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Christmas is Coming

Christmas IS coming… and it will be upon us before we know it. This year I’m making Christmas cards to put on my Etsy shop. Most will likely be postcards to help peeps save on postage. I spent the second half of last week playing with these little ditties that I’ll share in detail as the week progresses. Today I put most of the finishing touches on them. Tomorrow I’ll be adjusting sizing and messaging in Photoshop and making some prints. I’m pretty excited about it.

Last night was the season premiere of House. What fun. I’d been waiting all summer for it. Tonight’s another new episode of NCIS. Gotta love Mark Harmon! We watched the second episode of Terra Nova last night as well. I think we might catch the Pilot tonight On Demand. It looks like it might be a pretty good show.

Will fall comes cool nights and warm blankets curled in front of our new homes gas fireplace. I’m gonna love this winter! Tomorrow I’m going to do a bit more fall decorating around the house and work on my flying witch for our front entry circular window. It’s going to be an awesome Halloween. Yep! I’m gonna make a pumpkin painting real soon too!

Today’s 2sday again… ALREADY! SLOW down… Time’s moving too fast.

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe….

And she was really teeny tiny! I got a box out of storage a couple weeks ago that was FULL of fun stuff. This is just one of what you’ll be seeing on
Tuesday’s Toys in the upcoming future! Oddly enough I have three shoes… each different. I guess we all need a spare just in case we blow out a heel!

Come back tomorrow and hear some gossip on Whispering Wednesday!

Swinging in the Breeze

I know… ATCs right! They are more than just an addiction. They can become a way of life. What I really love about them is their versatility. You can can do ANYTHING on them. This is a little painted doodle that I thought would be fun to send summer off with a smile. It holds promise for next years green shoots on the trees and opens the door for autumn to make a grand entrance… also.. since this was done yesterday it celebrated our massive wind storm. The last traces of summer truly did get blown away yesterday.

Now we open the door for fall. Tomorrow you’ll see one of the things that I think of when fall begins to approach, but for today… yep, it’s 2sday again and I have a brand new toy from my parents. It’s a bit of humorous eye candy to make you smile.

♥ Tuesday’s Toys ♥

What a gardenista right! …Eggactly!

Love Shack

This is what I’m playing with today. It’s called…”Love Shack.” I have a few fun ideas that will go into finishing this canvas panel which I’ll have done by the end of the week. I’m also working on a few paintings that got set aside before the move. It’s fun looking at them from a different location as my creativity has grown a lot since moving.

Here’s today 2sday’s toy!

Key-chain bling! I love stuff like this. Useless eye candy really… until it makes it’s way into a journal or a painting that is! Until then it’s fun to have a little toy to finger when I get fidgety! And speaking of candy… well food anyway. Last night I made cabbage rolls for dinner before they hit the plate I snagged a photo to share with you. Nom!

Tonights menu: Baked Sweet Potatoes and Pan Seared Parm Chicken! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it… Time to prep some food! See you tomorrow =) Peace ~~ Out!

2sday’s Toys

This week I’m opening Tuesday with Toys! I bought these at the dollar store… One of my all-time favorite places to find fun and funky toys and odd objects to use as art supplies. Also one of my favorite places to shop for kitchen utensils, oddly enough. These erasers would be really cute as tiny wheels on a circus train painting. Who can resist a rainbow!? Especially when it’s only a buck!

I’m getting much closer to being done now with my angel commission. Right now this is sitting in front of the fan on my desk so it dries faster… I’m waiting for some puff paint and some foil adhesive to dry…

I still have work to do on the face and some background work to do but she’s getting much closer to being able to take flight! I’ll share more of her tomorrow as she come to life and is ready to be mailed off to her new owner.

While paint dries I’m playing briefly with this little 5″x7″ canvas panel. I’ve not planned any of this painting out I’m letting the little angel tell me how she wants to be painted. So far she hasn’t said much because I haven’t painted her mouth yet! Hee!

I am however enjoying the texture process I did with this using modeling paste and the edge of a credit card. I’m going to be doing clouds in the back and a butterfly or two possibly

I’m starting a new commission tomorrow, another angel in blues I believe… I’ll share her with you as soon as I have some concept art drawn up. Until tomorrow! Take some time to play with some of your favorite toys!

Clean as a Whistle

After vacuuming up a house plant that I dumped on the floor the cleaning bug hit me. I love it when that happens. I finally got the desire to clean up really good in my studio. I started by hanging some of my mini paintings above my computer desk. What an impact. Now when one sells I just grab it off the wall and package and mail. Nice.. no looking through my boxes of finished art that I so carefully have stowed in my art closet. This way I’m inspired by works I’ve done and the paintings remind me of materials that I have and haven’t used in a while. Inspiration with a purpose! What could be better.

I put some finishing touches on a painting I’m doing for myself today. I’m now waiting for glue to dry so I can finish the final touches and adhere some hangers. Ooohh! This is going to be delicious! I’ll share this yummy with you tomorrow. Nom!

Another great day today…the weather has been cool and breezy, but no rain to speak of today. I’ll have to head out after dinner and water the flowers. I’ve been very productive today and haven’t taken the time out for tea on the patio. Here’s a few pictures of a few corners of the garden.

Mexican Heather

Penstamon and Gerbera

I don’t have a toy for todays Tuesday’s Toys category. I’ve spent most of the day putting them all away. I’ll share photos of my “clean” studio tomorrow!

God Bless!

Cool, Casual, Coasters!


Sipping into the end of summer soon! Enjoy your nom nom and rest them on these chillin’ coasters when between savoring sips. What a fun way to upcycle those treasured tokens from your favorite restaurant. I made a trio of round summer sun coasters with my recent Poppy theme in a vibrant orange punch color. These will be posted on Etsy tomorrow.

I’ve got several other works going as well… I’m doing a stencil/modeling paste painting in some gorgeous colors that blend well with each other. This is how it’s looking after the first laying of paints…

I LOVE texture… so this is especially delicious for me. I love orange and pink together and how they blend and create an apricot color. There’s something about taking two colors and making a third on the canvas that really speaks to me so I’m really going to enjoy the process that will be this painting. I’ll share more of this gem tomorrow after I’ve had more play time.

Already… 2sday again! So here’s my latest 2sday’s Toys “Show and Tell.”

They don’t look much like toys do they? Nope… but when I’m done they will certainly be some form of eye candy. I bought these to go with some matching plastic summer stemware I bought about a month ago. They are safe for outside and since my secondary focas has been the garden I couldn’t resist these bowls. What am I going to do with them you ask… I don’t know yet… but I do know that when I do use them they will be a fun and funky focal point for something artsy!

I’ll see you tomorrow for Whispering Wednesday and to share some “sketching” I’ve been doing. HUGS and God Bless!

Toys, Toys, and more Toys!

This Just In!

YAY! Just in time for a play date! I’m very excited about all of these goodies. I’ve been eying these art journals for about a year now and found them on sale at Jerry’s so I plucked two from the heap and tossed them in my online cart! What a joy. I’ve not been journaling at all since finished my last journal. I tried a Moleskin journal but I really was unimpressed. I favor the spiral journals for their versatility and ease of use, and now I have two to keep me busy for a good long while.

I’m in the middle of packaging and varnishing some orders that I got over night so I’m rather rushed. I do have a toy to share today other than the ones I just got via UPS. I bought this to varnish for my hubs boss… He makes large scale model airplanes… this is a thank you as he gave us a beautiful antique desk that will be used by our college boarder come autumn. I’ll take a picture of the gorgeous desk tomorrow. =)

Until then…. Come fly with me! Come fly, come fly away!  See you tomorrow with more chatter.  =)

Jazzy Poppy

Jazzy Poppy

Today’s installment of my 2011 summer series is Jazzy Poppy. I used a mix of blues and greens with brown and golden accents. These ACEOs are very therapeutic and extremely fun to make. I’m really enjoying the process… I can’t wait to show you what I’m working on for tomorrow. =) I layered the illustration board with a text page from a cheesy romantic novel about a woman and her werewolf lover. (I warned you it was cheesy.) I added a strip of collage paper and then topped the card with crinkled tissue paper. Next comes layers of paint, the circles for the flowers and some imagination. Then… whala! Another finished mini work of art. The green on this reminds me of lime sherbet. It’s very summery indeed.

I told you I was going to share with you something about seeds. Here’s the ‘dirt!’ Sunday morning while laying in bed I said to my hubs… “isn’t it amazing how God has given man the ability to make a machine that will pit cherries…” This lead to a conversation about how birds carry seeds to far away places and renew the earth and we benefit from the plants as well as the seeds and the beauty of the birds. We got up and went downstairs to listen to our Sunday morning Church programs. I especially like Bayless Conley and his message was all about seeds this week. I smiled and said to my hubs… isn’t it funny that we were just talking about that? God knows what he’s doing. There really are no coincidences.  ~~ After I had made breakfast and did some late-morning chores we went about doing things around the house. I found my hubs outside cutting down limbs from the Maple tree that were scraping the neighbors house. I started picking the little “winged seeds” from the branches and setting them aside. I had over two handfuls when I found one that had three seed pods on it. I have never in my life seen a 3-sided Maple seed and joyfully shared it with my hubs. “Look! It’s the Trinity I said.” It seemed to bring our morning into a circle and we finished up our tasks.

Later that night I was watching a show on TV and a gal on the show had a cherry-pitter and I knew that God had just completed the day with me… and he did so with a cherry on top!

Here’s a look at the seeds. (God will tell me something creative to do with them!)

Pretty amazing if you ask me. I’m going to save this and do something special with it. =)~~

I bet you thought I forgot that it’s 2sday’s Toys… Not at all. I have something awesome to share. It’s not a seed though. It is however a wish and/or a dream! I’ve had this packed away for too long and can’t wait to start making little stars to flatten and put in my art. You can bet I’ll be handing them out to family too … they are just so precious.
Check out Wishing Stars here!

Chaos in Pink

Yes… another Spam can completed. I used text pages for this one. I let my paintbrush lead me on what colors to use. … actually I used a baby wipe for application on this. I used some paper flowers I had in a light blue that I painted turquoise and purple… and the bling in the middle of each flower is literally a “Bling” sticker by Jolee’s. I glued them on as the sticky stuff on the back of the stickers has a tendency to get old and fall off over time. Glitter paint by Martha Stewart is brushed onto the flowers and the rim is painted with purple nail polish… and trimmed with some purple ribbon. And done! These can hold anything! Pencils, pens, any “desk/school” related item. They would also make awesome windowsill planters for herbs or small tabletop planters for nightstands, desks, tables, etc to accent your bedroom, dorm or girl cave. Each one has pretty much created itself so far and I’m working on the forth one today… Think Day of the Dead… Oh yeah! Talk about fun and funky.

Here’s the Chaos in Pink that I’m dealing with today. I have a ton of “little” projects going which makes for more mess than I can deal with. I tried to clean it up yesterday and had part of it done when I got a second wind of creative energy and all the cleanliness just hopped out my window… (that’s what I get for always having my window open!)  I really need to get some of these things wrapped up and taken care of because it’s messing with my brain’s feng shui.  I’ll have to get this cleaned tomorrow for sure… if not this evening. Today’s toy is my hippy headband… This is like a Where’s Waldo picture with cheats… if you look close enough you’ll see the beaded band I put around my hair when it’s driving me nuts and the fan is on blowing it in my eyes.

That’s it for today… I have many irons in the fire today so I need to go check to see if paints and glues are dried so I can move forward again. Until tomorrow! I hope you’re in a beautiful mess too!

Broken Toys

I’ve been limping by on these while I’ve been waiting… and waiting for my new glasses. Yesterday we hopped into the car to head to Walmart to buy some needed home items and then swing by the Vision Clinic on the way home to pick up my new specs. We got ready, locked up the house and headed out… We got all seat-belted in and ready… Car wouldn’t start. We popped the hood, checked ALL fluids, jiggled connections and tried again… Car wouldn’t start.  I don’t have my own car. I rely kindly on my college-age son for transportation to and from where I need to go. I was truly heart broken to the point of tears.

The car wasn’t the only thing to break yesterday. We had our team of support come after work to find out what was wrong… it appears it’s a simple fix with a part that’s less than $20… YAY! My sons father found one … came back with it only to find out that one of the parts that goes with it is the wrong one. (I called AND emailed the photos of the correct part to the place we purchased the “wrong” part from… still no word and it’s been about an hour.)

My heart truly sank and it’s stuck in a sinking feeling this morning because of the lack of phone call or email from the parts place… DUDE… if you DON”T have the part you need to let me know so I can get on the phone and find one. TODAY! My week is slowly being destroyed.

After the mayhem had settled down yesterday evening my hubs and I decided it was time to treat ourselves for good deeds done and those intended to get done… He with a bowl of Vanilla Bean ice cream with chocolate syrup and myself with the last teeny container of banana pudding with a scoop of frozen cool whip and a drizzle of choco syrup! Nom Nom! Well, after everything was dished up and all the stuff was put away… he looked at me and told me I looked like I needed a hug. (I did!) He set his bowl down on the counter, mine still in my hand I wrapped my arms around his neck and his foot accidently hit my “bad” ankle… The bowl slipped and went crashing to smithereens to the floor.

That was it for me. My day was done. I just couldn’t take any more. I went upstairs to my room and closed the door… lay down on my bed and wept. Some days are just too much. I’ve been waiting SO long for my new glasses to finally be fixed and to actually “see” again. I so had my heart set on getting some much needed chores done and everything just fell apart yesterday. I stayed in my room the rest of the evening reading Psalms and drifted off to sleep. When I woke this morning… the glasses I’ve been limping by on were broken.

I don’t have a toy today for 2sdays Toys… instead I’m sharing a poem… I hope it helps you in your time of need as it’s helping me now.

As children bring their broken toys,
With tears, for us to mend;
I brought my broken dreams to God
because he was my friend.

But then instead of leaving him in peace to work alone,
I hung around and tried to help with ways that were my own.

At last, I snatched them back and cried,
“How could you be so slow?”
“My child,” He said, “What could I do?
You never did let go….”