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Psalm Sunday

Psalm 12

Happy Sunday. Another week has come and gone and I have another week of prayer and faith under my belt. I helped my sister do some moving this past week while visiting my parents. I got some really cool stuff to share as well. I’ll post pictures this coming week of some of my newly acquired treasures as well as photos of around my parents property.

We had a visit from a wandering coyote and I was able to get a few photos of him to share. I’ll show those tomorrow. I got to spend time with my sis and my brother, his wife, and my niece. It was a good time and I’m already looking forward to the next time I go visit… Next month! The weather is definitely autumn now. Time to dig the winter coat out of the closet for the season.

I’ll leave you with today Psalm. Psalm 12. God Bless you!

Psalm Sunday

Psalm 11

In the Lord I take refuge. Amen to that. I’m getting a few Sunday’s closer to making it 10 percent of the way through the Psalms. I was partially inspired to focus on the Psalms by Deitrich Bonhoeffer. He was a marvelous person during the most trying times in Germany and his faith is an incredible story to read about. He is the author of several books including Psalms: The Prayer Book of the Bible. Check it out here.

I will leave you with today’s prayer in it’s entirety here

God bless you and keep you. Until tomorrow when I’ll be back with a pink poodle to share. =)  Yep! You heard me right.

Psalm Sunday

Psalm 10

We’ve hit our first milestone. We’ve made it to the double digits in the Psalms. This week’s Psalm is in it’s entirety here. The colors for this week turned out perfect for the beginning of October. I topped this off with rhinestones to give it some extra bling and shimmer. I’m not sure yet what next week will bring in the way of art but I’m working on it. Be sure to check back then for Psalm 11.

Have a great Sunday and may God bless and keep you. See you tomorrow.

Psalm Sunday

Psalm 9

I have another installment in my Psalm Sunday series ready today. I missed a few weeks, one due to 9/11 and one due to my down in the funk time.  I’m happy to say I’m working ahead on my Psalms so I should be able to keep ahead of myself. Nothing like playing all week on ATC and paintings, commissions and whatnot and have Sunday morning sneak up on you with no TP treasure Psalm ready!

Here’s the ninth Psalm in it’s entirety. “Owl” be back tomorrow to share some of the ATCs from my Fall series with you!

Until then… God Bless You!

Psalm Sunday

Psalm 8

We’re now all the way up to week eight on our Psalms. We’ve got quite a long way to go. Good thing we have lots of time!

Earlier this week my mom gave me a zucchini to make bread with as it was a bit larger than we like for sauteeing and stir frying. Instead of baking bread I decided yesterday to make zucchini fitters with it. Here’s my process in pictures.

First I grated the zucchini and ended up with a little over 2 cups worth.

Next I used my baby food processor and crushed half a stack of Ritz crackers which made approximately a cup.

Gotta have some cheese! I shredded about a cups worth. I don’t measure when I cook. I cook by site and taste.  I added all these ingredients in a bowl along with 2 eggs and salt, pepper, fresh chopped parsley, onion powder and garlic powder. Then I used a pad a butter along with a drizzle of olive oil in a hot pan and let them cook till the eggs were set … then flipped them over and continued cooking. I put the finished fritters on some nonstick foil and popped them in the oven on warm to keep them toasty for when the fish was cooked.

They were melt in your mouth delicious and we ate the ALL! We had them with some yummy healthy fish cooked in olive oil.

It was a fantastic meal and nice and light.  I’ll see you back tomorrow for more fun with creating. God Bless You!

Psalm Sunday

Psalm 7

Just a quick hello today as I’m dashing to and fro… I didn’t want to miss my weekly opportunity to share the Psalm of the week with you though. This week marks week number seven and is taken from the NIV bible.

Here’s the Psalm in it’s fullness…I’ll be back tomorrow to share my garden and art goodness with you! For now.. I’m dashing off again!

God Bless and have a restful Sabbath!

Psalm Sunday

Psalm 6

I’m really enjoying this series of treasured art pieces. They are small and portable… great for mailing and hold such inspiration and promise to those who read them. I’m not yet putting them up for sale as I have an idea for them once I get further into the book of Psalms. They are theraputic to create and I’m learning more of my Psalms as the series continues.

I have a busy this morning making breakfast and hitting the local Home Depot. We bought new towel racks and such for the bathrooms and as we’re updating as much as possible. I also bought some flowers for the back and an indoor palm tree for the living room that I need to transplant. Not to mention a plethora of other items I bought that I need for projects around the house.

This is going to be short and sweet as Sundays have turned into home improvement days for us… much to my chagrin… I truly think we should be doing these chores on Saturday… but….

That’s it for now.. I’m heading down to dig in the dirt and I’ll share some photo’s tomorrow. =) See you then.. God Bless You and enjoy your Sabbath!

Psalm Sunday

Psalm 5

Happy Sunday and welcome back to Psalm Sunday. This week’s TP Treasure is done using crackle medium, acrylic paints, rub ons, punched flowers, collage papers, gold foil, and tissue paper. Most of the Psalms are coming from the NIV bible so they are understood by all ages.

Here’s this weeks Psalm. I like to read them in several different bibles to glean as much as I can from them. This website allows you to change with version of the bible you’d wish to read from with a simple click. It’s at the top of the page with a drop down menu…simple click which version of the bible you’d like and it will auto change for you.

It’s almost time for Bayless Conley so I’m going to skedaddle so I can get some coffee going for Caramel Macchiatos to sip during church.

Psalms Sunday

Psalm 4

Using the standard trash to treasure technique for my Psalm Sunday entry I mixed it up a bit this time and topped the surface with a tropical umbrella. I recently saw a video online using these umbrellas to create a hanging lamp and I’m SO going to make one. I fell in love with it… The way the colors blend together and with the light coming from the inside…it’s perfect for my studio and can be taken outside and hung from a Shepard’s hook for when you have a garden party. Check out the video here. Now that you’ve seen the video you want to make one too don’t you!? =) Aren’t they great… and SO simple!

Tomorrow’s going to be a busy day for me. I’m going to be packaging up a few items for shipping and cleaning my studio to get ready for my table top easel so I can start in on my Super Sized painting. I’m excited about getting really messy and having fun. I’ll share the journey with you as well. In the meantime…It’s almost time for Bayless Conley and after that I’m cooking the crew a brunch of sausage, hash-browns and eggs (Nom-Nom!) so I’m going to be busy… until later I’m leaving you with today’s Psalm. Psalm 4. Enjoy and God Bless!

Psalm Sunday

Psalm 3

Here’s this week’s installment of Psalm Sunday. Using purples, reds and coppers I wanted to make a bold statement. God is talking to us from His Holy mountain after all. =) I used a sticky back felt trim and smudged it up some with the paints to blend it into this TP Treasure. This is drippy, and globby, and sparkely with lots of texture and sheen from the metallic coppers I used. I topped it off with some bling using tiny red rhinestones.

I didn’t get to scan this as my treasured printer/scanner is down at the moment. We suspect that it might be the victim of a power surge and may require replacement. OY! NO… I’m hoping and praying for the best however.

I hope your have a blessed Sunday and a relaxing evening. I’ve made breakfast this morning and am about to hop into a video game for a bit and then tomorrow it’s yard work, some painting in the garage, and a bit of art. Until tomorrow, blessings to you.