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Things that never should have happened but somehow turned out awesome.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

It’s that time of year again when things around us are happy and joyful. The season of candy! Lots and lots of candy. Soon little goblins will be ringing the doorbell for Nom Nom! Then we’ll smell the wonderful aroma of turkey roasting in the oven… and before we know it we’ll be bringing Christmas gifts to those we love.

With this painting I went with pink and spring green instead of the traditional red and green… something fun and whimsical instead this time. I’ll get to more mainstream colors soon enough. =) This is painted on watercolor paper with collage papers, rubberstamps, doodles, tinsel confetti and little bling stickers. The hat is embellished with fun flock… and yes, the pompom on the end of the hat is now drying. =) Oh the details! This  is going to be made into cards once the glues all dried!

I posted all but one of my Autumn Owl ACEOs on Etsy today so click on over and take a peek!

I wanted to share my harvest from this year… This is a little less than halve of what we got from our forgotten potatoe plant we planted. We forgot to harvest (it was planted in an outdoor pot and our deck was rotten to the core… thanks to our diligent landlords maintainance.) This year when it started to grow I had the feeling whatever it was wasn’t a weed so I let it grow.. one day it hit me… “Oh yeah!” “We planted potatoes!” Here’s what we haven’t yet eaten!

They are a product of placing “this” in a pot outside and forgetting about it. I can’t wait to plant more next year. It was SO fun digging through the dirt to find an edible treasure. Each time I was just giddy! Funny huh?

Now for Whispering Wednesday…

  • I love taking pictures of virtually nothing and turning them into digital art.
  • I NEED to go through my art supplies to weed out what I don’t use and give the rest to charity.
  • I’m a salt freak! Given the choice between a savory or sweet snack… I’ll take the salty one every time. 

Speaking of snacks… I hear some trail mix calling my name. See you tomorrow for more Christmas in October.

On Being Green

  Being Green

I’ve been playing with black and white paintings and adding ONE color to them to see how they look. My last one was Check Mate which I thought turned out fabulously! I’m very happy with the combination of green with the black and white as well. It’s quite fun to mix it up and challenge yourself to see what you can come up with when you attempt something that you wouldn’t normally do. This is a plethora of layers of paints, pencils, stamps, texture mediums, inks, stickers, punches, and fabric glitter. I like how some of the patches in the background remained white. It gives that added interest of something clean. Part of the inspiration for the color choice of this painting came from a few pictures I took last week in the kitchen. I was preparing dinner and was out of lettuce, so I figured what the heck… the super crunch of cabbage on a burger would give it an added zest! So after peeling a few leaves off the cabbage I couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty of the plant and snapped a few photogs to share with you here. This is art by GOD! He’s truly the only one that does it so perfectly!

Who’s hungry now!?

Strawberries and the Beauty of Every Day Objectes.

Strawberry Cleaning

I was reading a new blog I found and came across a painting of a strawberry on it. It got me to thinking of the beauty in everyday objects and I remembered I had taken a picture about a year ago of strawberry stems in the vegetable sink. I saved the photo and didn’t really think too much more about it until today. There is beauty all around us in the most unlikely of places. Something about the strawberry pieces floating in the water struck a cord in me and I wanted to save the memory. Today I want to share the beauty. You can decipher for yourself what you see in the sink. I see many stories. Some sad, some delightful, some uncertain, and some yet to be determined. I’ll let you ponder your own stories. But before I let you go, there can’t be a strawberry without straw.

And so we have ~ the beauty of the broom!



This piece of wood intrigued me and I wanted to emphasize the imperfections of my usual smooth “canvas.” This came together quite nicely and I had a blast with the background. I used blobs of brushed and smudged on soft-bodied acrylic paints and dripped rubbing alcohol into it while it was still wet. This technique makes the paint ooze to the sides of the alcohol droplets. I did this for quite a few layers until the canvas was covered and I could no long see the wood behind the paint. I used a leaf stamp to add a forest feel and punched some flowers from some textured white collage paper. The yellow flower centers are pieces of confetti that I layered with three coats of sparkle glaze. I used gold leafing to define her wooden knot and capped her off with a forested pattern beret. I used my finger to add a touch of glitter to the blue areas and let a dragonfly covered with mica powders land on the painting. She has a pale green rhinestone to let you know she has a twinkle in her eye! She’s cute and I love her dearly. I love how the colors blended together so well in the background. She truly does look like she’s out in the forest.Speaking of forests…..

Accidental Art
For the past week we’ve had gnats bothering us and getting into our drinks. I searched the kitchen and tossed out an onion that was going bad and considered the job done. Well… the gnats had other ideas. They refused to leave. Puzzled by their persistence I searched a cupboard today where I store my potatoes. As you may know, I’ve been down since Christmas with a broken ankle and just started to hobble within the past few weeks. I dug through this very deep cupboard and found this “accidental art” of red potatoes growing what looks like berries. I thought this was incredibly awesome… yet it wasn’t “rotten” so I kept mining the cupboard for the reason for the gnats… and yes.. way in the back on the very bottom in the darkest corner I found a bag of “liquid” potatoes. They are now out in the garbage, the gnats and the gnuncles have left the premises and we are now not batting at the air around us. Here’s a closer look at the tangled web of taters.

I’ve lovingly named this “Potato Octopus”