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On The Mend & On The Easel.

Something like this…

On something like this is what I’m working on today.  Between making phone calls to relatives about my dads progress. It’s looking like he might be able to come home from the hospital tomorrow. I pray to God he can! It’s been extremely exhausting for my mom and my sibs. God Bless em!

I’ll share more on this painting tomorrow… my hands are covered in paint and I need to wash them off before making yet another call.

Keep Creating!

The Comfort Zone


And now…

I’ve been busy as you can see. Here’s the before and after of the living room with our new sofa and the painted wall along with my finished art. We’ve living hear for about 11 months now and we are finally getting around to getting the things we want done rather than the things we need. We also hung our TV and bought a new book case…

This is taken from the kitchen. I’m going to cover the books in the bookcase with matching covers and move things around a bit until I’m satisfied. I’ll put the seashells away once I get more garden related items to replace them with… at least for now. I’ll showcase a few of the newer decorating goodies I’m using as I go. I’m also going to put some shears on the windows soon too! I’m excited about that.

Here’s a bit of a closer look at the paintings I made… I love the blues and greens together. They are cooling and healing. I’m presently working on … this …

I have several ideas for this canvas… I’ll give you another peek at my progress tomorrow.

Tata for now… Time to pull some pork for dinner.

They Will be Done

♥ By His Stripes ♥

I have a small collection of crosses on one of my nightstands that is starting to outgrow it’s display surface so I’ll be moving them to hang above my closet door soon… but I wanted to share with you what I have so far before they are up too far to photograph.  There are a few still missing that haven’t been unpacked from a few straggling boxes but this gives you an idea of what I have. There are three rosaries in the glass vase that I will find a way to creatively display either from a set of hooks or draped on the way in one way or another. The small floral cross with the dangling heart ‘was’ a key-chain but the ring broke off. (sad face!)  The cross made from railroad nails used to be on our dogs collar years ago… the other crosses were all gifts except for the cross with the black X on it… which I found at the dollar store and will likely dress up before hanging.  Some of my rosaries aren’t out either, they are still in a box and scattered about.. but these were the ones I had handy when setting up this nightstand.

I imported the photo into Photoshop and added some extra zing to it to make it more fun to look at. I think the butterflies are a good fit since they symbolize a new life. … and that is after all what Christ gave us. Thank you Jesus.

It’s hot again today so the AC is on downstairs, we made an early morning trip to the grocery and my hubs got part of the day off so he’s relaxing in the cool of his man cave room and watching some TV. Dinner tonight will be tuna sammies and potato salad to keep things cool… with lots of iced tea to wash it down. Stay cool if the sun’s blazing in your part of the world and if not… grab a Snuggie!

See you tomorrow with some ATCs. My scanners on strike today or I would have shared them. Unions! Hee. =)

How Things Come Together….

This shelf was in our last bathroom… back in the day (3 months ago) when we all shared the same bath.) I painted it with three coats of semi gloss and it looks stunning and ready for decorations. I placed a tiny candle on it that will soon be replaced with …

The tall one in the middle. I think it will make the perfect focal point for the shelf along with a few seashells and such. I’ll use the glass tiled “vase” for cut greens from the front hedges. The bathroom will have a bit of life and with the skylight the greens will fit right in and it will give it that finished look for the room. I’ll include a finished photo when I’ve completed this little project. I’m just glad I found a place to hang my first “flower” painting. I’m starting to fall in love with the green/blue swimming colors that combine so well when wet. They blend so well and look so scrumptious that it’s hard to stop working with them.

Last night after dinner I went outside to the back yard with a hoe and started in… I did the entire length of the back yard +! I only have a small section to go. I’m ready to plant! OMG… you have no idea how much work that really was… how every muscle ached and how the sweat was dripping from my brow. It was SO WORTH it! I’m very excited about getting roots in the ground from various plants. I have two that will be ready this weekend…I’m not sure I can move today. Heh!

Later today it’s a trip to Fred Meyer to spend the last of my points on curtains and then I’m done until it’s time to hang the shelf … much like the bathroom shelf I painted, but much longer… in my bedroom. Things are coming together very nicely and I’m thrilled to share the journey.

A look at my retreat

Here’s a picture of my room shortly after moving in…. and below is how it looks today…

I’m still working on it but I feel so good about getting my shadow boxes repainted and hung. My dad made them for me many moons ago for another house… they served as window treatments in a huge store-front style window. After a few coats of satin white they gleam again and look fresh as a daisy and ready for art and nik naks to display.  My nightstands are perfect for this room so I was really happy to have the added white furniture as I’m using such strong colors that anything else might overwhelm. On my night stand on the left of the picture I have a small-yet-growing collection of crosses that I plan to hang over my closet doors. I have some of my art popped on the shelves of the shadow boxes and a few reading lamps clipped to my headboard. I’ll be swapping them out when I find what I’m after… everything I’ve found so far is to bright and the bulbs for the lamps don’t come in 20w…. so my search continues. I have one of my bibles on the left with a notebook, and on the right I have my Kindle and a book that’s on my list to read. The photos are of my parents and my favorite kiddo.

I’m going to Walmart today to see if I can find some sheers for my headboard backdrop… and to find a frame for a poster of the Eiffel Tower my mom bought me… I’m also going to be looking for something to hang a very long shelf with. So I’m excited to venture out today (and sneak down the art aisle!)  I’ll share the shelf and art poster after I get that area started… right now it’s just a blank wall. Let me know what you think and if you have any creative juice ideas please share! I’m always open to suggestion!

My whisper for today is simple…

  • I’m reading my bible more and more lately. 

Until tomorrow… when I have some art to share… God Bless and take care!

A Brand New Morning…

  From the Studio Window
Here’s glimpse of the view from my studio. The trees are beginning to burst forth their summer foliage so the feather like touches of green are especially pretty right now. I had my desk all cleaned of yesterday but ended up unpacking the last two boxes and messing up what was once clean! I’m going to spend the rest of the morning finishing the desk cleaning process and then I’m going to pull out a wooden panel and start a painting for someone special I ran across online. I’ll share more of that as I get deeper into it but it feels good to have an artist goal set to my my creative mojo back on!

While unpacking some of my art drawers I found one of my favorite little “toys” to share with you today for 2sdays Toys. I was a huge Brady Bunch fan growing up, I wanted to be Marsha and I was in love with Peter. This little book I received from one of the people who know me the best knew I was get a kick out of it. So without further ado, here’s another tiny book from my mini library.

2sdays Toys

Come back tomorrow for some Whispering Wednesday secrets and to check on my unpacking process. And for those of you tuned in yesterday, the Dr. fixed me up with some Diclofenac for my knees and said I should be feeling much better tomorrow, until then I’m taking it slow and as for my hands… heat has done wonders for them so I’m going to “nuke” some fingerless gloves and wear them around while I do my housework.

Until tomorrow!

Home is Where the Heart is

  A Whole New World

Things are coming along wonderfully. Here’s a quick view from the kitchen sink area of the living room. The TV will eventually be hanging over the hole in the wall and I’ll move the shells to some shelves we hope to buy in the future. The coffee table is going to be history. I’ve very large, hard to clean and we have grown tired of it. We’ll either sell it or us it as an outdoor table as it is glass and metal.

Saturday I vacuumed the hole house and the carpet cleans up very nicely. I had my hubs drag the massively heavy Kirby up the stairs for me and got the whole job done in about 35 minutes. I went over it very throughly as it was the first time we’ve vacuumed since moving in. It’ll probably be a once a week job. Thankfully we have tiles in the entry and down the short hall so the dirt doesn’t hit the living room… and we don’t have the HUGE PINE tree shedding needles all over Timbuktu in this driveway as we did in the last place. Thank you God!

We made several trips out a mile down the road to Home Depot and Walmart and got some of the things we needed. I grabbed a bird feeder and a shepherds hook for the back yard but so far the birds haven’t found it. We spent all of the housewarming money that my parents gifted us and had a blast doing it. I wanted a curved shower curtain in the bathroom but after getting it home and attempting to put it up…it consumes to much of the small room so it’s going back and something else will get crossed off our “needs” list instead.

I unpacked what I think is the last box for my art studio. I still have a bookcase in the garage that will need to come up the stairs and be put into place but my knees have swollen to twice their size so I’m taking things very slow and seeing my doctor this afternoon. I’m in quite a bit of pain so I’m hoping he has a fast fix for me. I’m hoping like crazy this isn’t early onset arthritis. Not in my knees!!! My hands hurt like mad too but I think that might be carpel tunnel and I can do exercises for that. Oh well… enough complaining for now. Hopefully the Dr will tell me to stay off my feet for a few days and I can take a break from unpacking and do a much needed bit of creating. =) I’ll letcha know!

One Wall Closer!

Although the art is not yet hung on the wall I do have a bit more accomplished. Some of these books will be moved when we get some living room bookshelves. For now they will reside with me in the art studio. I’m so happy to report that ALL but one of the boxes for my studio are unpacked! There’s still a bit of disarray but considering our first boxed came through the door a week ago today I think I’ve done VERY well. I’ve recharged my camera’s battery and attempted to recharge mine… I’ll be taking snapshots for you over the weekend to show you the progress that we’ve made. It’s quite remarkable really how much we’ve gotten done. But after all the waiting we had to endure you know how over-the-moon we were to get in and get started on living in a home and not a “unit.”
We will be doing a lot of shopping this weekend on needs. From blinds and sheers to doormats and light bulbs. I’ve been making extensive lists and am going to say ado for today and get back to adding to those lists before I forget what I’ve been thinking about all day!
I promise more tomorrow and within a week or so I’ll have all my paints in hand and will be working on a new creation! Happy TGIF!

Happy Housewarming!

Cutest Bike Ever!

Thanks to Michael for this awesome and inspiring garden bike! I couldn’t believe my eyes when he and Ben took it from the back of the truck on Sunday. I filled it the very next day with loads of flowers! It’s earned a prestigeous place of sitting under the round window in our entry way and warms me with smiles each time I look at it. It’s truly “me.” He really nailed it with this “planter.”

The house is coming together nicely and things are slowly finding their permanent home. My goal is to empty the boxes to the best of my ability and find the best homes for each item and move what doesn’t work. The garage is a disaster area filled with leftover things I haven’t found a home for yet… and am considering donating. There is also a plethora of crumpled up newspaper and bails of boxes! There will plenty of cleaning to be done once this process begins to wind down. I figure by the end of May I’ll be able to break down as many boxes as possible and have about half a dozen filled with items to donate! It’s amazing how much “stuff” one can accumulate!

My studio is coming along awesomely and I’ll be able to hang some art on the walls fairly soon. I’ll take some snapshots today after my camera battery has recharge…(along with my energy level!)

We will be heading out to a new grocery store today so our first neighborhood shopping trip with be the adventure of the day! I’ll have LOTS more to share with you tomorrow… Tomorrow we also get our washer/dryer set delivered. (USED!) Since they are behind closed doors they don’t have too look as pretty as our new fridge!

More to come soon…I promise… and I framed out an illustration I made last year in a frame that was gifted to me last year and I’m eager to share that with you all as well!

The Evolutions of an Art Studio

A bit of progress underway. I’m not happy with the black drawers on the desk but I use them often so I’ll have to find a place close by that is handy and attractive. You can sure see the mess that I’m unpacking and making in the process. I’m getting excited about hanging things on the walls and need to remember the name of an adhesive I’ve seen advertised on TV. It’s supposed to stick to everything and be easily removable at the same time! If anyone knows what this stuff is called please leave a comment.

The blinds WILL go and be replaced by white sheers that will remain open 95% of the time!

I’ve discovered during the packing and moving process that I have lots of things I don’t need and truly don’t use. I “thought” I needed them or would use them but as I begin to unpack I’m realizing that there are things in boxes that can stay there and I won’t miss them at all. Thankfully I can donate them and I have the extra boxes to do just that! I’ll be able to downsize and streamline our life and give to others who need it. It will give us more space for things we would like to have and help us purge some of the not so welcome memories from the past.

Unpacking is like taking a trip down memory lane. Some of the things I find are true treasures that mean the world to me. A gift from the past, maybe my birthday, maybe Christmas. A card, letter, or photo that touched me so much that I tucked it in my journal. A piece of art I won in a drawing… which by the way I’ll blog with photos later… I have two I wish to share with you. =) I had a frame that fit one perfectly, the next will be framed as soon as I find a frame that fits it and it will go in the living room as the colors are perfect!  Some of my new glassware I bought for the living room got broken. But I’m letting that go and moving on… I still have more pieces than I’ll need… and plan to use them on the dining room table as soon as we can buy one! =) Craiglist? Maybe!

Soon I’ll have this room looking like the creative paradise I have pictured in my head and I can move on to the bedroom of paisley and pink that I have envisioned. I bought myself an Enzo mattress but I notice it sleeps HOT… it was the top of the line for a double sized bed and I purposely placed the bed under the window so I could get the cool air at night coming in… but the heat still wakes me up. If anyone has any solutions for this please let me know… I’m using Egyptian Cotton Sheets (400 ct) so the sheets do help keep me a bit more cool… but the Enzo mattress is pretty warm.  Suggestions extremely welcome!