It’s a tribute to you! What a wonderful gift to give yourself or have a loved one give to you. I’d love to encourage you to follow suit. I do ALL sizes and price ranges of original art for clients and I would be honored to put your story onto a painted surface for you and your family.

I’m working on a second commission which I’ll reveal to you tomorrow. =) Come back soon!

Flowers In Her Hair

Flowers In Her Hair

I finished this little ditty last night. I used embossed collage paper for her dress and painted over the embossing with colors to go with the flowers in her hair. I also used a lot of glitter glaze on the dots and circles on this painting but my scanner didn’t pick up the yumminess. I’ll post her on Etsy tomorrow when I have a bit more time. I’m getting ready to dash downstairs to make dinner.

The commission is almost done and at the moment it’s drying. I’ll snap a photo for you later and let you see how it’s coming along. I should be done with it tomorrow and be able to get it in the mail on Friday … hopefully!

Whispering Wednesday

  • Dinner tonight is courtesy of Bisquick! (I actually had all the frozen ingredients for this.)
  • I listened to a documentary on Goebbels while painting today. What a creepy guy!
  • I joined this past week… awesome website! Join me.

Time to cook! Catch you on the flip-side of dinner