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Gorgeousness from God’s Green earth.

Bachelorette Buttons


I was partially finished with my buttons collage when I thought the flowers would need to pop more from a distance so I added some black lava, some of Martha Stewarts beadz, and some gold foiling.


Now I’m much happier with it. I’m loving the colors and the shabbiness. It’s the perfect girly accents to add to my gallery wall.

Today I’m playing with a board I’ve had stashed in my art supply closet for years…


My background so far consists of vintage text pages, glimmer mist in Viva Pink, and torn and crumpled decorative paper napkins in pale turquoise print. LOVE this! I’m going circles on this piece. More tomorrow on the progress of this super fun painting.

Accidental Art


While washing my hands this morning getting ready for another coat of lilac polish I noticed the shape of the soap took on a ghostly appearance. The creative side of me just couldn’t miss the opportunity to add some googly eyes and a post it note with BOO written on it for the next person in line for the bathroom. I thought I’d share my sudsy spirit with you today.


Mission accomplished! Sally Hanson’s Lacy Lilac nail polish is perfect for spring and summer and a statement polish for me for the lavender color which represents Lupus Awareness Month.

Today I’m finishing up my sewing collage and starting on this…..


I made this garland of buttons, beads, and bobbins for the painting I’m currently working on but it just didn’t fit in the way I wanted it to so I decided to make a special piece just for this band of bling. What better things to do this time of year than to create gardens… indoors and out!

Since the sun has taken a certain dislike to me I’ll make my garden indoors for now. I’ll share me blooms with you as they grow.

Fishing Dock


Finally! This is the third and final painting in the commission I’ve been working on. This is a labor of love as well. It’s for my family doctor. He’s been my doctor since I was a tween and it really pains me to see him retire. Dr. is an avid fisherman and this was the topic choice by the client as well as myself. Here’s a few close ups and some details on what I did.


This started as the other 2 did… with a gesso board. I used paints and colored tissues and napkins to layer up the background. The fish are rubberstamped on and then painted over with metallic paints and shaded using glitters and black lava texture medium. I also outlined them with a black fine point marker for emphasis. The bubbles are applied using paints via pen caps, corks, paint lids and then I added some foil and some resin to make some of them look like water bubbles.


The fishing pole is hand crafted using a maple branch from one of our trees, I wrapped the handle in jute and added colored jute to spiff it up a bit. The reel is a wooden bobbin wrapped with fishing line. I used eye screws on the pole for the loops and strung the line through it. I also tied some twine tightly around where the eye-screws went in so when it dries it won’t split. I used a fishing hook and a fishing lure for the catch of the day. The tackle box is a sugar free Altoids tin. I added flocked paper to the top half and moss to the bottom and topped them off with goodies from the fishing department from Walmart.

On the very bottom of the painting I applied some resin and added Stewart Gill  Gilding Chips and some Martha Stewart bead glitter to give a glimmering water-type effect.

As for my health… No news yet. I have a follow up with my GP tomorrow so hopefully I’ll find out something.

Until later… I’ll keep creating… Twitching toes and all!



Finally… the second commission is done. This was so much fun. It’s got layer upon layer of love. Using gesso board I started by using crumpled tissue and then washing it with color. after I had the sky and the ground defined I added texture to the background with crackle medium, flocking material, black lava, and more. I used a brick patterned stencil for the foreground and used texture flakes on the bricks. I painted them with 2 shades of red and sponged some black in to finish them off. I used acrylic fibers for the grass and some jute for the flowers, topping them with pearl embellishments and mini beads. The houses are made from wooden shapes covered with a variety of collaging paper and topped with window dressing. I added butterflies and applied sparkle glaze over the top of them and then used mini Scrabble tiles to complete the painting.

I had great fun with this and hope that the recipient enjoys it for years to come.



It’s been a while since I’ve posted an art piece. This is a commission I finished today. I’m working on a second and third commission now too and the second one is nearing the finish line. I’m really pleased with how this turned out. It has tons of texture. I used a crumpled up paper napkin that I peeled the white backing from for the background. Then I used a gold metallic finish rubbed in with a baby wipe for yumminess.

The flowers are enhanced with different texture mediums from gold leaf, black lava, and modeling paste, I used hardware for the centers of the yellow flowers, I painted them and added red rhinestones to the centers, the other two flowers have rhinestone centers as well.

I’ll be back soon to post the second painting in my commission as soon as it’s finished… which should be SOON!

Happy 2sday!

Nuts about…


Crazy acorns! It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month again… and in honor of that I’m making an ATC a day for the duration of the month. This is for Day Three!

Here’s Day One and Day Two.

It’s crazy windy here today and it’s the first day I’ve actually worn a hoody for working in my studio in nearly two years. I have the wind open to freshen the air and help easy the smells of paints and glues and God only knows what else! I’m working on three different things at once so my hands have been super goopy. I’m covered in blue glitter glue and in dire need of a hand washing…  so on that note come back tomorrow for Day 4 of more cleavage!

Ribit… Ribit…

Ta-Da! Done. This was SO much fun. I used sheet music in the background which prompted the idea for the birds on the branch… And after all what lil sprout with a slingshot isn’t tempted to at least court the idea of birds. Thank God for moving targets… little hands don’t stand much of a chance.

One of the first things I did for this painting/collage was to create the slingshot. I raided a few branches from the front yard maple tree. After some trimming and cutting I used some twine and a teeny patch of leather with a pearl “rock” to top it off. Where do little peeps keep their slingshots? Yep… in their back pocket. I cut up a pair of denim shorts that I’ve shrunk out of and sewed up a pocket adding trim and rivets for detail. I’ve got a birds feather and some leaves and a ribbon rose along with bling for “punch” to fill out my pocket.

The froggy has a base of kraft paper atop a thin chipboard. I used various paints and sprays for the background and added the same trim as on the pocket… adding some Martha Stewart ribbon. Topping it off with some rhinestones and pearls. Done and done!

Today I’m working on my Time Flies a bit of Steampunk with copper and blue. Ohh la la.

Have an awesome Hump day and keep creating!


After playing with this layout for a few days and getting nowhere… I finally got an idea and am ready to move forward. After making fabric flowers and a few other goodies that I fully intended to use on this piece… I’m storing them away and going with a different route. I’m happy with my decision and should have this painting/collage done by the weeks end. I’m not sure if I was combatting artist block or if this painting was just being rebellious until it got what it wanted.  I’d like to think the latter.

I’m looking into these… This whole losing weight thing as inspired the girly-girl inside me. Someone who’s been hibernating for the past 8+ years in a cocoon. I’m no longer using alligator clips to pull my disheveled hair up onto the top of my head… I’m actually flat ironing it each day and trying my best to look like me again. The clouds are lifting… get your sunglasses peeps… I’m gonna shine bright! =)

Bucket of Blooms

And done! I really, really, really… enjoyed the process of this piece. It pretty much concludes my series that I’ve been working on since earlier this year. This is number six in my garden themed paintings… and they are all hanging in my entryway. They looks very cheerful and I’ll snap a picture of them very soon to share with you.

Here’s a few close ups of Bucket of Blooms…

I rolled paper around twigs from my garden to make these flowers.. I used Martha Stewart glitters to embellish as well as some small push pins covered with puff paint for the flower centers. I also used some wooden beads, painted them yellow and glittered them up… topped them with a leaf and glued them onto the moss… also from my garden.

Try making a paper bouquet for your desk… just take strips of cut collage papers and wrap up around wooden dowels, twigs, pencils… used up paint brushes or what-have-you. I’d love so see what you grow!

I used so many different mediums on this painting… including something new I just bought. Angelica fibers… you can see the texture of them in the above photo… the green firefly is resting atop them.  I simply took two colors of the fibers and mixed them up a bit… then laid them on some metal mesh I have and used the heat gun to bond them to each other. I used mod podge and my brayer to adhere them to the painting.