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I enjoy cooking and occasionally hit on a great recipe ~ My family are my guinea pigs.

Pollen on Parade!

Sunday Morning

Monday Noon

Can you believe how fast this tree is bursting forth? It’s like watching a miracle in action. I just love looking out the landing window at it. It holds such promise!

I planted my flowers today and I’ll be taking some photos of my newly done garden soon. We barked the flower beds and they look so much spiffier. Now I’m doing the fun part and planting pretties.

I took a break from the sun to come in and spend some time in my studio. I’m working on some tiles and got an idea to tea stain one… I want to make on shabby chic and while drinking a cup of tea the other day I shared some of my tea with some text pages to see how tea staining would look on my Spam cans. I was delighted with the results so today I cut a tea bag open and dumped it onto this tile and then sprayed it with some water… Now I wait while my art steeps!

The Comfort Zone


And now…

I’ve been busy as you can see. Here’s the before and after of the living room with our new sofa and the painted wall along with my finished art. We’ve living hear for about 11 months now and we are finally getting around to getting the things we want done rather than the things we need. We also hung our TV and bought a new book case…

This is taken from the kitchen. I’m going to cover the books in the bookcase with matching covers and move things around a bit until I’m satisfied. I’ll put the seashells away once I get more garden related items to replace them with… at least for now. I’ll showcase a few of the newer decorating goodies I’m using as I go. I’m also going to put some shears on the windows soon too! I’m excited about that.

Here’s a bit of a closer look at the paintings I made… I love the blues and greens together. They are cooling and healing. I’m presently working on … this …

I have several ideas for this canvas… I’ll give you another peek at my progress tomorrow.

Tata for now… Time to pull some pork for dinner.

You Have To Break A Few Eggs…

Here’s what’s left of the eggs I dyed for Easter. The wonderful intensity of the colors was too good to pass up. I just had to save them for using in my art. I’ll share once I’ve used some. Right now however, I’m working on finishing up the paintings I’m creating for the living room. ‘Almost’ done!  I have a few things to finish up on them and then I have the edges of the canvases to deal with …

This weekend my Dad went into the hospital with a mild case of pneumonia, A-fib, and somethings wrong with his blood sugar. Any prayers would be greatly appreciated. He is a very much loved man and a pillar to his family and friends. He may be transfered today to a bigger hospital here in town… I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve some other things to share as well, but I don’t have the pictures yet so I’ll share those this week. I’m off to say my prayers and work on my paintings.

God Bless!

Eggstra Eggstra Read All About It!

I had the best time coloring eggs this year. I hadn’t done it years and since moving into our new home everything seems new again. I love how vibrant the colors turned out… I also love how the deviled eggs tasted. I’ve been keeping the colored egg shells in baby food jars to use in my collaging and my paintings. The colors are so rich and gorgeous I just couldn’t bring myself to throw them away. They’ll be appear soon in another create debut.

Today is my eye appointment and I’m looking forward to less headaches with new lenses. I’ll be dilated today so I’ll be all blurry this afternoon.
After my eyes are taken care of I need to visit the dentist for a toothache that keeps getting worse. Time to take the big girl pill and man up. I’m deathly afraid of the dentist.

See you tomorrow when my eyes are back to normal!

Spoon Fed

Nothing is safe with me! I decided to stir things up a bit with these wooden spoon dolls. Then I got a bit addicted and went a bit crazy…

Cute huh?! I’m working on the rest of the spoon family today and having a great time playing dress up and making each utensil unique! This really is a fantastic way to use up lengths of ribbon and twine that are too short for anything else. I’m going to have fun naming each individual doll and adding a tag to the spoon. I’ll dream up some fun stuff tonight while cuddling on the couch.

I’ll take some pictures of my living room transformation process… I don’t think I have too many old pics but I’ll dig through my photos to find out… and I’ll share them this week.

Until tomorrow… Have a awesome April day and enjoy all sunshine you can capture!

Let Us Stamp!

Or… Lettuce stamp! Art is everywhere. This was FUN. I love how the blue blends in with the green of the lettuce.. I stamped a background on a painting I’m working on and I stamped out some flowers on some text pages for incorporating in something or other… possibly my current painting. Bring everything into your studio. Open your imagination and see the beauty and possibilities that present themselves everyday!

Happy Valentines Day to everyone. I woke to a sweet card and a lunch date this coming weekend. We did our taxes yesterday and were so pleased with the results we rewarded ourselves with the new Kindle Fire. I’ll be playing with it and testings it and I’ll keep you posted on the apps and whatnots!

I found a great recipe to fix for dinner for the hubs to pamper him… check this out…I have most of the ingredients and what I don’t have I’ll improvise on. =)

I’m outta here for now… I have a painting calling my name. HUGS and HEARTS to all!



I finished my series. It was so much fun! Now I need to add the hangers, vanish the paintings and post them on Etsy. Should I post them separately or as a set? What do you think?

I’m getting super low on birch wood and decided to make a mini banner hanging with the 5 smaller pieces I have left. It’s going to say PEACE… I’m in the middle of drawing it out now. And again I have to decide on colors… oy vey!  The hardest part of my creative process. Once I’ve chosen a color scheme I can create like a mad woman!

I’ll be starting Christmas gifts very soon. I have some ideas already about what I’d like to make for peeps. I can’t share them here till after the fact though as I actually have at least ONE family reader. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one reading my blog. I’m more than sure that’s true on most days. Hee!

Tonight’s supper is going to be a delicious medley of beef, rice and beans with a Mexican flare! I dug through the larder and found all the ingredients I need. I did however quit buying avocados … they are just too expensive now.

And now time for the final shoe to drop in my teeny shoe collection.  Here’s this weeks installment of Tuesdays Toys.

Next week I’ll share the weather appropriate attire of my teddy bear. Fun stuff ahead! Stay tuned.

No Soliciting

Ironically enough while I was making this I got a notice on my door to call this toll free number for your free gift… No obligation! Right… There was indeed a catch and I politely explained no thank you and got the riot act read to me. (I’m a curious person… I had to find out who was leaving delivery notice on my door. So… this is almost done… a few more coats of varnish and a wire hanger and she’s good to go to the front door.

We’ve had a plethora of sales peeps come to the door at dinner time and on Sunday evenings and it’s just gotten to the point past annoyance. So as cheerfully as I can I’m going to attempt to turn them away. I don’t spend between 1 and 2 hours making dinner to have some nimrod ring the bell and interrupt our meal just to come back to cold food. If this doesn’t work…. I’ll order one from where my parents got theirs… It’s a bit more direct… don’t cha think?

This gets the point across quite well. It’s dinner time… Back off! Nom Nom.

Come back tomorrow to see a finished painting I’m just putting the fininishing touches on now.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

It’s that time of year again when things around us are happy and joyful. The season of candy! Lots and lots of candy. Soon little goblins will be ringing the doorbell for Nom Nom! Then we’ll smell the wonderful aroma of turkey roasting in the oven… and before we know it we’ll be bringing Christmas gifts to those we love.

With this painting I went with pink and spring green instead of the traditional red and green… something fun and whimsical instead this time. I’ll get to more mainstream colors soon enough. =) This is painted on watercolor paper with collage papers, rubberstamps, doodles, tinsel confetti and little bling stickers. The hat is embellished with fun flock… and yes, the pompom on the end of the hat is now drying. =) Oh the details! This  is going to be made into cards once the glues all dried!

I posted all but one of my Autumn Owl ACEOs on Etsy today so click on over and take a peek!

I wanted to share my harvest from this year… This is a little less than halve of what we got from our forgotten potatoe plant we planted. We forgot to harvest (it was planted in an outdoor pot and our deck was rotten to the core… thanks to our diligent landlords maintainance.) This year when it started to grow I had the feeling whatever it was wasn’t a weed so I let it grow.. one day it hit me… “Oh yeah!” “We planted potatoes!” Here’s what we haven’t yet eaten!

They are a product of placing “this” in a pot outside and forgetting about it. I can’t wait to plant more next year. It was SO fun digging through the dirt to find an edible treasure. Each time I was just giddy! Funny huh?

Now for Whispering Wednesday…

  • I love taking pictures of virtually nothing and turning them into digital art.
  • I NEED to go through my art supplies to weed out what I don’t use and give the rest to charity.
  • I’m a salt freak! Given the choice between a savory or sweet snack… I’ll take the salty one every time. 

Speaking of snacks… I hear some trail mix calling my name. See you tomorrow for more Christmas in October.

Swinging in the Breeze

I know… ATCs right! They are more than just an addiction. They can become a way of life. What I really love about them is their versatility. You can can do ANYTHING on them. This is a little painted doodle that I thought would be fun to send summer off with a smile. It holds promise for next years green shoots on the trees and opens the door for autumn to make a grand entrance… also.. since this was done yesterday it celebrated our massive wind storm. The last traces of summer truly did get blown away yesterday.

Now we open the door for fall. Tomorrow you’ll see one of the things that I think of when fall begins to approach, but for today… yep, it’s 2sday again and I have a brand new toy from my parents. It’s a bit of humorous eye candy to make you smile.

♥ Tuesday’s Toys ♥

What a gardenista right! …Eggactly!