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Key Day!


Although the new house key isn’t on my key ring yet… it will be late this afternoon! How awesome is that. We’ve all been waiting for this day for  months! Finally, at last! How exciting is this? I had to share this with you as promised! Now, I’m back to packing and cleaning. I’ll keep you posted on my adventure! P.S. If you adore this key ring you can get one here! Hee… I couldn’t resist!

My whisper for this Wednesday is a very loud “YIPEE!”

Feeling Boxed In Yet?

Yes! I am indeed feeling more than a little boxed in at this point. BUT I got good news this morning, it’s possible we might get the keys today. If not today it will be tomorrow. We can start moving over some of the stuff that’s easy to pack into a car. Our truck rental is for Friday and Saturday of this week so we are really looking forward to not having to climb over boxes and bags and what-nots to get from one side of the room to the other. Here’s a few more pics of the inside of the house, one is of the kitchen from the living room, and the other is from the dining room facing the entry.

All of my 2sdays Toys are packed… but… I did take a photo last week of something to share for show and tell today.

This silly little lunch box is packed with goodies like bookmarks, favorite trinkets, silly pens and other crazy items that I find entertaining and too fun to part with. I’ll share it’s contents with you as I unpack. Things are pretty crazy here right now. If you use a dish you have to wash it after as I’ve left only enough to keep us going for the week unpacked. I’ve yet to pack all the food but It won’t take me long to bag that up in leftover paper bags I’ve been saving. It’s getting VERY close now! I’ll let you know more tomorrow whether we’ve gotten the keys or not. Then I’ll by MIA for the weekend, but I’ll have SO much to share when I get Internet back! I’m leaving all the electronics to the hubs and putting my focus on everything else light enough to lift!

And just wait till you see the bedroom when I’m done!

More Rooms to Fill…

Entry Way

Here’s a quick look at the front entry. You can see a bit of the kitchen window to the right of the photo… and in the screen door you can see the silhouette of our Realtor. I love that the entry way has so much light and a window that I can add a sheer panel too and pull this blind up to let extra light in. The entry is tile, as is the 1/2 bath and the kitchen. They couldn’t match the tiles so they did a bit of a “border” effect which is fine as I’ll also have an accent rug to keep the floor cleaner. I love the newness of the entry and you’ll see why when I post a picture of our current front door tomorrow. =)
Here’s the back side of the kitchen island looking out toward the stairs. The big “hole” on the other side of the island is the home to our new fridge! Yes… We are growing more and more giddy each day! As you can see t here is a much dust on the counters but I’ll be going over early on Friday to start cleaning while we wait for the delivery of the fridge and my new bed… which I’ll share tomorrow! I can’t give a way too much at once! What fun would that be!?
This is the back side of the house with the sliding door in the far back left of the photo. As you can see there is a WORKING fireplace and lots of light coming in from the windows. I’m not a fan of the dining area lighting but that can be replace soon enough. I feel like dancing! I’m so, so, happy! I can’t wait to get some color up and the window treatments on and to bring in some gorgeousness to this perfect blank slate!
The title company is going to be calling me today as they forgot some of our documents so they are going to come over and I’ll be doing some signing here. (I don’t have a car and since they are the ones that did the overlooking they are popping for the gas!) For that I’m happy, so I can stay home and continue to pack… and organize and drink way too much coffee!
Come back again tomorrow to see some of the other photos I took to share with you… .and enjoy the cleanliness of it all… as soon it will be piled with boxes that promise to keep me very busy! God Bless YOU and God Bless America.

More Sneak Peeks!

SOLD American!

At long last! Finally a sold sign was slapped on the house. We did our final walkthrough to day and I took a massive amount of pictures that I’ll be sharing with you over the course of this coming week. Today I’m featuring four pictures including this SOLD sign! It was great to be able to get back into the house and really study the space. I have so many plans! I’m very excited about the moving process and getting settled in. Our back yard is very small but that’s perfect for us as it will be easy to maintain and landscape. Here’s a photo of the side gate to the back yard. You can’t enter from the front as the gate locks from the backside which is fenced in so we’ll always be secure!

A few pots of flowers will really brighten up the area along with some hanging plants and or some outdoor art on the fencing, not to mention a good scrubbing with some water to help get rid of the “green” that’s taken hold since the home has been vacant. It’s a simple fix that a bucket of water and hefty scrub brush will solve inside of half an hour! I love the privacy factor that each home has a fenced in backyard that’s completely private for each homeowner. I’m looking forward to dreaming up some sort of oasis for the future.

No man is an island but many kitchens have them! This is mine! The back side of the island has counter top that overhangs to create a “bar” to sit at. I just happen to have 2 barstools in storage so we’re good to go with that! Eventually we’ll also get a small bistro style table for near the window and it will be come a bit more cozy and welcoming. The kitchen has a lot of counter space and is promises to be fun and functional for working in… there’s room for more than one person and plenty of elbow room which beats what we have now which is a one person workspace.

Thank God to who ever it was that decided to finally build in microwaves above the stove! They allow for FAR more counter space to work with and that is always a huge plus! Now I can put some of my pretty cobalt blue glassware out on the counter and enjoy more of my treasured items without feeling like I’m compromising my work space.

I’ll have more pictures up tomorrow from more of the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and the entrance way. I also bought a bed today that I’ll share this coming week. I’m SUPER excited about delivery/moving day! We have one of the busiest weeks of our life ahead of us. Keep us in your prayers and keep coming back to see all the “before” pictures… as I’m going to share my artistic decorative ideas with you as they come to fruition!

Signing Papers!

Carpel Tunnel Incoming!

Today’s the day of the paper signing on the house. We won’t get the keys till next week as it’s a short sale and the paperwork is going back and forth between here and Timbuktu. We’re on schedule for the big portion of the move for next weekend. I’ve purchased a new refrigerator that will be delivered on next Friday and and our TV/Internet will be hooked up on next Saturday. I’m very excited and very nervous, but it’s a good nervous. We’ve lived in our current “home” for the past six years and I’ve lived in the neighborhood for ten years so moving across town to things unknown is going to be interesting.  I can’t wait to get started unpacking and setting up a new home to grow in. I’m also very excited and anxious to get back to my art. I truly miss creating and getting my hands covered in something rather than newspaper print from wrapping glassware.

I’ll keep you up-to-date as the new chapters of adventure occur! I’ll be back tomorrow to give you more juicy details!

Tuesdays Toys and Happy Noise!

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe

This cute little “condo” is from a key chain that I removed the ring from a while back, I can’t remember why now … but… It’s a good thing because we’ll be moving out of the shoe soon into a much larger home. We got word this morning via email from our loan officer that our loan has been approved and we have documents to sign either today or tomorrow! You can imagine how happy we are and how much work is in store over the course of the few weeks. I knew something great was in store for us this week when I looked out our back window yesterday evening and saw this…

What a glorious promise from God! I’ll keep you posted… I have to run now as I have a very, very, long list of “To Do’s” to conquer! I promise to  keep you posted!

My Art Supplies are Packed…

New Glassware

My art supplies may be packed but that doesn’t mean that my created side is in hiding. I’m planning all sorts of artistic mischief in my head. Yesterday I bought these three gloriously colorful pieces from Fred Meyer (on sale I might add!) I’m hoping that next week they have a few left as I have a few ideas on how I want to round out our new living room with them. I’ve decided after years of earth-tones to add a punch of color to our new home and the blue/green palette seems perfect. Blue is the color that brings your mood “up” and green is the color that “heals” so what better combination for a living area? I’m going to add some things from nature such as sea shells and polished rocks but the heart of the room will be eye and soul pleasing color! … And I’m very excited about that. These containers will be perfect for candles, cut greens and flowers and rolled up napkins, PLEASE add any other ideas in the comments section as I can ALWAYS use your help with creative decorating ideas as I’m VERY out of practice!

I’ve so many ideas swimming in my head for some of the things I have lying about that I should really be making a written list of them all. For instance, you can see in the photo above that I have a red table lamp that clamps to my desk. I would love to spray it white and add some paint droplets to it before putting it back in my studio. I also have a table on the deck that has some weather damage that I plan to collage and use in my studio as a piece of art once I have all the painting, crackling, collaging, and artistic ability applied to it. It will go along side a relaxing chair where I can depart from my desk and read important art information or funny joke books to take a coffee break and rejuvenate.

I guess the excitement of moving is seeping out and you get a better idea of how truly anxious I am to get out of the “situation” we are in with our Evil Overlord. Thank you God for moving us into our new home! I just wanted to share some of my joy with you today and get some feedback if you could! I’m always on the lookout for new and creative ideas and spend my “creative” money on glassware this week instead of decorating magazines. So feedback is a must! =) What are some of your creative goodies?