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Angel Work in Progess

Work in Progress

This little sweetheart is going to be a redhead. I’ve been commissioned to paint an angel… her wings are sitting on my desk and will be added after I’ve progressed in the painting process. I’ve done commissions before but this one is a bigger piece so it’s going to be a lot of fun to get creative with. The colors are going to be reds/burgundies/pinks, and greens. I think I’ve already decided on the collage paper for her dress.

I’ll get more messy with this tomorrow as you’ll see … today is working on the face day.

I took some pictures of my studio to share with you. Now that it’s cleaned up… I can start reorganizing things that got shoved to the side during the moving and settling process. I’m also donating some of my old scrapbooking supplies to charity so I have more room for storage. I’m also planning out my wall space for shelves, storage and art! Should be fun!

As you can see… I’m getting there. I think I’d like to put some shelfs around the upper part of the wall to put decorative storage bins on. It would be neater and more efficient than digging through the closet for items I need. While I’m doing this I “should” take an inventory and record where I store what… but that’s a bit over the top. Although it would be relatively easy using a camera and Excel … It might be a worthwhile undertaking. =)  Time will tell. Heh~

Once again it’s Whispering Wednesday… and Hump Day

Here’s a few tasty tidbits.

  • Thanks to being an insomniac I only get about 4 hours of sleep each night.
  • The older I get, the more I see everything through a creative eye.
  • Lately my favorite lunch is 29¢ Cup of Noodles. (Gotta love Winco!)

Over n Out for now… I’ve got a face to paint!

Pearly Posies

Pearly Posies

I just love the texture of this painting. And oh so fun to create. This piece measures 8″ x 8″ square. It’s a wonderful accent for any area that needs a punch of color and interest. I used quite a few baby wipes and paper towels while creating this. I used them for blending the colors and smudging the paints so they blended beautifully. After I had the flowers the way I wanted I needed them to stand out more so I used a pearl white paint to fill in the indents around the flowers. I used two coats and then topped a few of the flowers with pearl embellishments. Once done I painted the edge white and trimmed it out with a gingham ribbon for a final touch. I’m happy with it. It will be going up in my Etsy store this week.

I wanted to share a picture of this Gerbera Daisy… the petals are coming from the center of the flower. Oh the imperfections that make us each unique. Learn to embrace those!

I spend time photographing the flowers I’ve purchased so far and I’ll be sharing them with you as the week progresses. I’m super happy with my floral choices and the color they’ve already added to such a blank space. Next year I expect that the garden will be extremely welcoming and I’ll be spending much of my time at the table out back painting. Ohh… I can’t wait! What fun it will be to have a pitcher of iced tea to accidentally dip my paintbrushes into.

I was hired for a commission over the weekend so I’m off to sketch out some ideas for that… I’ll be sure to share whatever ends up on my easel… so come back later to find out what magic is happening! Until tomorrow… Taco’s tonight for dinner and a much needed cool breeze today! God Bless You!

An Easel Full of Happiness

A plethora of paintings, a plate full of pretties, a handful of happiness and a eyeful of eye candy. However you want to put it this is a delicious dessert of desire!

These are my projects of the week with only a few small items excluded. Only two here are completed so far with two more almost over the finish line. From left to right…

  • An unfinished shadow box made from a paper towel roll with a flower hung from a clothes line on a summers day.
  • My kitschy coasters… completed and on Etsy
  • Commissioned teardrop earrings in greens and blues topped with twinkling flowers to shimmer in the sun.
  • Flowers fashioned from modeling paste with a wash of garden colors and pearls.
  • In the background is the large painting I’m playing with this week… I have several awesome ideas for this and I’m still deciding with path to take.

I just wanted to share what my Thursday looked like from inside the garden studio fence today.

Please take time to drop in tomorrow to smell the flowers and enjoy some iced tea! Until then… God Bless YOU!

Whispering Wednesday and Doodles Galore

I’ve been mad about flowers lately. I can’t seem to control the urge to draw and paint flowers this summer. So I’m embracing the desire and going as over the top as I can with my new passion. This little doodle is one of my new entries in my art journal. I’ve only made pencil sketches in the journal so far which is really odd for me… but it’s been a relaxing way to wind down after dinner in the evenings.

This is a photo of a sketch book entry that I hope to turn into a painting soon…(once I get the canvas for it.) I Photo-Shopped the color into this and thought it looked fun enough to share with you.

I love the long narrowness of this piece and can’t wait to pick up the canvas for it at Walmart next week. I was inspired by the blank canvases they had that were this shape and I just HAD to doodle up something that would fit into the space! I keep thinking up ideas and can’t keep up with myself.

I sold one of my crosses a while back and was asked if I’d make some earrings to match it… and here’s that finished commission that I’ll be posting on Etsy for my the client. Mixed media will go ANYWHERE!

And I’m working on the “nom nom” painting beneath the earrings. I’m using some pearly paints and I’m going to add some funky edging on the painting and some pearls in the center of the flowers… at least that’s the plan at them moment.

My Whispering Wednesday entry this week is done via photo-journalistic style. I’m giving you a glimpse into my messy desk to day along with a few fun facts about me.

*Especially Lime Sorbet tinted paint water. 😉

Cool, Casual, Coasters!


Sipping into the end of summer soon! Enjoy your nom nom and rest them on these chillin’ coasters when between savoring sips. What a fun way to upcycle those treasured tokens from your favorite restaurant. I made a trio of round summer sun coasters with my recent Poppy theme in a vibrant orange punch color. These will be posted on Etsy tomorrow.

I’ve got several other works going as well… I’m doing a stencil/modeling paste painting in some gorgeous colors that blend well with each other. This is how it’s looking after the first laying of paints…

I LOVE texture… so this is especially delicious for me. I love orange and pink together and how they blend and create an apricot color. There’s something about taking two colors and making a third on the canvas that really speaks to me so I’m really going to enjoy the process that will be this painting. I’ll share more of this gem tomorrow after I’ve had more play time.

Already… 2sday again! So here’s my latest 2sday’s Toys “Show and Tell.”

They don’t look much like toys do they? Nope… but when I’m done they will certainly be some form of eye candy. I bought these to go with some matching plastic summer stemware I bought about a month ago. They are safe for outside and since my secondary focas has been the garden I couldn’t resist these bowls. What am I going to do with them you ask… I don’t know yet… but I do know that when I do use them they will be a fun and funky focal point for something artsy!

I’ll see you tomorrow for Whispering Wednesday and to share some “sketching” I’ve been doing. HUGS and God Bless!

Creative Catchalls ~ Creative Cans!

Creative Catchalls

Yep… I have been at it again. I just LOVE the newest one I’ve finished. My beatnik big-eyed girl is at the front of the line in the form of  a Tiny Tiles ~which I used to create this pencil holder…planter…vase…toothbrush holder, cell phone holder…etc… I started posting these on Esty today and have a few up already. I’m recharging my camera battery while I head to the grocery store so take a few minutes, click over to Etsy and check out the lasted goodness that’s been oozing from my studio this summer. This moving into a bigger house has been so good for me! I have so much to share and so little time but for right now I just wanted to let you know about these while their still available as I’ve been getting great feedback from other sites I’ve shared these on. Come and have a look-see for yourself.

Tomorrow… Yet another in my Summer 2011 Poppy ACEO series. Then I’ll be moving onto much larger paintings. Leave me some feedback so I know if I’m going in the right direction! 

HUGS and God Bless YOU!

Laguna Ice Poppies

Laguna Ice Poppies

Here’s the ACEO of the day. This is done with illustration board, paints, papers, tissues, texture medium, silver tinsel glitter, gesso and a glass of cold iced tea (for the creator!) I absolutely love this one! The colors just speak to me. I’m taking this to a bigger level today too. I grabbed a big flat canvas I’ve had for …ever… and started in. I’ll photograph as I go.. it’s drying right now… see!

This is 16″ x 12″ and it’s going to be a very beautiful mess while I create… I have had blues and greens and yellows on my hands for the past few days… it’s gotten down into the beds of my fingernails…yep, I DO fingerpaint! Sometimes the fingers are the best blender brushes  you’ll ever find. And their always on hand! See what I did there? That would earn a much deserved groan in my house. But they’re used to me and actually wait for comments like that now. They know I’m out of sorts if I don’t make an odd comment now and again…. and again, and again.

I doubt this will be framed as it’s somewhat of a shabby chic style so I’ll likely drill holes and use fibers to hang it. I’ll probably put some fringe around the bottom too. I just love the textures of fibers, ribbons, stings and jutes, and yum! I think you know what I mean.

My Whispering Wednesday entry this week has arrived!

  • I’m taking a nap for lunch today. I was up REALLY late due to some ‘kids’ in the back area parking lot causing a ruckus.
  • My anxiety has been reeling it’s ugly head the past few weeks. I hope it’s not a sign of more to come.

Jazzy Poppy

Jazzy Poppy

Today’s installment of my 2011 summer series is Jazzy Poppy. I used a mix of blues and greens with brown and golden accents. These ACEOs are very therapeutic and extremely fun to make. I’m really enjoying the process… I can’t wait to show you what I’m working on for tomorrow. =) I layered the illustration board with a text page from a cheesy romantic novel about a woman and her werewolf lover. (I warned you it was cheesy.) I added a strip of collage paper and then topped the card with crinkled tissue paper. Next comes layers of paint, the circles for the flowers and some imagination. Then… whala! Another finished mini work of art. The green on this reminds me of lime sherbet. It’s very summery indeed.

I told you I was going to share with you something about seeds. Here’s the ‘dirt!’ Sunday morning while laying in bed I said to my hubs… “isn’t it amazing how God has given man the ability to make a machine that will pit cherries…” This lead to a conversation about how birds carry seeds to far away places and renew the earth and we benefit from the plants as well as the seeds and the beauty of the birds. We got up and went downstairs to listen to our Sunday morning Church programs. I especially like Bayless Conley and his message was all about seeds this week. I smiled and said to my hubs… isn’t it funny that we were just talking about that? God knows what he’s doing. There really are no coincidences.  ~~ After I had made breakfast and did some late-morning chores we went about doing things around the house. I found my hubs outside cutting down limbs from the Maple tree that were scraping the neighbors house. I started picking the little “winged seeds” from the branches and setting them aside. I had over two handfuls when I found one that had three seed pods on it. I have never in my life seen a 3-sided Maple seed and joyfully shared it with my hubs. “Look! It’s the Trinity I said.” It seemed to bring our morning into a circle and we finished up our tasks.

Later that night I was watching a show on TV and a gal on the show had a cherry-pitter and I knew that God had just completed the day with me… and he did so with a cherry on top!

Here’s a look at the seeds. (God will tell me something creative to do with them!)

Pretty amazing if you ask me. I’m going to save this and do something special with it. =)~~

I bet you thought I forgot that it’s 2sday’s Toys… Not at all. I have something awesome to share. It’s not a seed though. It is however a wish and/or a dream! I’ve had this packed away for too long and can’t wait to start making little stars to flatten and put in my art. You can bet I’ll be handing them out to family too … they are just so precious.
Check out Wishing Stars here!

More ATC Fun

  Butterfly Poppies

Between household projects and painting shelves and whatnots I take ice water breaks and sit in my studio and play with small art projects. This week it’s been prepping TP Treasure surfaces for Psalm Sunday entries and playing with ATCs. I have yet to post these on Etsy as I’m having a busy week, but I’ll have them up soon and let you know.

Yesterday I sold a sock monkey necklace on Etsy and it made me smile. The original painting was done for my hubs for one of his birthdays and I scanned the image to have it on hand for making crafty creations for others to enjoy! I just love the printing process and creating cards, bookmarks, pins and other treasures using the images I’ve painted in the past. Drop in to check out my tiny tiles and bookmarks… I’ll be doing postcards soon too!

We’ll it’s my grocery day again so I need to go make myself look somewhat presentable and see if I can find a shirt that doesn’t have paint stains on it…. Yeah… Rrrright!

Happy Monday

Poppy Love

Here’s another ATC that will be going up in my Etsy shop this week. This was exceptionally fun because I adore this color combination! I started another one this morning and I’m waiting for Mod Podge to dry so I thought I’d drop by and share this. These flowers are SO much fun and so very flexible that you can make just about any color combination, use so many different mediums and experiment with new ideas.  Today is going to be a busy one. I have some things to do around the house… The vision clinic called last Friday to let me know my glasses were in… what they failed to tell me was that they close early on Friday’s so it was too late by the time I got there. I’ve been waiting all weekend yet again for new eyes and today I finally get them. I’m praying they did a better job on the bifocal line this time around. I also have to take a shower rod back to Walmart and pick up a few things needed around the house… then I have some shelf painting to do and some photos to take… and dinner to tackle.

Tonight we’re having Jambalaya … we had the ingredients so I figured why not! It’s a good way to celebrate a Monday and get the week off with a much needed “kick!”

Check back tomorrow for some pictures of my home improvement projects I’ve been working on! I have lots to share.