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Art I’ve done based on Les Petite Dolls class.

Glam and Chic


Repurposed ceramic tile trivets from the dollar store.


Wires, ribbons, and rhinestones are just the tip of the iceberg on these tiles. I used one of my craft mirrors and some string pearls to create this standing mirror. I added to the mirror by using a white rub on and this totally reminds me of a vanity table mirror I had as a little girl.

Today I’m starting a new painting with a bird as the subject. I’m going to be bees-waxing this one and I’m really looking forward to firing up my melting pot and relaxing to the aroma therapy of melted beeswax as I paint.

Happy June to you all.. I hope your summer is inspired!

All Dolled Up


Some of the cheapest surfaces to paint on that aren’t free are found at the dollar stores. They most always have 6×6” ceramic tile trivets.  Simple paint over them with gesso or collage your own backgrounds on. I opted for black napkins crumpled and adhered over the tiles after painting them black. I did a wash of Metallic pearl white and a smearing of gold glaze before starting anything. As I’m currently working on art for my bedroom gallery wall I thought dress up would be fun.

I found some templates online and …


Started creating… I’ve a ways to go with this one yet.. but I’ve at least chosen my dress for the ball.


And my bustier’ for the bedroom.  I’m working on giving this mirror more bling and adding more interest to the background.. along with adding yumminess to the wearable’s.

Check back soon to see the progress.

What are you wearing to the ball?

Pastel Paris

I have a bit of a fascination with the Eiffel Tower… I don’t know why I just like it. Probably because it screams…”I’m artistic!” A while back I bought some chipboard Eiffel Towers from Etsy and while playing with a 5″x7″ canvas I came up with this collage. Again I used decorative napkins to layer color and texture. I used pink paint on the first one, let it dry, then added a second layer with blue paint. I did the separate layer to avoid getting purple. There’s nothing wrong with purple mind you… I was just focusing on blues and pinks here.  I used a text page on top of the chipboard and then sponged on some watered down blue paint. I used a small sponge to edge the chipboard with black rubber stamp ink.

I layered a pink and blue feather behind the tower and secured them with hot glue. I topped the Tower off with some fringe bling and a rhinestone on top.

Adding vintage looking letters to spell out Paris I finished off this shabby chic canvas. Easy peasy and fun. I especially loved using up the extra fringe I had from making the wooden T-shirt below. Waste not, want not!
Have an awesome Monday… I’m playing again in my studio and I’ll share when my canvas actually looks like something!


I’m finally at peace with my blogging tool. I’ve been emailing the help desk off and on over the past few days and this morning I got my solution. And I got my old version of ScribeFire back! I’m a happy blogger now. I could not make heads or tails out of the new …simplified… version. As they say, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!” Word!

I’ve been working on this peace banner over the past week and it’s finally ready to share. I still have to put eye hooks in the sides for stringing it but for the most part it’s… Internet ready.

Next I’m working on price tags for my auntie. She wants around 200 of them so I’ll be very busy with Photoshop and scissors making tags with a statement. Wish me luck. As for now it’s time for me to Occupy my Studio! See you tomorrow with something or another.

God Bless!

Dare to be Different

I dare to be different… just ask those who know me!

I dug out my journal for some playtime and had a great time with some brand new collage papers my mom bought me along with pastel pencils. Oooo-la-la! What fun. It’s going to be fun to fill this journal. I think my next entry is going to be bursting with fall colors….. and here’s why…

This is the view from my studio window. The Oak tree across the street is the first to turn this fall… it’s framed by green so it really stands out and says… “Look at me!” It really is quite vibrant, especially in the sun.  I’m playing in Photoshop today trying to convert some of my scanned paintings into ACEOs for selling. The program is giving me a rough time so I thought I’d break and drop in here to chat it up a bit.

Halloween was a huge success. We had 48 trick-or-treaters. That’s a record high for me. I didn’t get any before moving here and I was very well prepared. I bought four bags of candy… there are a few fun sized bags of M & Ms left for household tricksters. There were some really cute customs and kiddos. One that sticks out was a tiny little boy dressed as a fireman. He was no bigger than a minute and uber shy! We had a baby in a stroller who slept through the whole thing while his proud parents took him around on his first Hallows Eve. The funniest was a group of three boys around the age of 12 they were dressed identically as Urkel and they acted the part. Super funny.

It’s Tuesday again and time for my show and tell. Here’s this weeks toy.

The bears name is Bartholomew he was given to me by my mom after I destroyed the bear given to me by icky bad evil ex-boyfriend. I needed a fresh start and Barty here smells like potpourri so he’s far from icky. I decked him out in some rain gear for the fall season. If you know Washington state – you know how much rain we get here… Barty will be safe from the weather this winter…and he’s looking very stylish while doing so!

Until tomorrow. Stay high and dry!

Happy Halloween

I did not draw this adorable picture but I did find it on a wallpaper website and thought it was super cute. I wanted to wish you a Happy Halloween with some eye candy!  I’m looking forward to tonight to see how many ghosts and goblins show up at our new home. We live in a populated neighborhood with lots of kids around so hopefully my candy investment will pay off this year. If not …it’s more Reese’s peanut butter cups for us.

I finally found time and energy to finish my mini markers I’ve been working on. They are posted on Etsy now and ready for purchase. Super affordable… great for gifts, cute for tying onto packages or tucking into cards…or Christmas stockings. Take a moment to click over to check them out.

Here’s one of the sets.. they are sold in sets of three and I’ve posted five different sets. Fun, functional, and great for your friends!

I’m also working on this…

I have five matching pieces of birch left in my wood pile and started what is going to be a banner style hanging. This is the result of day one. It will take me a few days to put this “banner” together as each tile is different… yet the same. It’s going to be fun to watch this come together. I’m going to make prints from the original on this before adding heavier dimensional items.. then I can add bling in Photoshop or glue unique items onto the prints once mounted. It’s a work that’s coming together with very little pre-planning. We’ll see how it turns out.

Now I have to plan dinner… I took sausage out of the freezer yesterday and I’m leaning toward a lasagna casserole of some sort. I’ll hit up Google to see what recipes I can find. It’s chilly today so something hot in the tummy sounds like just the ticket! Until tomorrow and Tuesday’s Toys … I’ll see you on the flip side. Enjoy all the candy you get from trick-or-treating and remember to save some for me! Nom!



I finished my series. It was so much fun! Now I need to add the hangers, vanish the paintings and post them on Etsy. Should I post them separately or as a set? What do you think?

I’m getting super low on birch wood and decided to make a mini banner hanging with the 5 smaller pieces I have left. It’s going to say PEACE… I’m in the middle of drawing it out now. And again I have to decide on colors… oy vey!  The hardest part of my creative process. Once I’ve chosen a color scheme I can create like a mad woman!

I’ll be starting Christmas gifts very soon. I have some ideas already about what I’d like to make for peeps. I can’t share them here till after the fact though as I actually have at least ONE family reader. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one reading my blog. I’m more than sure that’s true on most days. Hee!

Tonight’s supper is going to be a delicious medley of beef, rice and beans with a Mexican flare! I dug through the larder and found all the ingredients I need. I did however quit buying avocados … they are just too expensive now.

And now time for the final shoe to drop in my teeny shoe collection.  Here’s this weeks installment of Tuesdays Toys.

Next week I’ll share the weather appropriate attire of my teddy bear. Fun stuff ahead! Stay tuned.



And finally! It’s Friday. Spring is far from us but I just had to share number three in my Seasons Series. Today I’m playing a bit with Summer. Think flowers and yellow. I likely won’t have it done today but I will share it next week. Can you believe it’s almost November!? Me either.  ~ ♪ ♫♪ ♫ ♪~  Slow down we’re moving to fast!  ~ ♪ ♫ ♪~  Got to make this life time last!  ~♪ ♫ ♪ ♫♪~  So many creative ideas so little time!

I’m also working on a mixed media drawing on Stonehendge paper. I’m spiffing up a sketch I drew out the other night while kicking back in front of the TV. I’m also thinking of picking up art journaling again. But in a more messy style. Something to do for experimentation purposes… and to glue awesome scraps of pretty papers into. Of course!

To share more “pink” …here’s some of the flowers in my moms birthday bouquet she got from dad. It’s the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers I’ve ever seen. I’m sure that has nothing to do with the color though. /wink!

The photo doesn’t show but the edges of the rose are pure white. It’s truly the prettiest of roses.

Well… it’s Dr appointment day… so I’m off to dig up a clean shirt… one without paint stains on it perhaps?


Second in my Seasons Series. Simply titled… “Winter.” The cool of the blue and the dark of the black contrasting with the white pretty much encompasses the ice, snow, and loss of daylight of the season. I added stars instead of snowflakes to emphasize the dark and cold starry nights with shimmer with snow crystals on the ground. Winter is a gorgeous season in odd ways. The lack of life adds a stillness that prepares you for the new season to come. Such is life. We all go through such seasons in our lives when things change and turn and twist and finally renew. I’m in the bit of a winter right now… I’m ahead of the calender this year but I feel confident that come spring I’ll be bursting with new freshens and growth.

It’s time to download a few books I’ve really been wanting to read onto my Kindle. The first being The Christmas Sweater. The sequel to this book is coming out next week. It’s called The Christmas Angel and I’m very excited about reading them both. I need a kindle partner… so I can share books and have someone share with me. I guess I’ll hit Google to see how to find one. No one I know has a kindle that doesn’t have a partner. Twice the books… half the price. I’ve finished reading Killing Lincoln. Excellent read. Now I’m reading a free Kindle book about Lincoln… very informative and telling about that period of time in history.

In keeping with sharing my photography I indulged in at my moms last week I’m including this picture to depict winter.

The Chives are spent for the season and will be totally gone on the first frost… I found something intriguing about this capture and love the speck of life among this death. Always remember there IS hope!

See you tomorrow my friends… and God Bless You!

Tuesday’s Toys

Winter, Spring, Summer and …

Here’s the first in the series of the four seasons that I’m painting over the next couple of weeks. I finished the final touches on this one this morning and started on winter. Yep! It’s cold! Time for baked squash and roasts, not to mention hot spiced cider. Comfort food to keep your tummy warm after coming in from raking the autumn leaves. Total gorgeousness of color!

Keeping with today’s Fall theme I want so share a picture of my mom’s Sumac tree. They are absolutely a burst of color in the fall and a lust shady green in the summer. They grow like mad though and would soon consume my back yard so I have to pass sadly.

No one paints like God! And all we have to do is enjoy it.

It’s Tuesdays Toys again and instead of sharing a toy… (I won’t drop the last shoe till next week.) I’m sharing something I saw this morning that tickled my funny bone. I hope you get the same chuckle I got from it.