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One down,  six more to go. I had a blast with this idea. I used all sorts of this and that on this painting/collage. From confetti and buttons to denim and vintage bingo tiles. Lots of red, white, and blue and lots of stars. Now I’m working on ….

This gorgeous background in progress…

For these adorables. This is my garden theme art doll. I’m really excited about this one. I have ideas brewing in my mind’s eye. Come back soon to see what I’ve come up with.

I’ve also had time to work in my journal in the evenings… and finally finished this doodle.

And… what’s the madness behind these tidbits?

I spent two hours last night rolling up jute circles … I managed 50 in that time… I’ll make some more tonight for a mad scientist art idea I’ve had in the back of my creative cranium! No spoilers though, you’ll have to wait and see.

Moonshine… and more!

As part of a challenge I did a whimsical art journal entry of the sun and moon… and named it Moonshine. Just another way to have fun and practice doodles and relax. I used a collage paper and drew over the top, painting a few coats with yellow paint and then topped it with pastels in oranges and reds. I outlined the sun and moon with black pastel pencil and using a Q-tip, shaded it in. There is more I could do and likely will over time… but I have about 6 journal pages going at the moment plus the goodies on my desk… looky!

Art doll collage… one of a series I’m working on now that incorporate the bamboo beaded dolls I made before visiting my parents a few weeks back. Now I’m digging around for USA memorabilia to add to this patriotic piece. I know this series is going to be great fun for me and teach me more about composition along the way. Check back often to see how I’m coming along. =)

I picked these wooden critters up at Walmart in the craft department when I went to buy canvases and decided they would look cute and colorful painted up whimsically for the backyard fence. Once I get these fence friends painted and hung I’ll share the picks with you.

It’s time to get my hands dirty again… I’m off to paint again! YAY!

Oodles of Doodles

It’s a bit since I’ve posted. Time just seems to speed by in the summer. It dawned on me that I haven’t shared from my art journal recently so I thought I’d share some doodles. This black and white flower is completed. I did this while zoning in and out of TV programs with my hubs. This kind of doodle drawing is very relaxing and therapeutic. It helps eliminate excess brain scatter that hangs out in the corners of your head after a day of chores and such.

This doodle/pen and ink/watercolor is a work in process. I’ve been drinking tea in the evenings… it’s my new dessert. I’m on a extremely stick diet as I have a milestone birthday coming this fall and I want to look better for it. =) (Wish me luck.) Anywhoo… the tea drinking inspired this little teapot with legs. added the legs at the end as I thought it would add lots of character. I’m still working on this journal entry so check back soon to see what I’ve come up with. It’s anyone’s guess where this doodle is headed!

See you tomorrow with an update on my bead dolls.

Journal Jazz

While assembling our new shelves I snagged the stickers off the pieces we put together and slapped them in my art journal. It’s a little reminder of our time spent together and of how good God has been to us. I doodled little circles to fill the page, added punched leaves and retro words of thanks and blessings.

Rather a therapeutic process. And a great way to fill a journal page with a fun memory.

I’m almost done with the painting I started earlier this week I just did some gluing on it so I can’t move it to photograph it just yet. I’ll share it tomorrow instead.

Yard work is on our agenda for this weekend and we are rather excited about it. I weeded the entire perimeter of the yard/flowerbed last spring/summer and planted lots of flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds… after a very harsh winter and having our fence fall onto the flowerbed during a windstorm I lost a lot of my progress. Not to mention that weeds decided to take over in abandon! I was barking mad… literally! We are barking the beds and replanting the lost flowers. It’s going to be a gorgeous summer outback. Photos to come.

Have an awesome TGIF and a great weekend. And be sure and share your creations with me. I love to see what everyones making!

Made to Order

I got an order for some up-cycled Spam cans like I had made for myself… matching. They will have hangers on the back to hang on the bathroom wall for toothpaste, Q-tips, hairbrush, and what-nots. I reused everything from nail polish to romance novels on these… along with bling from the the scrap-booking isle of Walmart.  Save your garbage! I’ve been saving my used up food packaging for several other projects I have in mind that I’ll share when I have enough “junk” to complete them.

This was fun. I used leftover scraps from making my Occupy college and layered white paper napkins over the top. Then I used lids and corks to “stamp” circles. I then took a black chalk pencil and lightly outlined the stamped circles and smudged them up good with my fingers. I added the “watch me Grow” rub on and called it good. Easy peasy and pretty too!  Art journal entries don’t have to be complicated… they just have too look like they are! Hee.

Drop by tomorrow… My house painting is almost done… I think it might be ready for show and tell tomorrow!

Color Blocking

I saw some Valentines done just like this with reds in Create With Me magazine and thought I’d give it a whirl in my journal. Very fun. I think if I did this with texture on a canvas it would make a great painting to hang for a burst of color.  As always I get tons of ideas and not enough time to bring them to fruition. I am however making a bit of progress on my “house” painting. Here’s what it looks like right now.

I think the background it getting much closer to being done. I’ll work on it more again tomorrow. It’s almost time for me to head downstairs and tackle the kitchen… and dinner. Think sausage and chicken… prolly pasta!

I’ve been devouring lots of books on my Kindle. I just finished one called Invisible and I’m starting a new one called My Boyfriends Back. I’m loving the free books and short stories. I have an endless supply of reading material at my fingertips! If you don’t have a Kindle… I highly recommend one.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some completed upcycled Spam cans to share along with my journal junk. Drop by and have some coffee with me. Till later!

Patchwork Flower

I’m back to art journaling again. Christmas prep was super hectic this year and I used my journal as a relaxation tool. I randomly pasted down scraps of decorative napkins and papers and then doodled and painted what I saw. This was a fun flower in the depths of winter that brightened both my day and my mood. It was soothing to just doodle and glob paint where I saw fit.

Today I’m working on a composition for a painting I got the idea for yesterday.

Super fun. I can’t wait to pick papers and colors and scraps and goodies and bling and… and… and… This promises to be a joyful experience for me. I’ll share it with you as I journey down this villages path. Come back tomorrow to see if anyone home in there.

Dare to be Different

I dare to be different… just ask those who know me!

I dug out my journal for some playtime and had a great time with some brand new collage papers my mom bought me along with pastel pencils. Oooo-la-la! What fun. It’s going to be fun to fill this journal. I think my next entry is going to be bursting with fall colors….. and here’s why…

This is the view from my studio window. The Oak tree across the street is the first to turn this fall… it’s framed by green so it really stands out and says… “Look at me!” It really is quite vibrant, especially in the sun.  I’m playing in Photoshop today trying to convert some of my scanned paintings into ACEOs for selling. The program is giving me a rough time so I thought I’d break and drop in here to chat it up a bit.

Halloween was a huge success. We had 48 trick-or-treaters. That’s a record high for me. I didn’t get any before moving here and I was very well prepared. I bought four bags of candy… there are a few fun sized bags of M & Ms left for household tricksters. There were some really cute customs and kiddos. One that sticks out was a tiny little boy dressed as a fireman. He was no bigger than a minute and uber shy! We had a baby in a stroller who slept through the whole thing while his proud parents took him around on his first Hallows Eve. The funniest was a group of three boys around the age of 12 they were dressed identically as Urkel and they acted the part. Super funny.

It’s Tuesday again and time for my show and tell. Here’s this weeks toy.

The bears name is Bartholomew he was given to me by my mom after I destroyed the bear given to me by icky bad evil ex-boyfriend. I needed a fresh start and Barty here smells like potpourri so he’s far from icky. I decked him out in some rain gear for the fall season. If you know Washington state – you know how much rain we get here… Barty will be safe from the weather this winter…and he’s looking very stylish while doing so!

Until tomorrow. Stay high and dry!

Whispering Wednesday and Doodles Galore

I’ve been mad about flowers lately. I can’t seem to control the urge to draw and paint flowers this summer. So I’m embracing the desire and going as over the top as I can with my new passion. This little doodle is one of my new entries in my art journal. I’ve only made pencil sketches in the journal so far which is really odd for me… but it’s been a relaxing way to wind down after dinner in the evenings.

This is a photo of a sketch book entry that I hope to turn into a painting soon…(once I get the canvas for it.) I Photo-Shopped the color into this and thought it looked fun enough to share with you.

I love the long narrowness of this piece and can’t wait to pick up the canvas for it at Walmart next week. I was inspired by the blank canvases they had that were this shape and I just HAD to doodle up something that would fit into the space! I keep thinking up ideas and can’t keep up with myself.

I sold one of my crosses a while back and was asked if I’d make some earrings to match it… and here’s that finished commission that I’ll be posting on Etsy for my the client. Mixed media will go ANYWHERE!

And I’m working on the “nom nom” painting beneath the earrings. I’m using some pearly paints and I’m going to add some funky edging on the painting and some pearls in the center of the flowers… at least that’s the plan at them moment.

My Whispering Wednesday entry this week is done via photo-journalistic style. I’m giving you a glimpse into my messy desk to day along with a few fun facts about me.

*Especially Lime Sorbet tinted paint water. 😉

From the Studio

Journal Jazz

I did this last night when tending to dinner… and on into after eating. I got the idea from an entry on Grid Journaling I read. I’m extremely intrigued with the tiny houses I was reading about earlier this week and found this one Here’s a blog that you can read that shows some of the amazing way people some people are living. It’s amazing how they are living like sardines and loving it. If I were single it might be something I’d consider. It would essentially be me living in my studio however… I do that already… hee! But I don’t sleep with my paints.

This entry is the first in my new journal and it was FUN! I didn’t realize how much I missed my “sitting on the couch” relaxation and letting my pens and pencils play. I bet you’re wondering what that burst of color is in the upper right hand corner of the photo is… it really pops out from the graphite and white paper… so here a spoiler on my newest painting.

YUM! Lots of texture and color and bursts of energy! This is incredibly liberating to just not really plan what I’m doing next. I have a vague idea and a color scheme and that’s it… plus I get to use my new easel. I’ve added a bit more since this photo but I’m also playing with up-cycling some restaurant coasters that I’ve been saving between coats of drying paint! I’ll share those when there’s more to see.. right now I only have paint on one. But they also have a garden theme.

Today’s grocery day… so I’ll be getting ready to head out soon but I had to stop for Cup of Soup so I don’t have an empty tummy when I shop… When I do… EVERYTHING looks far too good. Nom Nom!

Well, that’s it for now, come back tomorrow to see what miracles God is working on my canvases. See you then!