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An Easel Full of Happiness

A plethora of paintings, a plate full of pretties, a handful of happiness and a eyeful of eye candy. However you want to put it this is a delicious dessert of desire!

These are my projects of the week with only a few small items excluded. Only two here are completed so far with two more almost over the finish line. From left to right…

  • An unfinished shadow box made from a paper towel roll with a flower hung from a clothes line on a summers day.
  • My kitschy coasters… completed and on Etsy
  • Commissioned teardrop earrings in greens and blues topped with twinkling flowers to shimmer in the sun.
  • Flowers fashioned from modeling paste with a wash of garden colors and pearls.
  • In the background is the large painting I’m playing with this week… I have several awesome ideas for this and I’m still deciding with path to take.

I just wanted to share what my Thursday looked like from inside the garden studio fence today.

Please take time to drop in tomorrow to smell the flowers and enjoy some iced tea! Until then… God Bless YOU!

Whispering Wednesday and Doodles Galore

I’ve been mad about flowers lately. I can’t seem to control the urge to draw and paint flowers this summer. So I’m embracing the desire and going as over the top as I can with my new passion. This little doodle is one of my new entries in my art journal. I’ve only made pencil sketches in the journal so far which is really odd for me… but it’s been a relaxing way to wind down after dinner in the evenings.

This is a photo of a sketch book entry that I hope to turn into a painting soon…(once I get the canvas for it.) I Photo-Shopped the color into this and thought it looked fun enough to share with you.

I love the long narrowness of this piece and can’t wait to pick up the canvas for it at Walmart next week. I was inspired by the blank canvases they had that were this shape and I just HAD to doodle up something that would fit into the space! I keep thinking up ideas and can’t keep up with myself.

I sold one of my crosses a while back and was asked if I’d make some earrings to match it… and here’s that finished commission that I’ll be posting on Etsy for my the client. Mixed media will go ANYWHERE!

And I’m working on the “nom nom” painting beneath the earrings. I’m using some pearly paints and I’m going to add some funky edging on the painting and some pearls in the center of the flowers… at least that’s the plan at them moment.

My Whispering Wednesday entry this week is done via photo-journalistic style. I’m giving you a glimpse into my messy desk to day along with a few fun facts about me.

*Especially Lime Sorbet tinted paint water. 😉

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead

I bought this skull tissue paper about two years ago and have only had the opportunity to use it once before. I actually hadn’t planned on going with day of the dead with this but that’s the direction it took… I had a goth idea in mind but flowers started sprouting in eye sockets before I knew what was happening… Wow… I hope my garden does that well next spring after I plant! =)

You can’t tell in the light but the rim is painted with a metallic green paint… aka ~ Nail polish. Since I’ve been doing art all my nails have become ‘tools’ rather than accessories… so I figured why not use the beauty supplies in my mixed media. It adds a nice bit of punch to things… and it comes in SO many colors! Nom!

I’m going to be working on some earrings for a special order this week and have been digging through my jewelry findings and other odds and oddities for ideas. It’s always fun to create something from a request. It breaks down a few creative walls and makes me look at things differently.  I’ll photograph the process and share as I go. I’m also working on a few ATCs and some other yummy art. I started my first BIG canvases too… that’s going to be interesting.. and messy! I think I’m going to need a bigger table top easel… and a lot of drop cloths!

Today’s Whispering Wednesday already so here’s a few sweet nothings about me. =)

  • Every Wednesday~ (Hump Day) my hubs and I race to remember what day it is and we do a firsties email with the picture of a camel.. (for the humps!)  I’m ahead by about 97%
  • I’ve named the downstairs bathroom “The Flower Potty” as I’m decorating it like a garden shed.
  • I’m on a cooking dry-spell… I can’t seem to come up with any novel ideas lately. (and ideas!?)

See you tomorrow with some ATCs and the first steps in my earring project! Have a great evening and let me know what’s for dinner!

Packaged & Posted!

Done at last! I’ve been cutting and trimming, and cutting and trimming, and cutting and trimming! I made over 50 of these teeny tiny treasures and had a blast doing it. I started with mini prints of my paintings that I tweaked in Photoshop. I cut them out using a box knife and then I glued them onto chipboard that I saved from some packaging. Then I used the box knife again and cut them out again. I glued complimenting collaging papers to the backs of each tile and cut them out again… this time with some small super sharp scissors. Next I mod podged them with 3 coats on each side to add strength and a nice coating for the super glossy varnish I used on them. Lastly I painted the edges of each and every time with acrylic paint to make it look more finished and give it a “real” painting look.
These gems are limited only by your imagination… some of the uses I’ve come up for them are:

  • Scrap-booking
  • Charms
  • Do-it-yourself craft projects
  • Decorate your locker…dorm…journal
  • Make flip flop ornaments
  • Turn them into magnets
  • Punch a hole and add earring hooks
  • Transform them into thumbtacks
  • Add them to your artwork
  • Hang them in your doll house
  • Collect them and make a collage
  • Make a greeting card
I’m going to be playing with a few later this week to see what kinds of fun and funky flashy favorites I can come up with. Once I get started I’m sure my imagination will take over and I’ll be left in the dust!
I have posted these Tiny Tiles on Etsy so please click on by and check them out. You’ll be able to see a variety of Tiny Tiles today. I haven’t yet posted all of the one’s I’ve made as I have so many, if you can’t find what you’re looking for let me know and I’ll do my best to make you happy! Thanks for dropping by and I hope your Monday rocked!

Off to make spaghetti now… Nom Nom!

Before Packaging

Tiny Tiles

Done! Now I get to start the packaging process. I’m waiting till Monday to conquer that portion of this project as I still have bathrooms to clean and floors to vacuum before tonights dinner.  I truly had SO much fun with these tiny tiles and I’m still brainstorming more ideas of what they can be used for …. I also plan on asking my sister tonight what her input is. She’s a creative spirit as well… her gig is poetry. She’s very active in her community and is great with people! I’m excited about seeing her and her husband as I don’t believe I’ve seen her since Christmas… wow… thats horrible as we only live 45 miles apart. /Taps foot!
I’ll letcha know how dinner goes ~ until later… I hear a vacuum cleaner calling my name. Bleh!

Mini Chipboard Squares

These are fun… I’m not sure yet what exactly they’ll be but they are prints glued onto chipboard and finished on the backside with gorgeous collaging papers. I just printed out seven more along with more bookmarks and will be cutting and gluing, and trimming and laminating all sorts of goodies for selling. I truly need to explore my new neighborhood and find some cutesy shops to see if I can get some of my art in them. Without a car it’s a big challenge… especially with my gimpy ankle. I have to rely on my son to take me around. I think I’ll make list of shops and hit them up after he’s out of college for summer break.
I’m sure I’ll find somewhere I can share my wares. I’m also going to post some on Etsy and do some brain storming on different ideas for these adorable minis. They would make really cute charms for purses and zippers and that sort of thing. I’ll see what I can dream up! If you have any ideas I’d be very happy to hear them.

I’ll also be putting more Moo Magnets up in my store as they are always a big hit and sell out fast.

I spent a long time with my new Kindle yesterday and I’m charging the battery to day so I have lots of power for a reading session tonight in bed. I bought 3 books and the scrabble game to keep me entertained. I’ve fallen in love with the “sample book” feature…and spend the better part of the entire night reading chapters for select books… I finally put the reader down at 2:30, but woke up at 6:00 and I’ve been dragging hiney all day long! I think I need to go to bed earlier tonight so I have more time to get my reading in so I can get some decent sleep. Hee!

Pictures of my bedroom will be coming soon… I bought some paint to paint some shelves so I can hang them and get my room more decorated. I’ll share as I go so come back soon and give me your feedback. I LOVE hearing from you.

Works in Progress

♥ Works in Progress ♥

It seems I always have something to work on. I’m up to my neck with ideas and projects this month so I’ll be very busy and hopefully very productive. These two sweeties are what I’m working on right now. The front girl with the green and brick is going to have lots of gold and gold leafing on her… the angel behind her has texture paste on her dress and is ready for layers of tissue. I haven’t decided on a color yet though. I’m open to suggestions though.
I took a bit of time this morning to get these treasures up on Etsy… I think they are super fun! You can bling anything with these fun and charming zipper pulls, charms, key rings, etc…
Now as promised! 2sdays Toys! Check out these awesome cups we got as Christmas gifts. These are super cool! They remind me of both the crooked man and of Dr. Seuss! Don’t they look like something a Who could drink out of?
That’s it for today! I’ve got a very messy desk to try to make sense of! Until tomorrow and Whispering Wednesday! Stay warm!

Zipper Pulls & Key Rings

Zipper Pulls & Key Rings

I used my mini moo stickers to create these fun accessories. They are a bit small for key rings but some people like their key chains less bulky so these would work wonderfully for that. I looked at them more as accent pieces such as zipper pulls, lanyard charms, or something to attach to your ipod case… etc.

They are made using a black card stock background and a moo sticker, they are cut to size and inserted into these pendents then covered with several coats of 3D Crystal Lacquer. With the weather being cooler and since we like our house cool as well they took quite a while to dry so it was fun watching the color pop as the lacquer dried. I will be putting them on Etsy by weeks end as I have a few other items I want to put up first. Mainly my mini magnets that I have left over from Christmas. I think these turned out super cute and I’m going to be making some more of them but this time I’m making some pins. My purse needs some wearable art on it so I have several picked out to make  just for that!

Again it’s Whispering Wednesday. Time to share some of deepest darkest secrets… so hear goes!

  • My Dad’s mom came over from Finland when she was 18 years old … She arrived at Ellis Island on Christmas day and couldn’t speak a word of English.
  • I was in a car wreck at the age of 17 …I was driving and I totaled my car. I spent the next week making confetti from colored paper and scissors as a form of therapy. 
  • I moved into my own teeny tiny house when I was 18-years-old. It felt like a mansion to me after spending years sharing a bedroom with my sis.
  • Smoked Oysters ~ Nom Nom!
  • I’d like to try making Goth Art! 

That’s it for today. I missed yesterday as I had my head in a book and lost track of time. I’ll share my newest toys with you next week though.

Have a great Hump Day and I’ll announce the winner of my giveaway on Friday! God Bless!

More Works in Progress


If you come here on a regular basis you may recognize these paintings. However… they have each had some of Alice’s Drink Me Potion! These are tiny. They are 1¼ squares. I’ve been playing with my printer and making teeny art. Now I have to decide if I’m going to make them pins or magnets. I’m leaning toward pins. What do you think?  Sadly while I was printing some other things today I got a pop up from my printer telling me that it appears to have a drinking problem… and wouldn’t you know it. It’s “poison” of choice is the most expensive liquid on the planet. Yes, it’s getting close to time to order printer ink. Sigh. Now I have my printer asking for a Christmas present. Sorry bubba, you’ll have to wait till after the new year. I’ve got “real” people to give to first!

I have been honored by being mentioned on someone else’s blog. Please check out Four Days a Week and today’s Monday Musings.

It’s a delight when you make connections with other bloggers online and you link each other. It’s a great way to share new things with others and it’s wonderful making online connections and friends. It’s also a great way to grow your online network and help someone else grow theirs.

My desk is a disaster area today. I’ve been cutting and trimming and pasting and varnishing! It’s now time to go and clean the mess up so I have a clean area to destroy again! Stop by again tomorrow for Tuesday’s Toys and maybe a doodle or two. I have a few paintings sitting hear waiting for attention but I think they are at the bottom of Mess Mountain! Time to pull on my hiking boots and hit the pile!

Neck Art!

Monkeying Around

These are the pendants I mentioned earlier this week. I think they are scrumptious. They will be going up on Etsy tomorrow. I put my key chains up today. I can make ANY of my 4×4 mini paintings into a necklace now. I’m building my gallery by scanning my paintings and fiddling with them in Photoshop. It’s going to take a while to get them all scanned however as I made a ton of minis this year. I’m pretty pleased to have gotten as much done this week as I have since this cold has really put me in a mind fog. The best thing for me to do was try to forget how sick I was feeling and play, play, play.
The Gorilla Glue worked out well for these pendants. It takes very, very, very little to make them stick. It turns white when it’s done so you need to be very careful about overflow… what little overflow I had got painted black so it was super easy clean up and guaranteed to hold tight!
Another week has come and gone and time is flying by faster than a tornado! No stress, it’s only the most important season of the year! I’m still toying with ideas in my head about what I’m going to be doing for my nieces. I “think” I settled on something today. I’ll sleep on this idea and if something else doesn’t come to mind I’ll start execution next week! I can’t share as I know at least ONE of my nieces drops by here occasionally and when would a better time to drop in to see whats going on? Yeah! Right around Christmas. Nice try!

Have a fantastic weekend…enjoy the calm before the storm as Christmas is approaching rapidly! Over and out till later. =) And… Thank God for Nyquil!