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Toys, Toys, and more Toys!

This Just In!

YAY! Just in time for a play date! I’m very excited about all of these goodies. I’ve been eying these art journals for about a year now and found them on sale at Jerry’s so I plucked two from the heap and tossed them in my online cart! What a joy. I’ve not been journaling at all since finished my last journal. I tried a Moleskin journal but I really was unimpressed. I favor the spiral journals for their versatility and ease of use, and now I have two to keep me busy for a good long while.

I’m in the middle of packaging and varnishing some orders that I got over night so I’m rather rushed. I do have a toy to share today other than the ones I just got via UPS. I bought this to varnish for my hubs boss… He makes large scale model airplanes… this is a thank you as he gave us a beautiful antique desk that will be used by our college boarder come autumn. I’ll take a picture of the gorgeous desk tomorrow. =)

Until then…. Come fly with me! Come fly, come fly away!  See you tomorrow with more chatter.  =)

For He is our God

For He is our God

Here’s the first entry in my 2011 art journal. As I mentioned yesterday I don’t like the way colored pencils blend on this paper so I’ll be using chalks for faces I guess. It was good to work in a journal again since I hadn’t opened on since last year… oh so long ago. Hee! This girl was just a doodle I made a few evenings ago while unwinding in front of the TV. I knew I was going to use this color scheme as it’s one I don’t use often and I wanted to break through some of my color barriers. I think it turned out fairly wel

I might try some zentangle in this journal or some zetti which are both things I haven’t done before. It would be a good exercise in developing my creativity. It would give me a chance to go through some of my “junk paper” drawers too! I still need to organize my cabinet that sits to the side of my desk… That’s on my list of things to get done for next week. Time is flying by far to quickly and before we know it it will be February and Valentines Day so plan ahead for your sweetie. OY!

I have cheese to grate for tonights baked spaghetti so I’ll say “happy TGIF.” I’m off to get ready for a relaxing evening of Merlin and then Fringe.  Then possibly more than few rounds of Angry Birds.

Journal Jazz!

Journal Jazz

While mastering the art of print making with my Epson Artisan 810 I had some hit and misses and since I didn’t want to “totally” waste the ink I used I decided to do a messy page of some of my printing attempts. I’ve since found all the proper settings and all little things I’ve overlooked during this learning process… The most important thing is that I taught myself so I won’t forget! The best news is… This is the second to the last page in the journal that has been challenging me all year. SO…. tomorrow I get to share the last page of my 2010 journal and I get to open up a new journal with blank pages and let my creative juices get it all dirty! I’m not one of those people who let a sheet of white paper scare me. I embrace it, transform it, and make it mine!

I’ll also share a few of my funniest and funkiest Christmas presents over the course of the next few weeks. Along with the creations I started to day even though I’m nodding off at my desk. I could very easily take a long winters nap!
I’ll be playing with new toys and supplies this week and sharing creations as they come along. I’ll also be planning what to serve on New Years Eve… I’m thinking of doing a appetizer style dinner… any suggestions on nibbles? I can feel my eyes growing heavy so I’m going to head to the couch and see if I can get a nap before one of my favorite Sunday shows comes on. G’night my sweet blog readers!

Owl Always Have a Smile for You!

Owl Always Have a Smile for You

She’s a little horned owl with a sweet smile to share with you always. And I now have only two pages left to complete in my art journal! I had to play with my new toy I got this past week. I bought the Martha Stewart Chrysanthemum punch. It’s rather a bulky tool but has great potential! The little left over pieces from the flower can be saved and used for a dozen different things…including leaves for smaller flowers. (I use Altoids tins that I’ve emptied out for storing small things like this.) There are WAY to many art, crafts, and scrapper supplies out there. They are ALL so tempting.. especially now that Fred Meyer is adding some of Martha’s line to the branch I shop at. I guess it’s a blessing in disguise thought. I only buy one or two items a week so I don’t over spend.

Here’s a photo of the punch I took to share…

And yes… it is larger than an 8 ounce jar of Mod Podge. I’m looking forward to reorganizing my art supplies this coming new year. I’m more than ready to “neaten” up my studio area. It’s amazing how much I have accomplished in such a tiny creative space. I’ll take before and after pictures to share with you so you can rate my accomplishments. Sounds like a plan. Now I HAVE to commit to cleaning up the clutter. OY! What have I gotten myself into.

Two Flappers Flapping

  Two Flappers Flapping!

You might recognize this from an earlier post of some journal jazz I was playing with. This morning I decided to add some color to it. I didn’t get done what I wanted to do on this because the rubber stamp I wanted for part of the background came unglued… likely from spending too much time with me! I’ve seen this happen before. /grin.

I decided to make this just a quickie background as I have other things I ‘need’ to get done today but I had been procrastinating in my efforts to finish this journal before years end. I now have only THREE pages left to complete! YAY. I hope I don’t come unglued completing them. Or maybe it’s already to late for that. =)

I used pages from an old novel for her hair and for her headband, dress, and flowers I used a page from a mail order catalog. I simply sponged the background with a wet paper towel and some watered down acrylic paint. Easy Peasy and done!

Today is grocery day so I have my list next to me while I journal and put finishing touches on certain creations for Christmas. I’m not done. I have a few people who have me completely perplexed! As I was typing that I got a great idea! I’ll start working on it tomorrow… I can’t share it until after Christmas though. So you’ll have to come back later and see the idea that God just gave me.

Happy Thursday and I hope all your creative juices flow freely and without the pulp!

Journal Junk

Play Time

I took some time to sketch out two of the remaining four pages in my 2010 art journal. Now I need to take the “relaxation” time to play/work on them. The left one is a 1920s Flapper and the right one is an Owl gal! What fun topics I have created for myself. And with only two pages left after these are completed I feel like I’m about to reach a milestone. This particular art journal was started to help me heal and forget the issues created by my broken ankle from last Christmas. My surgery was on January 2nd… and the healing process has taken nearly all year. There was much misery during this past year due to the effects from the break and the surgery so I’m very happy to be on the cusp of entering into a new year and a new journal. I’ve had great fun and created some of my favorite images in this journal but I know that with time everything changes and improves. It’s all a matter of attitude!

This new year will be filled with positivity and wonderment… along with a new journal! I’m looking forward to sharing the creations that come from the end of my pencils in 2011 and I hope to see your creations too! Art truly does HEAL!

Have an awesome Friday and a glorious weekend and come back soon … if you haven’t looked yet… scroll down to see the giveaway I’m doing. And… ENTER! =)

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden

This is just a little something I doodled with yesterday in my art journal and finished this morning. I now have only four pages left in the journal. At the pace I’m going I won’t get to my new journal until January of 11′ ~ Wow how time flies! Can you believe it’s almost 2011?

I don’t have any projects in the works on my desk so I feel rather naked! I need to start some paintings. I have a few ideas I’ve been mulling over but haven’t even done any concept sketches. I get some couch time today I guess… I’ll curl up with a blanket on my lap and some tea and draw some of my ideas out in my sketchbook. Then I’ll drag out my wood and wood burn! I LOVE wood burning for some reason I find it soothing.

Thank God it’s finally Friday again! ~ I think I’ll be making Chinese for dinner. Super fast, super easy, and super good! Have a great weekend and I’ll be back to say hey again SOON! Until later… let your creative juices flow!

And So It Grows!

“Green” Green Journal

This amazingly small journal is perfect for your pocket, purse, messenger bag, or backpack. Just imagine the fun you can have while waiting at the bus stop or even riding the bus.  This adorable creation was made with up-cycled materials. The cover is created from restaurant coasters covered in creative collage papers and stickers, while the inside is created from brown paper bags. The recycled key chain clips allow for adding and or replacing journal pages so your journal stays fresh and usable!

I’ve gone crazy today with my Etsy shop and have added a plethora of items for the Christmas season. I will keep continuing to do just that to keep all of your curiosity satisfied! I had a great time creating this fun and funky pocket journal AND if you don’t see what you’re looking for be SURE to hit me up here!

There are days I have NO idea what will be created and then their are days I have an “inkling.” It’s always fun to find out what’s going to be created! And I’m so proud to announce today that I have 95 items in my shop up for sale. All of which are affordable and lovable each in their own way! I encourage you to drop by to window shop. I don’t care if you buy, I just want to you see my entire gallery as it is at the moment!

And again! Tammy’s Toys!

I’ve had this sticker book for years! And.. most of the stickers in it for years too … but I keep adding to it and using them here and there. The stickers themselves aren’t the toy.. the BOOK is the toy! If you keep your eyes open you’ll see Stickopotomus stickers nearly everywhere you go!

You Are My Rose

You Are My Rose

This is a sweet little journal entry I did a few days ago while I was going crazy on seven projects. Boy did I pay for that marathon. I was useless yesterday. My inability to sleep got the best of me and I ended up with burnt out eyes and a head that was as foggy as London. I finally called it a bust and went and laid down for about four hours in the bedroom in the dark. It helped my eyes but I was overly tired and couldn’t sleep. I did get some much needed rest though. I was delighted to get a decent nights sleep last night and wake up without that foggy, dehydrated feeling. I’m happy to report that today I’m feeling as right as rain! (and it’s sunny outside!)

Today I’ll be doing the shopping that I put off yesterday and it’s a good thing as we are out of several much needed things. I’ll have to write out a list before I go as I have a tendency to forget something very important each week. I have a very selective memory. (my way of saying I can’t remember anything!) Hee.

I finished a commission this week and I’ll share that with you tomorrow. I still have to varnish it and add the hanger but I’ll be emailing the gal I made it for today to get her feedback. She ordered it for a gift for her sister. What a sweetheart! (Thanks Andrea!)

Okay…it’s another day off for the hubs so I need to go mix up some eggs to make a scramble for when he decides to wake up. He’s got four days in row off! OY! Hee hee.

A Rainbow of Fall Colors

A Rainbow of Fall Colors

Using a sales flyer from Trader Joe’s I couldn’t help but use this article about Fall Colors. Playing with stencils in my journal I used watercolors and colored pencils along with Stabilo fine point felt markers. The quote under the flowers I created is a bit hard to read so I’ll write it out for you  ~

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful;they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.”
~ Luther Burbank

There really is a lot of truth to that. I use A LOT of flowers in my art. I feel they make the paintings more “happy.” Speaking of happy, I’m happily working away on three projects today, two of which are nearly done…PLUS ~ I’ve planned dinner and will be making it soon. I found a recipe for herb-roasted onions by Ina Garten ~ AKA ~ The Barefoot Contessa, the only thing I’ll be doing different is adding chicken tenderloins to it. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it! It’s a new -to-me recipe so I’m happy to feed my family some variety!

It’s Whispering Wednesday so I have some super secrets for you… okay maybe not that super or secret but fun tidbits about me regardless.

  • I get carsick in low-riding cars
  • I actually enjoy grocery shopping
  • I’m not half bad at “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire” at least from the comfort of my own couch
  • I was room mom at my son’s school for 5 years in a row
  • I taught art class to fifth graders one year as a volunteer
More secrets next week ~ Until tomorrow, You’re not going to believe what I’ve got to share!