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Steampunk Sparrow


This lil’ fella speaks for himself. He pretty much dictated himself into creation. I was just his vessel.

I used everything from vintage sheet music to feathers on this piece. Stencils, pearls, precut trim, hemp cord, watch parts, decorative tape, gold foil, stickers, paints galore, and beeswax.


Here you can see the textures of the wax, foil, gears, and watch parts. This turned out deliciously and smell oh so sweetly of honey with the beeswax on it. Good enough to tweet!

Playing with Paint


I picked up a gorgeous new nail polish to brighten my mood. I’ve fallen in love with the new spring/summer pastels that are out. They make your nails look so happy. I bought a pretty pink, two different shades of pastel yellow and this unbelievable blue. I love Sally Hansen nail polishes. They always wear well and have awesome color! Plus I’m a gi-normeous fan of the pro brushes they have in these Insta-Dri bottles. It makes for a flawlessly fast manicure.

Today I’m working some more on a bird painting that has a life of it’s own. It’s taking me on a path that I hadn’t intended when I started it. I guess that’s why I don’t normally “plan” art. So it’s time to put my hiking boots on and let this bird take me on a hike.

Paint with passion!

Fine Tuning God’s Sparrow


I started with an 8×8 wooden plank and layered it with vintage text pages, collaging papers, stencils, and layers of paints… using glaze to allow colors from behind to show through.


Then I really started having fun… using several of my favorite summery colors I started stenciling and adding color and depth to the background. I used black hemp to make a “branch” for the bird to perch on. I used vintage sheet music for the sparrow and will be adding many more layers of background color and texture. I just wanted to show you that the bird is in da house!

And I just couldn’t help adding some summer to my fingertips as well….


How pretty is that!? I’m really loving this color. It wears awesomely and adds such a joyful “noise” to my fingers that I smile each time I look at them.

This is Sally Hansen’s Xtreme wear in Mint Sorbet with a topcoat of Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri Top Coat.

And I’m ready for the weekend!

Ribit… Ribit…

Ta-Da! Done. This was SO much fun. I used sheet music in the background which prompted the idea for the birds on the branch… And after all what lil sprout with a slingshot isn’t tempted to at least court the idea of birds. Thank God for moving targets… little hands don’t stand much of a chance.

One of the first things I did for this painting/collage was to create the slingshot. I raided a few branches from the front yard maple tree. After some trimming and cutting I used some twine and a teeny patch of leather with a pearl “rock” to top it off. Where do little peeps keep their slingshots? Yep… in their back pocket. I cut up a pair of denim shorts that I’ve shrunk out of and sewed up a pocket adding trim and rivets for detail. I’ve got a birds feather and some leaves and a ribbon rose along with bling for “punch” to fill out my pocket.

The froggy has a base of kraft paper atop a thin chipboard. I used various paints and sprays for the background and added the same trim as on the pocket… adding some Martha Stewart ribbon. Topping it off with some rhinestones and pearls. Done and done!

Today I’m working on my Time Flies a bit of Steampunk with copper and blue. Ohh la la.

Have an awesome Hump day and keep creating!


After playing with this layout for a few days and getting nowhere… I finally got an idea and am ready to move forward. After making fabric flowers and a few other goodies that I fully intended to use on this piece… I’m storing them away and going with a different route. I’m happy with my decision and should have this painting/collage done by the weeks end. I’m not sure if I was combatting artist block or if this painting was just being rebellious until it got what it wanted.  I’d like to think the latter.

I’m looking into these… This whole losing weight thing as inspired the girly-girl inside me. Someone who’s been hibernating for the past 8+ years in a cocoon. I’m no longer using alligator clips to pull my disheveled hair up onto the top of my head… I’m actually flat ironing it each day and trying my best to look like me again. The clouds are lifting… get your sunglasses peeps… I’m gonna shine bright! =)

Wood, Beads, and Fibers…

I’m finally finishing up my Jenga block key chains. Each one has it’s own personality and is handcrafted. I used everything from foil and rhinestones, to tissues and glitter. I even used temporary tattoos, not to mention bits of confetti! Shopping for mixed media is always a scavenger hunt/adventure! There are treasures to find just about everywhere you go.

Today I started working on making my wrapped bamboo beads into peeps.

FUN! Crazy and delightful. I’m working now on not losing my own head as I figure out how to assemble peeps out of beads, wire, and strips of cloth… and other whatnots. It’s a treat to dig through my doodads and add them to this project. I can’t wait to see how they all turn out. Stay tuned for updates. =)

I’m also painting the lil bird houses I assembled out of re-purposed wind chimes and wooden candle cups. I’ll play more with those tomorrow… it’s a gorgeous day out and I don’t want to waste it so I’m off to ogle at my flower garden now.

Artist “Block”

Wooden blocks in all shapes and sizes always inspire and challenge me. I like the take the everyday objects and try to put them together with something and come up with the unexpected. I’ve done wooden shape animals in the past and came up quiet a menagerie of whimsical and mythical creatures. I have another idea for these game blocks but I’m still …piecing that together in my mind… so to speak.

Here’s a peek at my key chain blocks. I’m almost ready to varnish and start ripping fabric and cutting yarns and ribbons for the tassels. I got sidetracked the past few days trying to identify a mystery bird.

It’s a tad bit fuzzy but I did manage to identify this colorful visitor. Can anyone guess what this is? I’m 99% sure we’ve got ourselves a Red Crossbill. 

Now that I’ve solved that mystery… it’s time to get back to my art!