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Mixed Media and Makeup Mayhem


With the weather in the upper 80s and lower 90s it’s just too hot to be in my studio anytime after noon. I’ve been using my studio as my vanity as well… This has got to change as my makeup collection grows and changes as the seasons come and go. I need a decent storage area… as you can see …



The clutter of all my my art supplies and makeup and nail polish are blurring lines with each other at my desk and I’m going to need to find a solution very soon. I do have a desk downstairs but I was hoping to devote that to herbs and essential oils and reading materials. I need good lighting for both my “studio” projects… so I’m going to have to spend some time on Pinterest finding solutions for storage and whatnot.

And to think most of my products used to be confined to this…


One of these days if I don’t find a solution soon I’ll be grabbing my Acrylic Glaze instead of my moisturizer. So I’m on the search to end the mayhem and get my creativeness back on track!

Chips ahoy


I mucked up my manicure yesterday so I’m having to redo it. I thought I’d take a before picture with just a clear base on. But first I have to make a grocery list and then hit the store. It’s more than likely I won’t get my manicure done till later tonight or tomorrow. I will share though.

I’m happy to report that I’ve finally got an appointment with a Rheumatologist for January 30. Now the wait begins. And lots of prayer for the doctor.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading to keep my mind off my health issues and I just finished The Home last night by Scott Nicholson it’s my first read by Scott and I’m looking into reading a few more of his thrillers… That is after I finish a novella by Suzy Turner titled Daisy Madigan’s Paradise. You gotta love the kindle store… so many free and inexpensive books!

See you tomorrow with a splash of color on the tips of me fingers!

Artist Block

I dug through my drawer of wooden goodies and found this block. After attaching the “READ”  letters I remembered I had some wooden books as well. I love this little eye candy piece. It’s looks adorable on my bookshelves.

I’m waiting for paint to dry on a painting I’m just now finishing up and my camera battery is recharges so I can’t share anything yet. I will as soon as I can though. It’s a fun and whimsical painting of lollipop flowers on a textured substrate. Very summery.

My next few pieces are going to have a sewing related theme and I’m really excited about working on them. For now however I need to un-bury my desk so I can mess it up again!

The Comfort Zone


And now…

I’ve been busy as you can see. Here’s the before and after of the living room with our new sofa and the painted wall along with my finished art. We’ve living hear for about 11 months now and we are finally getting around to getting the things we want done rather than the things we need. We also hung our TV and bought a new book case…

This is taken from the kitchen. I’m going to cover the books in the bookcase with matching covers and move things around a bit until I’m satisfied. I’ll put the seashells away once I get more garden related items to replace them with… at least for now. I’ll showcase a few of the newer decorating goodies I’m using as I go. I’m also going to put some shears on the windows soon too! I’m excited about that.

Here’s a bit of a closer look at the paintings I made… I love the blues and greens together. They are cooling and healing. I’m presently working on … this …

I have several ideas for this canvas… I’ll give you another peek at my progress tomorrow.

Tata for now… Time to pull some pork for dinner.

Who’s Go The Button?

One of my favorites so far. I love the sting of button! This Spam can has sew much flair! Great for sewing needs or embroidery supplies. Even a nice catch-all for needle felting. Such fun. I used collage paper with a sewing theme and topped it off with some ripped and torn crumpled and rumpled pattern pieces. Using jute, I strung some buttons and tied it around the can. I topped it off with white nail polish around the rim and a length of blue and white ribbon that looks like stitching.

Pretty, pretty.

I love me some Spam cans! They are a very creative canvas for fun and function expression of yourself. Eat, Play, Create, today!

Have an awesome weekend. I’ll be tucked in my studio creating and nestling on our new sofa (photos coming soon) reading the last book in The Hunger Games series!

Color Blocking

I saw some Valentines done just like this with reds in Create With Me magazine and thought I’d give it a whirl in my journal. Very fun. I think if I did this with texture on a canvas it would make a great painting to hang for a burst of color.  As always I get tons of ideas and not enough time to bring them to fruition. I am however making a bit of progress on my “house” painting. Here’s what it looks like right now.

I think the background it getting much closer to being done. I’ll work on it more again tomorrow. It’s almost time for me to head downstairs and tackle the kitchen… and dinner. Think sausage and chicken… prolly pasta!

I’ve been devouring lots of books on my Kindle. I just finished one called Invisible and I’m starting a new one called My Boyfriends Back. I’m loving the free books and short stories. I have an endless supply of reading material at my fingertips! If you don’t have a Kindle… I highly recommend one.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some completed upcycled Spam cans to share along with my journal junk. Drop by and have some coffee with me. Till later!


Second in my Seasons Series. Simply titled… “Winter.” The cool of the blue and the dark of the black contrasting with the white pretty much encompasses the ice, snow, and loss of daylight of the season. I added stars instead of snowflakes to emphasize the dark and cold starry nights with shimmer with snow crystals on the ground. Winter is a gorgeous season in odd ways. The lack of life adds a stillness that prepares you for the new season to come. Such is life. We all go through such seasons in our lives when things change and turn and twist and finally renew. I’m in the bit of a winter right now… I’m ahead of the calender this year but I feel confident that come spring I’ll be bursting with new freshens and growth.

It’s time to download a few books I’ve really been wanting to read onto my Kindle. The first being The Christmas Sweater. The sequel to this book is coming out next week. It’s called The Christmas Angel and I’m very excited about reading them both. I need a kindle partner… so I can share books and have someone share with me. I guess I’ll hit Google to see how to find one. No one I know has a kindle that doesn’t have a partner. Twice the books… half the price. I’ve finished reading Killing Lincoln. Excellent read. Now I’m reading a free Kindle book about Lincoln… very informative and telling about that period of time in history.

In keeping with sharing my photography I indulged in at my moms last week I’m including this picture to depict winter.

The Chives are spent for the season and will be totally gone on the first frost… I found something intriguing about this capture and love the speck of life among this death. Always remember there IS hope!

See you tomorrow my friends… and God Bless You!

Psalm Sunday

Psalm 12

Happy Sunday. Another week has come and gone and I have another week of prayer and faith under my belt. I helped my sister do some moving this past week while visiting my parents. I got some really cool stuff to share as well. I’ll post pictures this coming week of some of my newly acquired treasures as well as photos of around my parents property.

We had a visit from a wandering coyote and I was able to get a few photos of him to share. I’ll show those tomorrow. I got to spend time with my sis and my brother, his wife, and my niece. It was a good time and I’m already looking forward to the next time I go visit… Next month! The weather is definitely autumn now. Time to dig the winter coat out of the closet for the season.

I’ll leave you with today Psalm. Psalm 12. God Bless you!

Psalm Sunday

Psalm 11

In the Lord I take refuge. Amen to that. I’m getting a few Sunday’s closer to making it 10 percent of the way through the Psalms. I was partially inspired to focus on the Psalms by Deitrich Bonhoeffer. He was a marvelous person during the most trying times in Germany and his faith is an incredible story to read about. He is the author of several books including Psalms: The Prayer Book of the Bible. Check it out here.

I will leave you with today’s prayer in it’s entirety here

God bless you and keep you. Until tomorrow when I’ll be back with a pink poodle to share. =)  Yep! You heard me right.