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Psalm Sunday

Psalm 10

We’ve hit our first milestone. We’ve made it to the double digits in the Psalms. This week’s Psalm is in it’s entirety here. The colors for this week turned out perfect for the beginning of October. I topped this off with rhinestones to give it some extra bling and shimmer. I’m not sure yet what next week will bring in the way of art but I’m working on it. Be sure to check back then for Psalm 11.

Have a great Sunday and may God bless and keep you. See you tomorrow.

Psalm Sunday

Psalm 9

I have another installment in my Psalm Sunday series ready today. I missed a few weeks, one due to 9/11 and one due to my down in the funk time.  I’m happy to say I’m working ahead on my Psalms so I should be able to keep ahead of myself. Nothing like playing all week on ATC and paintings, commissions and whatnot and have Sunday morning sneak up on you with no TP treasure Psalm ready!

Here’s the ninth Psalm in it’s entirety. “Owl” be back tomorrow to share some of the ATCs from my Fall series with you!

Until then… God Bless You!

Psalm Sunday

Psalm 7

Just a quick hello today as I’m dashing to and fro… I didn’t want to miss my weekly opportunity to share the Psalm of the week with you though. This week marks week number seven and is taken from the NIV bible.

Here’s the Psalm in it’s fullness…I’ll be back tomorrow to share my garden and art goodness with you! For now.. I’m dashing off again!

God Bless and have a restful Sabbath!

A look at my retreat

Here’s a picture of my room shortly after moving in…. and below is how it looks today…

I’m still working on it but I feel so good about getting my shadow boxes repainted and hung. My dad made them for me many moons ago for another house… they served as window treatments in a huge store-front style window. After a few coats of satin white they gleam again and look fresh as a daisy and ready for art and nik naks to display.  My nightstands are perfect for this room so I was really happy to have the added white furniture as I’m using such strong colors that anything else might overwhelm. On my night stand on the left of the picture I have a small-yet-growing collection of crosses that I plan to hang over my closet doors. I have some of my art popped on the shelves of the shadow boxes and a few reading lamps clipped to my headboard. I’ll be swapping them out when I find what I’m after… everything I’ve found so far is to bright and the bulbs for the lamps don’t come in 20w…. so my search continues. I have one of my bibles on the left with a notebook, and on the right I have my Kindle and a book that’s on my list to read. The photos are of my parents and my favorite kiddo.

I’m going to Walmart today to see if I can find some sheers for my headboard backdrop… and to find a frame for a poster of the Eiffel Tower my mom bought me… I’m also going to be looking for something to hang a very long shelf with. So I’m excited to venture out today (and sneak down the art aisle!)  I’ll share the shelf and art poster after I get that area started… right now it’s just a blank wall. Let me know what you think and if you have any creative juice ideas please share! I’m always open to suggestion!

My whisper for today is simple…

  • I’m reading my bible more and more lately. 

Until tomorrow… when I have some art to share… God Bless and take care!

Fun with ATCs

Along with a handful of other smaller paintings I’m working on I finished this one up yesterday evening. This ATC was done for practicing technique and experimenting with colors and papers. I’m testing applying paints with various tools, from brushes and fingertips to baby wipes and splatters. I love the baby wipe method… since they are damp if you don’t like what you’ve done, granted you’re using light layering… you can either wipe it off or blend it in. For a small project this was very in depth. I’m ready to try it on a much larger surface now. I need to buy some super sized canvases so I can make some art for our living room. I think I’m going to do something along the lines of this style… in soft blues and greens with bits of yellow and apricot. I’m not sure what my main focus will be but the flower are pretty sweet.

Today is grocery day and I’m really dragging… again with the up to late reading ritual! I really have to learn to turn the light out at a decent hour. I’m half way through The Hiding Place and I quit last night at a very “scary” spot so tonight will be interesting. I’ve also added the movie to our Netflix so I can watch it after I’ve finished the book. It’s time for me to get ready to head out so I’ll see you tomorrow when I share a new category that I’m going to be introducing to my blog. It’s something that came to me while working through a painting process. See you then!

Full Circle

Full Circle

From beginning to end… here’s the finished painting. I worked on this all day last Friday and finished it up. All I need to do now is give it a coat of varnish. I’ve temporarily hung it on my studio wall to photograph it and will have it up on Etsy by next week. What a fun project it turned out to be. I really enjoyed the washes of color and the freedom this allowed me to explore. I enjoyed it so much that I have a plethora of little items on my desk that I’m playing with… and I’m having a hard time tearing myself away from my playtime!

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already! The time has been flying by so fast since we moved… I finally got my plants re-potted in gorgeous new planters (I’ll photograph them and share soon!) And Monday was spent cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning some more. With three bathrooms their’s upkeep that needs to be done. =)

My parents came by on Monday and again on Tuesday with my niece. We had a nice visit and laughed till our sides hurt. I’ve been staying up WAY to late reading and have been paying for it this week. I feel foggy headed… but I finally finished Bonheoffer. Now I’m reading The Hiding Place. (It’s a *must-have-box-of-tissues* book so far.) I have a few books lined up for after I’ve finished this one but I haven’t decided yet which one it will be.

Whispering Wednesday is here once again and it’s time to share something obscure about me. So here’s a few oddities off the top of my head.

  • I don’t like rhubarb.
  • I adore tassels and fringe.
  • At 18 years old all my art supplies fit in a 12″ by 9″ basket…

…that I carried with me wherever I went. Oh how times have changed!