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The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly


The Ugly…

For Christmas several years ago I received some coffee syrups in this box… as always I’m on the lookout for unusual objects to alter into art and this box … as ugly as it was is perfect. I spray painted it pink a while back and just dug it out to make some glam art for my gallery wall. So join me as I attempt to covert an sows-ear- ugly- old box into a silk-purse-work-of-art.

The Good…


Although not quite done I’m sharing anyway. Here’s a but of Steampunkery for ye.

I’ll be finishing this lil ditty up over the weekend. And so far I’m super satisfied with how my first steamy attempt at punk has turned out.

The Bad…


Oh yeah! Check out these BAD BOYS! Uber texture goodness. It’s like medium grit sandpaper on your nails. It’s gorgeous and fun… a but unexpected and not too over-the-top. This would totally rock on the tips of your toes too! Put a lil suga in your life! Calorie free too!

Glam and Chic


Repurposed ceramic tile trivets from the dollar store.


Wires, ribbons, and rhinestones are just the tip of the iceberg on these tiles. I used one of my craft mirrors and some string pearls to create this standing mirror. I added to the mirror by using a white rub on and this totally reminds me of a vanity table mirror I had as a little girl.

Today I’m starting a new painting with a bird as the subject. I’m going to be bees-waxing this one and I’m really looking forward to firing up my melting pot and relaxing to the aroma therapy of melted beeswax as I paint.

Happy June to you all.. I hope your summer is inspired!

Paper, Scissors, Cloth


I used gorgeous fabric for this ATC. The texture is scrumptious. The backing is a fiber “looking” paper in an awesome berry color that’s perfect for fall. I glued the fabric onto the body and but it out, then I sponged the edges with maroon and on the back, I used both maroon and green. The embellishments are washers from the hardware store that I used alcohol inks on and wrapped with green hemp cord. Fun, simple, and downright gorgeous. I’m loving the autumn colors.

I took care of business today by getting my yearly mammy-gram out of the way. As a reward I was gifted these pretty pinkies!


The cookie is because it’s BCA month… and the beads and applique are for doing the right thing and getting it done. Each year the radiology department I go to gives out “flair” for doing your dos. It’s incentive and encouragement for those who need a nudge. I’m now wondering what I’ll be making with the bling!

Get the girls taken care of ladies! God Bless till tomorrow and my final entry in my BCA Month series.

Stay Tuned


Stay tuned by getting your yearly check up! I’m having mine next month. This jazzy card was inspired by vintage sheet music and glitter foam cut outs I found in Walmart. Super cute, colorful, and crazy fun! I added a 20s inspired choker at the neck. The idea for that came from a book I’m reading. It’s called 1929 and follows three couples through the stock market crash and the great depression. They go from riches to rags… Quite good and you really do fall in love with the characters.

That’s it for now.. tomorrow’s Day 25 in my BCA Month ATC series so drop by for a bit of bling. It’s got an India inspired flair.

Time Flies

Time Flies… literally. I couldn’t resist adding the little buggers to this assemblage. What a fun project this turned out to be. I used a plethora of old and new supplies and bright shiny copper and vibrant blueish turquoise. Everything from wire, watch parts, hardware, brads, punched metal, copper tape, threads, ribbons, fabrics… you name it… It it was blue or copper it went here… if it wasn’t… I inked it!

Here’s a few close ups for some yummy detail…

Here you can see the metal leaves, the wire and the rubber-stamped flies… I used Ranger Alcohol Ink for the hardware and the leaves… in Cloudy Blue.

I stamped the text and used embossing powder and topped it with paper glaze to texture it more… I added the black outline to define it more. The fly was a plastic toy ring that I took apart. I painted the fly with iridescent colors to add sparkle.

I used embroidery thread, copper taper, ribbon, and colored wire for “dressing” this doll. She lays atop a page of text from a game journal.

Now I’m off to start the final painting/collage/assemblage in this art doll series… Or should I add an eighth to this line? Hmmm.



I started this canvas with text pages and stamping with bottle caps, then I layered it with tissue paper and painted purples over it… stamping again with bottle caps and other round objects. I used acrylics, pastel pencils, foil, glitter, epoxy, jewelry findings, beads, and various other yummy items I have in my ever-growing stash.  I added a bible passage and a kite made from papers and fabrics, rub ons and bling. It turned out to be a beautiful mess.

Here are some close up shots of details…

Whatcha think? Has this art doll achieved greatness or what?

Better Late than Never

Sorry for being late on getting these close-ups posted. I got extremely sidetracked with things like my hair… my diet… new paintings… family outings… and life in general.  I’m finally here with the yummy details of the Amour painting.

Lookee here!

Buttons, charms, fibers and papers… Wire, rhinestones, beads, and tinsels.-

Doilies, threads, rhinestones, and puffy fabric hearts.

Cut outs, confetti, tissues, and epoxy bubbles.

Chipboard, stickers, reused bracelet trim, and lots of mica powder.

Swirls sticker, fabric painted pearls, wrapping paper, and silver foils.

Up-cycled Tatoo

Here’s a sneak peek at my up-cycling project. (Oh how I wish up-cycling burned the same calories as by-cycling!)  I used pinks and oranges and pretty much finger painted this block. Then I added the temporary tattoo to the surface and sealed it on so it will remain permanent. After it was dry I added Stickles in orange and pink for shabby chic girly flair. I used a small eye-screw on the top and added a keyring then I laced on some fibers… including torn fabric, fun fur, and metallic embroidery thread.

I have a handful more that I’m working on but they aren’t quite done yet so I thought I’d share what I did have. I think this one turned out rather sassy and definitely has an attitude! Come back soon to see the rest.

Until then… Grab a mocha!

Tags Tags and more Tags

I was hired to make approximately
250 price tags for my jewelry making auntie. Here’s about half of what I came up with. The rest are more of the same smaller ones that are in a variety of pastel colors… each with a seed bead on it’s string to add a bit of punch.

Here’s a close up of the steampunk, dress-forms, goth skulls, and little purses that I made into Photoshop brushes from sketches and turned into artful tags. What a great way to get your products noticed. I finished the last of them this morning and will be mailing them the day after Thanksgiving which is also my birthday.

This was one of the most challenging things I’ve undertaken in a long time and I found myself growing as an artist while working on them and once I got the hang of what I was doing….the ideas just kept flowing. I had an awesome time creating these price tags… so if you find yourself needing something to make your creations stand out at fairs and such… give me a holler. I’d love to do some commission work for you as well.

I hope you all have an awesome Turkey day and have a lot to be thankful for. I’m thankful for another year of upcoming creativity and that my family is healthy and safe. God Bless you all and have a wonderful holiday.

Don’t be Cross

This is what I wanted to share today. This is my mom’s rosary collection. (or at least part of it.) Being raised Catholic I can appreciate her love for these meaningful prayer beads … as you’ve seen in photos of mine before I have a small collection myself…and some are still in storage. I love how she’s displayed them in her bedroom with delicate scarves framing them from behind.

She also has a collection of tiny crosses that are from necklaces and rosaries and objects long ago broken. Most of her rosaries and crosses she’s picked up at flea markets, antique shops both local and from travels to relatives scatter around the country. It’s fun to listen to the stories of where each one was discovered and what state she found them in.

I’m busy working on some art today but needed a break to shop and to clean house. We have a birthday boy celebrating his big day tomorrow and I’ve been wrapping presents are the UPS has been delivering them… one at a time! The last one just showed up… got wrapped and is ready. I made a tiramisu for his birthday and it’s chilling in the fridge for tomorrow. The cheese is setting back up so it won’t be too squishy. I hunted high and low for ladyfingers but had to finally settle on biscotti. We thought it would work just fine. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

Until then… Have a great pre-Friday and take time to smell the autumn air… it’s crispy and full of promise.

Over and out till tomorrow my mateys~