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Psalm Sunday

Psalm 2
I thought using a map for today’s Psalm was the perfect choice given the promise from God. This is from the NIV Bible and can be read here.  I used the TP cardboard and covered it with torn map pieces, tissue paper, paints, a golden moon sticker and a sprinkling of gold star confetti. I also rubber-stamped some countries onto the map before layering my tissue over them. I have a stack of these TP treasures piling up and will be laying some this coming week with vintage sheet music and some text pages from old books. It’s a very therapeutic process prepping the surface for creating on. It’s somehow very calming. I really enjoy it.

It’s going to be another hot day again today… bleh! (I so love when it rains!) I think I’ll hang out on the sofa with my Kindle in front of the air conditioner! So I’ll see you again tomorrow and hopefully it will be a tad cooler out.

Happy Sunday and God Bless You!

More ATC Fun

  Butterfly Poppies

Between household projects and painting shelves and whatnots I take ice water breaks and sit in my studio and play with small art projects. This week it’s been prepping TP Treasure surfaces for Psalm Sunday entries and playing with ATCs. I have yet to post these on Etsy as I’m having a busy week, but I’ll have them up soon and let you know.

Yesterday I sold a sock monkey necklace on Etsy and it made me smile. The original painting was done for my hubs for one of his birthdays and I scanned the image to have it on hand for making crafty creations for others to enjoy! I just love the printing process and creating cards, bookmarks, pins and other treasures using the images I’ve painted in the past. Drop in to check out my tiny tiles and bookmarks… I’ll be doing postcards soon too!

We’ll it’s my grocery day again so I need to go make myself look somewhat presentable and see if I can find a shirt that doesn’t have paint stains on it…. Yeah… Rrrright!

Psalm Sunday

Psalm Sunday

Given that I have a plethora of toilet paper rolls to work with… and that I’ve nearly finished the backgrounds of the five I started with an idea came to me about what to do with this different form of art. … To better myself I started reading the Psalms in my bible. What better way to share the word than to do so in the form of art. This is the first Psalm, and I picked the quote “He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water.” I thought that was the perfect phrase for this pieces as I used the maple seeds that blew off in the wind. I picked them up and pressed them between paper towels for a few weeks. I think this turned out perfect for the introduction to my new category. What a fun way to learn the Psalms and to share God’s word as well as sharing art. Maybe you’ll hop on the bandwagon and do a weekly Psalm with me… if you do let me know, I’d LOVE to see what you come up with. Maybe Psalm ATCs… that would be fun.

I scanned this with a brown paper bag behind it… I’m not sure yet how I’ll mount these or even if I will. They are mailable as they are so they would make great inspirational gifts for loved ones. If I don’t adhere these to anything I’ll be printing out the Psalm and gluing it onto the back so that the recipient will have the entire verse at hand.

As for my TP rolls… in God’s eyes… everything old is new again!