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Mini Miracles

  Mini Magic

Here are the first ten mini magic mania squares that I’ve been working on. They are mounted on Chipboard and have gorgeous collage paper on the back so they are pretty, pretty on all sides. I dabbed the edges with paints and used high gloss varnish on the front and back of each magical marvel. I’m going to sell them in sets of either 3, 4, or 5 for a set price but I have a sheet of at least 40 to cut, pasted, varnish and complete with tender loving care. It’s a tedious job as they are ever so delicate and small, but we all know that good things come in small packages. So I’ll be working on these over the next few days and likely into the weekend when time permits and completing them to the best of my ability on Monday. I think they would make an awesome wall collage for small spaces like lockers, cubicles, dorm rooms, above a desk. You could even place them creatively inside a frame and make a mini gallery to show off your artistic knowledge.

The ideas are starting to accumulate now as I thought they might as I started getting really involved in the creative process of making them. Again… if you have ANY thoughts, please share them. I’d LOVE to hear what you’re input is. I think a trip to The Dollar Tree might help me find some other ways to showcase these “gigantic” little gems! =)

It’s Wednesday already… seriously where does the time go. I haven’t yet had the chance to take the pictures I wanted of my studio and bedroom to share with you. I must confess…. I was glued to my Kindle till around 3:00AM reading “The Lone Survivor” by Marcus Lutrell. If you’re anything like me and LOVE our troops… this is a must read. I closed the Kindle last night when I hit chapter 3 and I’m LOVING Marcus and his story.

I think that classified as a Whisper for Wednesday...

  • I love our troops with great passion and now proudly live in a military neighborhood.
  • We are having our first “dinner” guests this weekend for dinner and if it rains we’ll be eating on the couches as we have NO table yet.
  • I’ve revised my “Wist List” as I’ve received several of the items on it in the past week.

Drop in tomorrow to find out what I’ve purchased on my weekly grocery outing!


More Laminated Bookmarks!

I just finished making more bookmarks and posting them on Etsy. I have also been playing with more minis like the ones I made yesterday. I have some plans to make a few more and sell them as is so people can use them in the creative way that they want. Tomorrow I’ll be back in my studio playing some more. We had a SUPER DUPER windy last night and it kept me away most of the night so I’m having another day of dragging my behind. I did get some work done in the kitchen and the bathrooms but not as much as I had hoped to. Hopefully I sleep better tonight and I’ll be able to get more work done tomorrow.

My camera battery is charging so I can’t take a picture of my Kindle today for my “Tammy’s Toys.” I do have something to share though… So here we go!

2sday’s Toys

I have several pair of tiny glasses that I use on some of my stuffed animals. I took this picture while I was packing at the other place and thought I’d save them for when my camera was out of juice. (kinda like how I’m feeling after 2 sleepless nights.) I just love cute stuff like this. I’m definitely a strange bird … I collect the weirdest things! I’ll have some pictures tomorrow that I’ll be able to share of my bedroom and my studio of how they are coming along… even though I didn’t get my shelves painted today. I figure a before and after picture might make it more fun!

Well, I have housework calling and few things I want to get done before I have to chop veggies for the Spanish Rice I’m fixing tonight so I’ll say ado and see you tomorrow for Whispering Wednesday!

Mini Chipboard Squares

These are fun… I’m not sure yet what exactly they’ll be but they are prints glued onto chipboard and finished on the backside with gorgeous collaging papers. I just printed out seven more along with more bookmarks and will be cutting and gluing, and trimming and laminating all sorts of goodies for selling. I truly need to explore my new neighborhood and find some cutesy shops to see if I can get some of my art in them. Without a car it’s a big challenge… especially with my gimpy ankle. I have to rely on my son to take me around. I think I’ll make list of shops and hit them up after he’s out of college for summer break.
I’m sure I’ll find somewhere I can share my wares. I’m also going to post some on Etsy and do some brain storming on different ideas for these adorable minis. They would make really cute charms for purses and zippers and that sort of thing. I’ll see what I can dream up! If you have any ideas I’d be very happy to hear them.

I’ll also be putting more Moo Magnets up in my store as they are always a big hit and sell out fast.

I spent a long time with my new Kindle yesterday and I’m charging the battery to day so I have lots of power for a reading session tonight in bed. I bought 3 books and the scrabble game to keep me entertained. I’ve fallen in love with the “sample book” feature…and spend the better part of the entire night reading chapters for select books… I finally put the reader down at 2:30, but woke up at 6:00 and I’ve been dragging hiney all day long! I think I need to go to bed earlier tonight so I have more time to get my reading in so I can get some decent sleep. Hee!

Pictures of my bedroom will be coming soon… I bought some paint to paint some shelves so I can hang them and get my room more decorated. I’ll share as I go so come back soon and give me your feedback. I LOVE hearing from you.

My Precious

Oooo-la-la! What fun I’ve been having creating these super cute ornaments. I got the idea from Jenga! I had a Jenja game with a block missing so I figured I had 53 clean palettes for creating just about anything I could think of. I came up with ornaments out of the blue. It was something I hadn’t done …yet! Now I’m hooked! I’ve made sixteen so far and they are posted ready for purchase now on Etsy! I hope you drop by and check them out.

I also played with making some bookmarks that I’ll be putting on Etsy tomorrow… I’ve dug out my laminator that’s been in the back of a closet for years… and I’m hoping like crazy that it hasn’t given up on me. I’ll find out later today when I plug it in and give it a whirl. I’ve been very busy playing in my studio this past week and have ignored a few boxes that are calling my name. They are in a closet so since they are out of sight they are out of mind. I need to pay them the attention they deserve and either get rid of their contents or find a home for them within our new home. Maybe they’ll turn into recycled art supplies!

It’s Wednesday already… rather hard to believe! Memorial Day has my week a bit mixed up… That will correct itself over the weekend I’m sure. It’s always good to have a few extra lazy days during the year. I made brats and potato salad with huge kosher pickles on the side and we pigged out! What a fun day.

It’s time again for Whispering Wednesday. So here’s a few things that you didn’t know about me till now…

  • I just started playing one of those stupid Facebook games… Gardens of Time. Fun, but I hope it passes soon!
  • I’ve been drinking Coke instead of coffee since we moved… What a “breakfast” huh?!
  • I’m addicted to creating! Oh wait… you may have figured that one out.

See you tomorrow with some bookmarks to share. GOD bless!

Angel Garland

  Angel Garland

I finally finished my take on the angel I gave you last week. I went with a Faith, Hope, Love theme and I’m going to give this as a get-well card for my mom who is having in-office surgery on her foot tomorrow to have a cyst removed. She knows all to well what it means to be off your feet as she broke HER ankle last April, so we’ve had a lot of time to compare war wounds. I thought this might cheer her up and she can hang it in her lavender bedroom to have angels watching over her.

What fun it was go make something in multiples using my printer. I actually over-sized these before printing… so mine will be bigger than yours… I used a kraft colored cardstock to print them on and then used yellow ocre, rouge toscan, and rose all by Prismacolor. I used a gold metallic painty pen for the trim on the wings, collar, and bottom of the dress. I had some embossed lavender collage paper I cut for the dresses and then used dimensional fabric paint for a beaded look. The wings were cut with an X-acto knife and backed with a crumpled purple foil origami paper. I also used some black glitter on her hair and her shoes… and topped her head with a golden flower. Each is pretty much identical except of course for the stamped words on the dresses.

I actually printed six of these larger sized angels and have three left over to play with once we’ve moved. And it’s getting oh so close now. Our inspection of the property is tomorrow so we should hear back about our offer and fork over our Earnest money within a few days. (tomorrow would be ideal!) As soon as the Earnest money is in the hands of the bank we’re telling our Evil Overlord that this is our last month here. You have no idea how happy that makes me.

I’ll keep you posted on our inspection and how the rest of the p.a.i.n.f.u.l.l.y…. slow process goes. Seriously, I feel like I’m moving in slow-motion. I can’t wait to get the keys! YES! GOD is good!

Cupcake Angels

Cupcake Angels

Done & done! I finished my Cupcake Angels this afternoon. These two paintings are ready for printing and resizing for Block Art and greetings. I think they turned out blissfully. I used the same color scheme both of them on purpose. They would be great framed prints hanging in a studio, cubicle, or child’s room. Or even in a dorm room. Where ever anyone loves a cupcake! I haven’t worked on watercolor paper for a while and always enjoy the effects of the paint on the paper. It’s truly gorgeous how paint takes to this paper. It’s an artistic love affair. I used watercolors, gel pens, acrylics, stamps, collage elements, and felt pens.

They are ready to present you with New Year’s treats so I hope you’re hungry!

Happy New Year to all of my blog readers. I hope you have a joyful and prosperous New Year!

God Bless!

Whispering Wednesday

  Whispering Wednesday

  • I’ve been blogging for nearly 3 years now and I’ve forgotten my “blogiversary twice.
  • Today is my birthday!
  • I’m fascinated with the Eiffel Tower
  • My Dad’s father came over from Russian on the Underground.
  • HUGE secret… I have panic/anxiety disorder.

That’s this weeks secrets. I’m saving all of my Whispering Wednesdays in a separate file so I can read about myself and hopefully learn something about me. I encourage everyone to journal things about themselves to help discover who they are and how they can improve upon themselves. It’s very therapeutic to say things out loud about who you are. Try it. It will grow on you!

I don’t have any art I’m ready to share today although I am working on a ‘girl with her poodle’ painting. It’s nowhere near ready for display. So instead of sharing art I’m going to share a my birthday card and one of my presents. I woke up to a gift bag at my feet with the most cuddly, soft, plush, desirable blanket any girl could dream of! AND… it’s PINK! See…

I ♥Love♥ this massive amount of soft huggable warmth!
Here’s the pretty card it came with….
Inside it says: “Be you, Be happy, Be loved, on your birthday and always.” and my hubby wrote “Become who you want to be.” (that’s the best give ever!) Loving, kind, and truthful words from the person you share everything with! What more could one want?

Sticker Books!

 ♥ Sticker Books! ♥

This was an awesome opportunity. Get your Moo on! They have everything from business cards to stickers, and oh, so much more!  I decided to make 90 stickers out of nine of my favorite paintings. DO you have any idea how hard that was?  I normally fall in love with each and every one of my creations… which makes it increasingly harder each time I create. It’s truly impossible to pick a favorite. The fun is to override the “insanity” of loving each creation!

These wonderful stickers will be showing up in my jewelry, greeting cards, and postal messages. I promise to alert you to them as they come about. Just remember to smile!

Trouble Sleeping and Something New

 ♥ I Love to Read

I decided to play with something different today between coats of drying paints. I pulled out some Kraft card-stock and cut it to size and went to town making a few bookmarks. I think they turned out rather cute. I’ve already posted them on Etsy so I’ll see if I get any bites from fellow bookworms out there.

I was up way to late last night. I was having trouble sleeping so I turned on the news in the middle of the night and watched the Chilean miners getting rescued. What a wonderful feeling to see so many countries pull together to rescue these men. As of this entry there are 27 of the 33 miners now on Terra firma instead of in it! I can’t imagine being stuck in the dark in a cold mine for 69 days. God bless them all and their families.

I worked a bit today on the minis I’m making… I got a slow start as I was searching all over for a certain napkin to use and finally had to change direction with something else. I hate when that happens. I usually keep everything in it’s place but I’m outgrowing my already very limited area so I’m experiencing overflow…and I’m NOT about to give up any of my art supplies. One day soon I WILL have a room of my own to create in.

Come back tomorrow to see what I’m going to buy at Fred Meyer… I spotted them last week and have mapped my plan to buy them! Oy.. yes… more art supplies.

Green Gift Greets!

I was just playing around with materials on my desk while waiting for paint to dry this past week and decided to do something with these square cards I bought oh so many years ago. I sponged the edges, stuck each with a leaf sticker, and cut some circles from fabric and papers and glued them all together… I punched some wee little holes on the opposite side and strung some jute through them and tada! Gift tags! Super easy, super quick and the impact is powerful with the vivid colors. I’ll be putting these and several more of my creations up on my Etsy this coming week so be sure to stop by and see what’s new in the shop! I hope your Sunday is also a Funday and that you have some time for creating, or movies, or whatever it is that makes you smile! See you back here tomorrow with one mess or another. Happy Day!