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Better Late than Never

Sorry for being late on getting these close-ups posted. I got extremely sidetracked with things like my hair… my diet… new paintings… family outings… and life in general.  I’m finally here with the yummy details of the Amour painting.

Lookee here!

Buttons, charms, fibers and papers… Wire, rhinestones, beads, and tinsels.-

Doilies, threads, rhinestones, and puffy fabric hearts.

Cut outs, confetti, tissues, and epoxy bubbles.

Chipboard, stickers, reused bracelet trim, and lots of mica powder.

Swirls sticker, fabric painted pearls, wrapping paper, and silver foils.

Bucket of Blooms and a Trip to Paris!

This is the background of the last in my summer garden series I’ve been working on. It’s title is Bucket of Blooms. I have so many tasty artsy ideas running down the creative path that is my mind and I’m really excited about working on this. I’ll give you peeks here and there as things start to grow and bloom.

I’m also working on this gem. This is An Evening in Paris….

This is number three in my series of seven art doll collage/paintings/assemblages. Nothing is glued down yet so it’s not written in stone how this composition will unfold but I’m about to grab the glue and play… I have a take out container full of paints and embellishments and scraps of papers and oodles of other odds and ends that may or may not end up on this canvas. Oh the fun of gather the supplies from my baskets and drawers. Nom!

Check back soon to see if this Parisian piece is ready for placement!

Artist “Block”

Wooden blocks in all shapes and sizes always inspire and challenge me. I like the take the everyday objects and try to put them together with something and come up with the unexpected. I’ve done wooden shape animals in the past and came up quiet a menagerie of whimsical and mythical creatures. I have another idea for these game blocks but I’m still …piecing that together in my mind… so to speak.

Here’s a peek at my key chain blocks. I’m almost ready to varnish and start ripping fabric and cutting yarns and ribbons for the tassels. I got sidetracked the past few days trying to identify a mystery bird.

It’s a tad bit fuzzy but I did manage to identify this colorful visitor. Can anyone guess what this is? I’m 99% sure we’ve got ourselves a Red Crossbill. 

Now that I’ve solved that mystery… it’s time to get back to my art!

Mystery Muse

Yep, I’ve covered a bakers dozen worth of Jenga blocks with text pages. Why? you ask? Well, because my muse told me too. I decided to try a few doodles on them and have these two that are still works in progress that I’m playing with. I’m getting some ideas as I work… which is usually how my muse works. So…. a-musing!

Still wet, this doodle was inspired by these lovelies that I have planted in my garden….

This little flower stands alone waiting for some company as my mused ponders.

More glitter for sure! Check back tomorrow. I’m waiting for paint to dry so I’m going to grab my journal and play a bit.

Purple Posie Picture Pal

What fun this was. I really enjoyed learning how to make the ribbon and fabric flowers. The jute circles were super easy to make and make a great backdrop for any flower.  I used my Martha Stewart leaf punch and cut some glitter paper leaves and edged them with plum paint. I used a few flower rhinestones and some pearls to finish this off. It’s very pearly and shimmery in person. It would be great for a photo, a saying, poem, or work of art. I’m opting to leave it plain for now.

A few close-ups.

See the mini pearls in the centers? Sweet huh?

Well, I’m off to doodle on some Jenga blocks now. I’m following my muse. I have no idea where she’s leading me atm… but I’ll keep you posted.

Tacos tonight. NOM! What’s on your plate?

Butterfly Breeze

I’m continuing to work on my garden series and completed Butterfly Breeze yesterday afternoon. I’m super happy with it and stretched my limits a bit on this one. I smudged more and added some texture to my flowers. I truly enjoyed the process of this painting. I included more moss from my yard to finish off the garden look of this piece.

The butterflies are done with modeling paste and smudge painted with several shades of pink, topped with glitter glaze and outlined and smudged with black charcoal. I used a black seed bead to set twisted wire for the antenna. The texture on the flowers is done with Scribbles 3D fabric paints.

Drop me a comment and let me know if you carrot all for for this painting. =)

Accidental Art!

Birthdays, Sunburns, and Allergies

Over the weekend we went to my hubs mother’s 90th birthday party. He’s the youngest of TEN… yes… TEN children. It was quite an event. We spent the day in the sun and the breeze was cool enough for me not to notice that the sun was burning my shoulders… Great idea I had there deciding to wear a tank top!  We were out all day and enjoyed the gorgeous flowers, the pond, and the company of family. Here’s a few shots of the property. It’s very inspiring for all us artistic souls. Enjoy the tour.

I hope your enjoyed this burst of color. I’ll share more as the week goes on. Buy sunblock!!!

Picket Fences

Although still a work in progress I’m definitely liking the direction this is taking. I ordered some garden theme charms from Etsy to hang from the clothes line… I’ll likely dye them with alcohol inks… or sponge them with nail polish… I gave up painting my nails long ago so I’d have yet another medium for my art. My nails are usually done up with glue and speckles of spattered paints. They just scream…”artist!” YAY!

It’s an absolutely gorgeous day out today and I plan to take advantage of what little photography skills I have to capture my back yard. I’ll share my photo montage with you soon. Until later… Have an outstanding Saturday and get some relaxation in.

Allergy Inspirations

I finally got my hands on some moss. I had some all along and just didn’t realize it. It was growing on the bricks in the backyard… I started a moss garden on aluminum foil covered paper plates and watered/misted it diligently on a daily basis… Then I had a serious allergy attack and spent three days in a row napping the headaches away. My moss went the way of the dinosaur so now I’m harvesting it for my art.

I started this painting a while back and knew I needed moss… but yesterday I decided to add the twigs with paper flowers into the pots. I’m loving it! It’s going to go great with the rest of the garden series I’m doing. I’m having a great time with these. They are turning out yummy!

Here’s a look at the mess I want to clean up before I head out shopping… Yikes!

Happy Friday fellow artistic peeps… Drop me a comment and share what you’re working on! /HUGS!