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♪ ♫ Songbird ♫ ♪

Happy 2sday! I’m still playing in my art journal as I varnish paintings on the side. This creation was made over a piece of collaging paper I pulled out of my drawer. It was the exact same size as my journal. I love the cracked look in the background. I drew Marie Antoinette over the top and painted her face, neck, and hair, then I started adding papers and stickers, and paper lace and all things Marie. I created the birdcage from a piece of card-stock and painted it with a few layers of gold paint. For the 3D pearly dots I used Scribbles. I think she turned out sweet. I’m very happy with her.
Since it’s again Tuesday it’s time to share one of Tammy’s Toys! Today I have a more of a practical “toy” to share. My mouse died this past week and as much as I loved it…I like a small compact mouse as I have small hands. Driving a large sedan feels to clumsy so finding just the perfect Internet sports cruiser isn’t always easy. I found my new “wheels” at Staples this past weekend and they had it in my favorite color! Who could resist. The cord is retractable too so it could almost double as a YoYo!

Tammy’s Toys

I will miss my old mini mouse as it had so many memories attached to it… so much so that I took it’s pictures before it’s burial. It was beat up and dinged and smudged and loved only as an old sports car mouse can be. It’s now time to make new memories with my new buddy and think PINK!

NEVER Forget…

  God Bless America

September 11, 2001 – 2010. In honor of all those who gave their lives ~ Victims, First responders, Clergy, Volunteers, Family & Friends. YOU are what makes this country so great. God Bless you and keep you and give you peace that passes understanding. I will have many moments of silence and tears in your honor today. God Bless America.

Don’t Be Blue

Don’t Be Blue

This painting looks NOTHING like it started out as. I actually gave the painting a base-coat of red and added white misted with alcohol to add interest and texture. It looked really cool but for some reason I couldn’t follow what the painting was leading me to do. I went over the background with layers of finger-painted pinks, whites, and finally metallic baby blue. I did this about 3 or 4 times before I was satisfied with what I had in front of me. Carefully I picked through my collaging elements knowing that I had a certain shade of blue I couldn’t clash with. I used a Swankies Hankies for a her dress, and a few collaged flowers edged with the metallic baby blue I was using. After adding more elements like the beads and the rhinestones to her dress and including them in the epoxy blue flowers I added I felt the painting was becoming more cohesive. She has a halo of the metallic blue around her head as well as a bit in her hair. It just helped it blend together more and make it look more like it “should.” The red is gone, bits of white remain, lots of pinks and blues remain and I feel she’s who she was meant to be now. The sides are painted with a framing of the blue and a bit of bright pink. She… might get a hint of dark eyeliner but other than that she’s done… and ready to be vanished. So be sure to check back next week and see if she’s smiling at you from Etsy!

1000 Sheets of Paper

Are you drooling yet!? I know I am. I’m sharing this link for 1000 sheets of paper here so you have the opportunity to get a chance to win such a fabulous deal! Hop on over to THIS blogspot to check it out! If you’re a paper person like me you’ll surely want to be included in this drawing! Good Luck to all of us.. and start dreaming of all the luscious things you could create!

Kindness and Hope

There seems to be a lack of simple acts of kindness in the world today. I found this on blog I was reading and wanted to share it here. Always remember to put yourself in the other person’s shoes if only for a moment.

I’ve been busy with Physical Therapy and pain management so I haven’t been around to blog as much as I would like. This too shall pass. I’ve been reminded several times of God’s Timing this week and know he has a plan for my healing process. I’m using a walker part time now and even though I’m slower than a slug I’ll progress with God’s Timing. When I’ve mastered the art of using the walker I’ll slowly progress to a cane. I’ve been frustrated beyond belief with this slow process but thanks to the message of God’s Timing I know he’s got something wonderful planned for me and I’m DELIGHTED!  Sometimes we have to dig really deep into the pile of poo we’re in.. but there is always HOPE!

Eleven Days Left

I’m on a countdown! I’m very close to single digits now till trusty old stinky pinky will be removed. I’m SO looking forward to being able to stand on my own two feet. I’ve no idea yet what kind of rehab I’ll be facing but I’m looking forward to having wiggle room. My art journaling is still going strong but the photos of my work are rather lack luster. It’s very challenging trying to prop my journal in a camera aimable position from a wheelchair… soon however, I’ll be more stable and my photos of my work will have more luster. This leaf is somewhat of a doodle that turned into a bit more of a focused work. Most of these entries are done with me flat on my back with my foot on a princess high poofing of pillows. (No, there is no pea under them.) I’ll try to get better photos for you soon and will be happily walking around in a LESS than 2 weeks! God is Great! Until next time! Artfully thinking of you.

Seeds of Faith


It’s all about patience whilst awaiting for bones to mend. This detailed flower is an example of the patience I’ve been trying so desperately to display. This version of journal play was done with fine tipped felt markers and pastels. I pretty much used what I had at arms length to create this blossom. It’s middle is full of seeds that will scatter into the blind winds of faith once it’s reached it’s peak. The countdown continues and is finally in it’s teens! As of today I have 17 days till my next Drs appointment. As cute as the cast is it’s more so a large pain in the hiney. I’m sure it’s doing it’s purpose but I’m getting ever so “cabin-feverish.”  I’ll be counting my blessings and holding tight to my sanity as the days pass by. Leave a comment if you wish to keep me company on my endeavor! =) Oh how I miss my paints!!!

Fleur de Blue

Fleur De Blue
Fleur De Blue
Fleur de ankle pain. This a journal entry I did to start off my January Journal. I had stopped art journaling and focused on doing individual pieces to post in my Etsy but I’ve missed journaling and watching the process of improvement in my works. I made a mini-resolution to myself  in mid-December to journal again in 2010. I guess I was forced to keep that promise to myself as I’m still sofa slouching while my ankle mends. So far I’ve finished 10 journal pages and I’m still working away on mofd. I’m doing my best to keep my craft fresh and not get rusty. When an idea pops into my head I quickly jot it down in my ever-trusty~ true-blue notebook and then when I’m feeling arty I jump into my journal and play. This pretty lil mess was made with collaging papers, stickers, pastels, chalks, felt pens, colored pencils and lots of fingertip smudging. I hope you enjoy!