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Tags Tags and more Tags

I was hired to make approximately
250 price tags for my jewelry making auntie. Here’s about half of what I came up with. The rest are more of the same smaller ones that are in a variety of pastel colors… each with a seed bead on it’s string to add a bit of punch.

Here’s a close up of the steampunk, dress-forms, goth skulls, and little purses that I made into Photoshop brushes from sketches and turned into artful tags. What a great way to get your products noticed. I finished the last of them this morning and will be mailing them the day after Thanksgiving which is also my birthday.

This was one of the most challenging things I’ve undertaken in a long time and I found myself growing as an artist while working on them and once I got the hang of what I was doing….the ideas just kept flowing. I had an awesome time creating these price tags… so if you find yourself needing something to make your creations stand out at fairs and such… give me a holler. I’d love to do some commission work for you as well.

I hope you all have an awesome Turkey day and have a lot to be thankful for. I’m thankful for another year of upcoming creativity and that my family is healthy and safe. God Bless you all and have a wonderful holiday.

Happy Halloween

I did not draw this adorable picture but I did find it on a wallpaper website and thought it was super cute. I wanted to wish you a Happy Halloween with some eye candy!  I’m looking forward to tonight to see how many ghosts and goblins show up at our new home. We live in a populated neighborhood with lots of kids around so hopefully my candy investment will pay off this year. If not …it’s more Reese’s peanut butter cups for us.

I finally found time and energy to finish my mini markers I’ve been working on. They are posted on Etsy now and ready for purchase. Super affordable… great for gifts, cute for tying onto packages or tucking into cards…or Christmas stockings. Take a moment to click over to check them out.

Here’s one of the sets.. they are sold in sets of three and I’ve posted five different sets. Fun, functional, and great for your friends!

I’m also working on this…

I have five matching pieces of birch left in my wood pile and started what is going to be a banner style hanging. This is the result of day one. It will take me a few days to put this “banner” together as each tile is different… yet the same. It’s going to be fun to watch this come together. I’m going to make prints from the original on this before adding heavier dimensional items.. then I can add bling in Photoshop or glue unique items onto the prints once mounted. It’s a work that’s coming together with very little pre-planning. We’ll see how it turns out.

Now I have to plan dinner… I took sausage out of the freezer yesterday and I’m leaning toward a lasagna casserole of some sort. I’ll hit up Google to see what recipes I can find. It’s chilly today so something hot in the tummy sounds like just the ticket! Until tomorrow and Tuesday’s Toys … I’ll see you on the flip side. Enjoy all the candy you get from trick-or-treating and remember to save some for me! Nom!

Happy Friday!

This is a favorite. Her face is just so sweet. She reminds me of the gnome I played in World of Warcraft.  She’s going to make the cutest Christmas greetings! I really enjoyed this one, the layers of papers and confetti, flock and glitters. Artsy Nomminess! I had so much fun making these that I’m going to make a few more Christmas goodies. I’ll be making ornaments and cards and tags and goodies for sale for the Holidays this season to sell on my Etsy, and now is the time to get started! For once I’m actually a tad bit ahead of the game.

As the blossoms fade from the summer I’m awaiting the robust color of the autumn leaves. In the meantime I bought some Violas to help with the transition. Here’s the color spot on my back patio.

I tinkered with this in Photoshop to add some eye candy interest to it. It turned out kinda fun.

Friday at last and again pondering what to do about dinner. I bought some Polenta at the grocery store yesterday and just took a few chicken boobies from the freezer… I’m going to make a mock chicken tamale pie. Just sauce up the chicken and serve over a few slices of pan fried Polenta and Nom Nom… Dinner’s done!

Tomorrow we’re heading to Home Depot to pick out our new kitchen faucet… I’m pretty excited about it. I want to get a “statement” faucet… one that looks (in the words of Whitney) Uber Cray Cray! I hope to finally settle on the green I’ve been wanting to paint the accent wall in the living room. /prays! I want more blue in the green than yellow. I guess I need to take a few papers that are close to the color with me for comparison. I just keep bringing home paint chips… pretty soon I’ll be able to mosaic the wall with them… heh! Actually that sounds like a fun idea. =)

Okies… I’ve got laundry to finish and dusting to do… then I’m off to trace a witch onto poster board to cut for the downstairs window. Pictures later! =)

God Bless and Peace… OUT!

Thursdays Thoughts

More Christmas! You betcha! Deck the hall with boughs of holly and trim out the tree. This is the first year I’ll have a tree bigger than one foot tall. Although I WILL have my mini tree in my studio decorated with pinks and greens and purples and turquoise… oh yeah! Now we’re talkin!

I’ll even be playing Christmas music while I’m making Christmas gifts… and I have the PERFECT idea in mind for my nieces this year. I’ll need to get started soon though. =) Things like this take time ya know.

Late yesterday afternoon I started the Halloween painting I mentioned… Here’s the work in progress as it sits on my desk right now…

Yep… except without the skulls… Those I Photoshopped in for kicks. I love fun Photoshop brushes. They make photo’s so much more fun to customize.

Today’s grocery shopping is done and I have a bit more of the afternoon free before I have to start dinner… which will be French Dip Sammies. (One of my all-time faves!) A big hit with the family!

I’m enjoying one of my new favorite treats… It’s ice cubes crushed in the blender with chocolate milk and extra choco syrup added… whipped into a frenzy… poored into a glass… garnished with what else other than another drizzle of choco syrup and then add a dollop of frozen cool whip! Oh yeah… brain freeze worth the pain!  A bit of a guilty pleasure but if I have it for lunch I consider that gee… half is actually WATER anyway! (Great logic no?) NOM!  I highly recommend one…. or more. They medicate a sorrowful mood as well.

Well kiddos I’m outta here for now. In getting in the spirit of the zombies on Wall Street I have housework to protest! I’ll be back tomorrow to share more art. (After vacuuming…/sigh!)

Christmas is Coming

Christmas IS coming… and it will be upon us before we know it. This year I’m making Christmas cards to put on my Etsy shop. Most will likely be postcards to help peeps save on postage. I spent the second half of last week playing with these little ditties that I’ll share in detail as the week progresses. Today I put most of the finishing touches on them. Tomorrow I’ll be adjusting sizing and messaging in Photoshop and making some prints. I’m pretty excited about it.

Last night was the season premiere of House. What fun. I’d been waiting all summer for it. Tonight’s another new episode of NCIS. Gotta love Mark Harmon! We watched the second episode of Terra Nova last night as well. I think we might catch the Pilot tonight On Demand. It looks like it might be a pretty good show.

Will fall comes cool nights and warm blankets curled in front of our new homes gas fireplace. I’m gonna love this winter! Tomorrow I’m going to do a bit more fall decorating around the house and work on my flying witch for our front entry circular window. It’s going to be an awesome Halloween. Yep! I’m gonna make a pumpkin painting real soon too!

Today’s 2sday again… ALREADY! SLOW down… Time’s moving too fast.

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe….

And she was really teeny tiny! I got a box out of storage a couple weeks ago that was FULL of fun stuff. This is just one of what you’ll be seeing on
Tuesday’s Toys in the upcoming future! Oddly enough I have three shoes… each different. I guess we all need a spare just in case we blow out a heel!

Come back tomorrow and hear some gossip on Whispering Wednesday!

Commission 2

She doesn’t look like much here but she’s on her way to blossoming. That’s one thing I find so miraculous about creating. You can start with a clean slate, make a total mess and transform it into a thing of beauty. Just wait and watch and I’ll share the process with you… It amazes me each time when God shows me ways to transform a blank canvas into a thing of amazing bursts of color and texture.

I’m also working on some “tiny tags” or “mini markers.” I had some printer problems the other day and was fighting for two days with my printer … I was to the point were I thought we might have to part ways but thanks to an incredibly talented techy husband he worked his magic and all is good… Once he got my beloved printer up online again I started printing things like crazy… these are just a very small sample of what I’m working on behind the scenes.

Cool, Casual, Coasters!


Sipping into the end of summer soon! Enjoy your nom nom and rest them on these chillin’ coasters when between savoring sips. What a fun way to upcycle those treasured tokens from your favorite restaurant. I made a trio of round summer sun coasters with my recent Poppy theme in a vibrant orange punch color. These will be posted on Etsy tomorrow.

I’ve got several other works going as well… I’m doing a stencil/modeling paste painting in some gorgeous colors that blend well with each other. This is how it’s looking after the first laying of paints…

I LOVE texture… so this is especially delicious for me. I love orange and pink together and how they blend and create an apricot color. There’s something about taking two colors and making a third on the canvas that really speaks to me so I’m really going to enjoy the process that will be this painting. I’ll share more of this gem tomorrow after I’ve had more play time.

Already… 2sday again! So here’s my latest 2sday’s Toys “Show and Tell.”

They don’t look much like toys do they? Nope… but when I’m done they will certainly be some form of eye candy. I bought these to go with some matching plastic summer stemware I bought about a month ago. They are safe for outside and since my secondary focas has been the garden I couldn’t resist these bowls. What am I going to do with them you ask… I don’t know yet… but I do know that when I do use them they will be a fun and funky focal point for something artsy!

I’ll see you tomorrow for Whispering Wednesday and to share some “sketching” I’ve been doing. HUGS and God Bless!

Rainy Days and Mondays

Basket of Paintings
Here’s a tiny spot in my studio where I put little art objects… I have a card with a backpack strung from it given to me by my mom… there are two of my paintings and two cards I made recently… also I have a Kelly Rae Roberts magnet that was given to me as well. They all rest on some leaves I pressed… after picking them up from the yard after a wind storm about a month and a half ago. Time is truly spinning by so fast since we’ve moved. I can’t believe it’s nearly August already! Slow…d.o.w.n! I need time to breathe.  

I have so many projects going today… I’m working on another Spam can, and some more of the TP treasure pieces and trying to get some semblance of order on my desk. It’s a huge mess today. So much so that I had to stop everything I was doing to put some things away so I could “think.”  Thankfully I don’t have heat clouding my thinking like yesterday… it’s much cooler today! Just the way I like it. I hope this weather holds for a while so I can get some more work done in the yard. I’ll share a few photos of that project soon. For now I’m off to finish my upcycle project and try to get some Etsy write-ups done so I can post tomorrow. =) Until tomorrow… Keep Kreating!

Tiny Tiles

Tiny Tiles

Just one of the things I’ve made so far with my Tiny Tiles. I pinned this one to my “messenger-bag-style” purse.  FUN. I’m thinking I could make a mobile with these too!

That’s it for today. I just wanted to touch base and say hi. Tune in tomorrow for a preview of my latest WIP.

Packaged & Posted!

Done at last! I’ve been cutting and trimming, and cutting and trimming, and cutting and trimming! I made over 50 of these teeny tiny treasures and had a blast doing it. I started with mini prints of my paintings that I tweaked in Photoshop. I cut them out using a box knife and then I glued them onto chipboard that I saved from some packaging. Then I used the box knife again and cut them out again. I glued complimenting collaging papers to the backs of each tile and cut them out again… this time with some small super sharp scissors. Next I mod podged them with 3 coats on each side to add strength and a nice coating for the super glossy varnish I used on them. Lastly I painted the edges of each and every time with acrylic paint to make it look more finished and give it a “real” painting look.
These gems are limited only by your imagination… some of the uses I’ve come up for them are:

  • Scrap-booking
  • Charms
  • Do-it-yourself craft projects
  • Decorate your locker…dorm…journal
  • Make flip flop ornaments
  • Turn them into magnets
  • Punch a hole and add earring hooks
  • Transform them into thumbtacks
  • Add them to your artwork
  • Hang them in your doll house
  • Collect them and make a collage
  • Make a greeting card
I’m going to be playing with a few later this week to see what kinds of fun and funky flashy favorites I can come up with. Once I get started I’m sure my imagination will take over and I’ll be left in the dust!
I have posted these Tiny Tiles on Etsy so please click on by and check them out. You’ll be able to see a variety of Tiny Tiles today. I haven’t yet posted all of the one’s I’ve made as I have so many, if you can’t find what you’re looking for let me know and I’ll do my best to make you happy! Thanks for dropping by and I hope your Monday rocked!

Off to make spaghetti now… Nom Nom!