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Talk about a Hiatus!

I’m back. It’s been a few years I know. I hadn’t been feeling well and found out I have Lupus so I’ve been learning to take care of myself and limit my time and energy. However, I’m back to creating again and I want to keep you up to date on my creations and artistic endeavors. I’m also back on Etsy as of today so I hope you drop by and check out what didn’t get posted here … yet made it to the shop. I’ve got some really fun items up for sale now and look forward to creating even more. Here’s the latest goodies from the studio.



Layers upon Layers


This combination of colors speaks to me. Something inside me physically moves and puts in a state of awe at the beauty of it. It’s comforting.  I chose this palette to add to this new journal to help me move forward in learning about Lupus and what’s wrong with me. This is going to be my journey journal. My thoughts and fears and prayers and joys as I live and learn from day to day. I thought it would be easiest for me to start off by preparing background pages to have something to day my words to. This is still a bit of a work in progress but it’s pretty nearly done. Next I need to buy a really super good pen like a sharpie will write on ANYTHING.

Layers upon Layers of paints and mediums are on this spread and it’s still in the drying process as I sprayed it generously with hues of Glimmer Mist this morning. I’m already pondering my next color combo for the next spread.

Running on Empty


I’m empty. I’ve got nothing left. I do very little each day and it’s horrible. I’m trying very hard to work on my art journal. I’m attempting backgrounds so I can journal my way through this illness which we think is Lupus. I’ve managed to do a bit each day on a few pages and will snap a photo for you soon.

I’m battling a face on my rash which could be Lupus or Rosacea. So to find out I take a Tetracycline drug for a month. If after that time I show an improvement then we treat Rosacea. If there’s no improvement I’m assuming we treat Lupus.  I’ve three weeks left of meds before we find out.

We attempted treating Raynauds but the meds landed me in the ER via and ambulance. Not a fun day… nor a fun week of recovery.

Baby steps. My new motto! ~~ I’ll be back after I get a little more fuel in my tank.

Seamstress Seduction

Breast Friends
Seamstress Seduction

Here’s a fun ACEO. Using vintage pattern instructions I cut out the dressmakers dummy form and used handmade doilies I bought from Etsy for breast friend cover-ups. I topped them with pretty pink rhinestones. The background is from a vintage pattern. I glued it down and painted and stamped.  It’s quite a fun and funky piece that will be available at the beginning of October … along with more from my Breast Friend series.  Drop by again tomorrow for another fun ACEO.



Simply Awesome

Yesterday’s shopping trip to Freddies led me to this single plate they had left. Now I have to decide what I’m going to do with it. It would be perfect for a trio of candles. It also pretty enough to hang on the wall or sit on a shelf all by its self! It’s extremely curved so it would be a perfect plant holder as well. I got this gem for only $2.00 so I’m extremely happy with my treasure hunt find. If you can think of other suggestions to use it for please let me know as I’m always open to new creative ideas! Our final walk-through was supposed to be today but your agent hasn’t called so I’m thinking the tile that was supposed to be replaced has been done yet. … Massive GRRRR! I’ll be calling to find out what’s going on and I’ll keep you posted. =/

Turning Over a New Leaf

Thank God for his renewal each year!

I will miss this weekly drive to the grocery store as it’s a lakeside drive and I really enjoy nature and used to spend my summers hiking

This picture stuck me in a way most haven’t recently. It begins from the bottom all scraggly and somewhat bare of with a lack of direction. Then all of a sudden there are bursts of leaves indicating life and joy and newness. Such is life as we grow, we leave school and have no direction and slowly but surely we begin to branch out and show our true colors of gorgeous individuality.

I wanted to share these spring pictures with you as when I just graduated when I was much younger I wanted to be a photographer but I lacked confidence and direction. I chased rainbows each time they crossed my path. And they crossed my path in many forms.

Today I am happy to say I’ve got my rainbow in my pocket and value what I’ve learned and gone through even though it was indeed the school of hard knocks. After I got my Masters Degree from there I went on to a community college and got a different kind of education. Honestly I’m not sure which I value more. I learned so many life lessons from my first degree… and then I learned applicable skill for the work environment from the second. Now I’m moving across town to create a nest and once that’s done I’ll be schooling myself in yet another way that only God knows at this time.

Tomorrow I will share an absolutely gorgeous plate I bought off the Easter discount table at Fred Meyers today. It’s PINK, and green, and black with white… They only had one left so I took it to heart that God was saving it for me… I got it for $2.00… perfect for candles in my new bedroom or studio!

Can you tell how excited I’m getting?!

Bubble Juggler ~ Work in Progress

Not the clearest of pictures…but then again…not the best of digital cameras. Close ups are super hard with my camera. You might be able to see what I’ve done.. if not, here’s a run down so far. I used punched circles in three sized cut from a page from a novel. I did it simply for the texture so you could use any type of paper I guess. I then applied gesso around the girl and used a baby wipe with purple pansy paint on it and started “blobbing” paint on until I was satisfied. FUN! Next I used a bottle cap with the rim of painted with black paint… right now I’m in search of the perfect dress fabric/paper. I want red. But I can’t find the perfect red …yet… I’ll be digging through my junk mail to find it I think. And I want it glossy. I also used a texture paste to stamp little circles around the painting so that when I add layers you’ll see them “pop.”

Today was grocery day and I found a recipe I really want to try here. So I bought all the ingredients that I didn’t have. OMG you have to check it out.. it sounds SO GOOD! (and super simple!) Toss in some garlic bread and be the hero of the day!  I will be using more recipes from this site as I can’t help but l♥ve the name. What a coincidence huh!? =)

Tonight however, I bought a precooked carton of fried chicken and will make a quicky batch of *mashed potatoes and call it good. As you know… I don’t cook on grocery shopping day. I found nothing I wanted to buy today in the art supply area. I was hoping to find the red paper for my Bubble Juggler’s dress and headband but nothing spoke to me. So the search will continue in the papers that I already have or maybe I’ll create something really unusual myself.

Tonight is the new Royal Pains which is a program my hubs and I enjoy so we’ll be playing angry birds and watching tv while he eats boysenberry pie I bought at the store for dessert. Last night I whipped up a batch of cooked chocolate pudding for the guys and remain a hero! Feed em well and give em laughs and they’ll most likely love ya. If not.. serve em raw food! Hee!


Oh the Bling!

I fell in love… or possibly lust with some of these awesome embellishments I went down an aisle in Fred Meyer that I had not yet discovered. It was ONLY one isle over from where I go every week so you can imagine the tingles I got …. I knew I couldn’t buy them last week as our budget would have gone over too much. But I did my best to fit them into this weeks budget and would have met the budget if I hadn’t bought them. BUT!… I did get them cheaper them for what I’ve seen them for online…minus the shipping and handling so I’m super ecstatic. They have a ton of different kinds of these that I will be sorting through on my weekly trips to consider how I’ll fit them into my art. As for today…. I’m in love.

I have finished a mini painting but my camera battery died on our shopping outing. I’ve been photographing the changes in the leaves along the parkway and they are turning very quickly all of a sudden so I’ll need to get my photo’s taken next week as I was going to make a banner type montage to share with you… the colors of fall sneak up on us and warm us up as the weather cools.

Tomorrow is already Friday! We had a short week here as Monday was a mandatory furlough day for Washington State Employees. No work… and no pay. Maybe if the state legislature would cut some of their entitlements we wouldn’t have to force hundreds of people to lose a day of pay and they’d be able to pay their mortgages… along with the furloughs are increasing prices in health insurance that cuts even more from our check monthly. Depending on the department you work in mandates how many furlough days you are required to take. My hubs has to take 2 a year which is a lot easier than most employees have it. But they looked ahead and started budget cuts when they heard it was coming up.  Oh the politics of it all …

I’ll be back here tomorrow with a charge camera battery and a mini painting that will be ready for a frame. I hope you drop back by and give a shout out. I think I’ll have to start rewarding for comments. Hmmm… =)~