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Techniques and Supplies that I find fun to share.

Get Tested


In honoring the final day of BCA Month I ended my series with this ATC. I used a cigar colored notebook paper by left over from my college days. I LOVE this stuff. For the background I used a Bristol board base and covered it with a Kraft colored napkin saved from take-out. Mini clothespins hold a reminder for you to get yourself tested and the base of the card is trimmed with some jute fibers for extra texture.

Halloween Ghost is finally here and the weather today is wet and rainy… very typical for a Pacific Northwest Halloween. I’ve over five bags of candy readied in a basket at the front door so all we do now is wait for the lil goblins to show their fangs and faces!

For now, I’m off to work on a few loose ends on my desk and around the house. I’ll see you tomorrow! God Bless.

With no Thorns


Life with no thorns is impossible, but we can do our best to keep them out of where they don’t belong. Right gals? You betcha!

This ATC is a gorgeous coral colored collage paper layered onto Bristol Board. The foil enhanced paper has the same pattern as the background paper so I knew I had to use it. (Thanks Papa!) I used white pastels around the edge and smudged it in layered a strip of elegant lacy sticker trim and added this silk flower edged with a pinky coral color along with 2 leaves. The edge of the card is gooped up with a texture medium called Liquitex White Opaque Flakes. As of right now this is one of my favorites. Am much as I am a lover of Pink… Coral holds a special place in my heart as well.

Tomorrow will be here soon on the wings of angels so drop by for a cup of joe and check out Day 28 in my BCA Month ATC series.

Beauties of Bangalore


If you love bling you’re got to love today’s entry in my BCA Month series. Red, gold, black, and bling! LOVE it. I used everything I could get my hands on. The card itself is covered in a gold foil candy wrapper. You can get packs of them in the baking/candy isle in craft and variety stores. (They come in lots of colors as well!)

The body is cut from the inside of a Yogi Tea box. It looks just like the Henna tattoos that the women of India are famous for. Truly beautiful and artful. I would love to try that form of art.

Next I dug through my boxes of embellishments and found all these delish goodies. Enjoy the shimmers and I’ll see you tomorrow from something from the opposite side of the creative box.

Clockwork Orange


About time…literally. I the process for this ATC was fun. For the gear I used hardware I picked up at Home Depot. It was silver in color so I used some Aleene’s Tacky Glue and dabbed it on with a paintbrush. I then dumped orange embossing powder all over them to get good coverage… melted it with my heat gun and repeated the process. I really like how they turned out. The clock center is a maize colored brad and the clock is an embellishment I got from the craft store. The rest is hand cut collage papers. Again I used my trusty texture on the background and sponged the edges of both the card and the body with black ink from a stamp pad.

Happy Friday! I love Fridays! Today is my shopping day and it time for me to go remake my shopping list so I’ll say ado here and see you again tomorrow for Day 20! in my BCA Month ATC series. God Bless!

Shake your booty


Oh my gosh this was so fun! I started with a precut Kraft ATC and used some decade+ old twisted craft paper with this awesome bandana print. I glued it to a precut dressmaker cardboard shape I’d made and let it dry. I added the fibers and cut the cowboy boots from leather looking paper. The spurs are actually tiny clockworks that I bought in an assorted packet.  I painted the soles of the boots and the cross strap to add a bit of detail and finished this off with some black texture on the background.

I love the western look this has. I screams wild west. I’ve been diligently working on ATCs for the rest of the months posts and have a few in advance now for the weekend. I like to be a bit ahead so I can get them photographed during daylight hours.

I’ll be back tomorrow with one of my personal favorites to share so come back soon for more mini art in my recognition of BCA Month!

Itsy Bitsy


This was a blast! I had the best time with this ATC… going a bit overboard with detail. Detail is by far my favorite part of doing a painting/collage/assemblage. Gilding the lily as it were.

I started with a precut card made from illustration board and painted the edges flat black with acrylic paint. I then added the orange paper from a Halloween stack I’ve had for nearly three year. It had the sparkly black dots on it already… so I added a black sponged border and used glitter glaze to make it look more like the existing dots. Then I added the spider web woman and more glitter glaze. I topped it off spider confetti hanging from black web threads pulled from some black jute. I set a Rhinestone in the center and added the Itsy Bitsy text at the bottom.

I adore the composition and whimsy of this and found it fitting for the month of October!

So Day 5 is complete! Have an awesome Friday and I’ll see you tomorrow for Day 6 in the Breast Cancer Awareness series.



Yeah, so… the ladies are green with envy and perky today.

I LOVED making this ATC. It’s made on  precut illustration board with a foil decorated paper splattered with green acrylic paint for yumminess. I also sponged the edges with the same green. I used some of my fave papers to cut the bodice and used green foil on the edges to bring out the foil in the background and make this more cohesive. The ladybugs are foil as well. They are simply stickers that I found on one of my outings. Cute huh? I added some bling to the belly button and ta da! Done. Day 4!

Time Flies

Time Flies… literally. I couldn’t resist adding the little buggers to this assemblage. What a fun project this turned out to be. I used a plethora of old and new supplies and bright shiny copper and vibrant blueish turquoise. Everything from wire, watch parts, hardware, brads, punched metal, copper tape, threads, ribbons, fabrics… you name it… It it was blue or copper it went here… if it wasn’t… I inked it!

Here’s a few close ups for some yummy detail…

Here you can see the metal leaves, the wire and the rubber-stamped flies… I used Ranger Alcohol Ink for the hardware and the leaves… in Cloudy Blue.

I stamped the text and used embossing powder and topped it with paper glaze to texture it more… I added the black outline to define it more. The fly was a plastic toy ring that I took apart. I painted the fly with iridescent colors to add sparkle.

I used embroidery thread, copper taper, ribbon, and colored wire for “dressing” this doll. She lays atop a page of text from a game journal.

Now I’m off to start the final painting/collage/assemblage in this art doll series… Or should I add an eighth to this line? Hmmm.

From Mayhem to Marvelous!

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions… and so was my bedside drawer. I truly had intentions of keeping it clean, organized and NOT to turn it into a hot mess.  That was an EPIC fail!

I had the urge to “get it together” this past week and worked on an organizational system that would fit “me.”

I grabbed an empty egg carton and some tin cans and set to work.

Pretty enough for a desk top… I spray painted the egg carton pink and set about to make it pretty. Using vintage pink ric rac I glued it down around the edge and grabbed a used dryer sheet and made a yo-yo with it. Then I sprayed the yo-yo with Viva Pink Glimmer Mist. I topped it with an up-cycled button and topped it with some texture medium… along with the edges of the flower. I added some cut paper leaves, some pearls, and a bit of metallic embroidery thread and glued them to the corner. Wa-Lah!  Useful garbage.

And now the reveal…

Ta Da! Everything I need first thing in the morning and/or last thing at night. And nice and clean. I used pink tissue paper to light the bottom of the drawer then added some non-skid white mesh… you can see the pink peeking through with adds to all the pink of the cans and containers. I even spray painted the basket that I was using before. I feel calmer inside knowing that one of the “messes” I see daily is now history. Next up… the other nightstand drawer… and here’s a head start…

I left some of the torn up paper on when I painted these as I knew I’d be adding texture to them anyway. I’ll tackle these next week.

Have a great Friday and a happy weekend. And I’ll be back next week… It’s time for me to go catch a frog. O.o(you’ll see….)

Bucket of Blooms

And done! I really, really, really… enjoyed the process of this piece. It pretty much concludes my series that I’ve been working on since earlier this year. This is number six in my garden themed paintings… and they are all hanging in my entryway. They looks very cheerful and I’ll snap a picture of them very soon to share with you.

Here’s a few close ups of Bucket of Blooms…

I rolled paper around twigs from my garden to make these flowers.. I used Martha Stewart glitters to embellish as well as some small push pins covered with puff paint for the flower centers. I also used some wooden beads, painted them yellow and glittered them up… topped them with a leaf and glued them onto the moss… also from my garden.

Try making a paper bouquet for your desk… just take strips of cut collage papers and wrap up around wooden dowels, twigs, pencils… used up paint brushes or what-have-you. I’d love so see what you grow!

I used so many different mediums on this painting… including something new I just bought. Angelica fibers… you can see the texture of them in the above photo… the green firefly is resting atop them.  I simply took two colors of the fibers and mixed them up a bit… then laid them on some metal mesh I have and used the heat gun to bond them to each other. I used mod podge and my brayer to adhere them to the painting.