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Pretty Pink Paper Purse

My recycling projects are still in full swing. I tinker with them between other projects. I try not to let too many paintings and such stack up before completing them. I don’t want to bury myself in undone do-dads.

This is made from two toilet paper rolls that I flattened and adhered together. I used a pretty paper napkin to decoupage it adding painted painters tape to the sides and glitter paints for accents. I topped it with a 3D flower embellishment with collaged leaves. To finish the top I used fun fur yarn around the upper lip and poke a hole in each side to string colored wire through for a handle. It’s great for collecting lots of things either hung from a peg or a nail. It’s a mini catch-all or super girlie pencil holder for your locker. The possibilities are endless.

Kinda cute huh!? And sparkles too!

Part of the inspiration for this is from one of my mom’s gorgeous flowers… What a couple of glorious blossoms.

Bet then again… if you know me… you know how I feel about PINK!

My whispers for today’s edition of Whispering Wednesdays are…

  • This morning I taught myself how to made PDFs for the first time! /Flex!
  • I found a new blog here…. Read NeiNei she’s a true inspiration.
  • I’ve got some serious pain in my neck and back that has been getting worse by the weeks and now months… Dr’s appointment on Friday.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

It’s that time of year again when things around us are happy and joyful. The season of candy! Lots and lots of candy. Soon little goblins will be ringing the doorbell for Nom Nom! Then we’ll smell the wonderful aroma of turkey roasting in the oven… and before we know it we’ll be bringing Christmas gifts to those we love.

With this painting I went with pink and spring green instead of the traditional red and green… something fun and whimsical instead this time. I’ll get to more mainstream colors soon enough. =) This is painted on watercolor paper with collage papers, rubberstamps, doodles, tinsel confetti and little bling stickers. The hat is embellished with fun flock… and yes, the pompom on the end of the hat is now drying. =) Oh the details! This  is going to be made into cards once the glues all dried!

I posted all but one of my Autumn Owl ACEOs on Etsy today so click on over and take a peek!

I wanted to share my harvest from this year… This is a little less than halve of what we got from our forgotten potatoe plant we planted. We forgot to harvest (it was planted in an outdoor pot and our deck was rotten to the core… thanks to our diligent landlords maintainance.) This year when it started to grow I had the feeling whatever it was wasn’t a weed so I let it grow.. one day it hit me… “Oh yeah!” “We planted potatoes!” Here’s what we haven’t yet eaten!

They are a product of placing “this” in a pot outside and forgetting about it. I can’t wait to plant more next year. It was SO fun digging through the dirt to find an edible treasure. Each time I was just giddy! Funny huh?

Now for Whispering Wednesday…

  • I love taking pictures of virtually nothing and turning them into digital art.
  • I NEED to go through my art supplies to weed out what I don’t use and give the rest to charity.
  • I’m a salt freak! Given the choice between a savory or sweet snack… I’ll take the salty one every time. 

Speaking of snacks… I hear some trail mix calling my name. See you tomorrow for more Christmas in October.


I couldn’t resist! I always think of Halloween when the smell of autumn tickles my nose. It’s a definite change. You can feel in on your skin, smell it in the air and feel it in your heart. It a warm feeling amidst the new chill that hits the air… and I LOVE it. It makes me think of the safety of home. Warm cocoa, nights in pajamas watching TV, family, dessert after dinner, the warm feeling that I’m safe. It very could be the way I grew up…nevertheless, this is how I feel at the first rush of autumn air.

This ATC is done layers a small corner of decorative napkin and building on top of it with the painted owl and embellishments. Admitidly I likely spent way to much time on this ATC but it was really a fun and involved process… and the results are well worth it. I’ll be posting this little treasure on Etsy on Friday when I post a few more I’ve completed.

Since we’re on the subject of birds… I can’t help but give you a shot from my backyard window at the bird feeder. It’s been packed lately 4 deep each time I take a gander! (birds… goose… gander… see what I did there!?)

This is as about as focused as I can get using partial zoom with my little portable pocket cam.

This is what I’m talking bout! NOM NOM!

Whispering Wednesday – Yay!

  • I harvested my very first homegrown potatoes yesterday
  • I’m cooking them tonight with sausages
  • I’ve taken an interest in houseplants again and will share my mini indoor garden soon.
  • I’ve picked out my birthday present… tune it Friday for a look-see.

Shacked up with Love

Here’s today’s progress with my Love Shack painting. I got pretty far today considering that I was feeling rather sluggish. I need to adjust my meds me thinks. I’ll work on that tonight.  I have a lot of delicious layers here. I started with a strip of cheerful wrapping paper near the bottom 1/3 of the painting.  I also tore two hearts from the same paper and mod podged them to the top right. Then the second layer… crumpled up tissue paper. This not only helps tone down the glaringly obvious gloss look of the wrapping paper but it helps to mute the colors and gives it more of a background effect. Easy Peasy! You must try. =)  Then the house. I traced the canvas size into my sketch book then did a bit of “layout” work to adjust the size and placement of the house. I liked the house so much I used tracing paper and cut it out and then traced over my cutout onto the collage paper. I picked a muted yellow so I could bring up the colors as desired. I also stamped the flowers and leaf images onto the house.

The roof is also collage paper cut into a fun design and sponged on the edges with black waterproof rubber stamping ink. The trick part is gluing it back together to look right. (I did this by gluing it to the tracing paper before gluing onto the canvas. Wa-la!)

The flowers are from a paperback novel that I glued, painting with gesso, then added the colors. I used an eraser tip to stamp the black dot in the centers and then used a painting tool to add the yellow middles.

Here’s a few close ups of several corners of the painting… It’s not done yet I want to add some more hearts and a few more things but it’s much closer to where I want it to be. I’ll sleep on it and I’m sure the rest will come to later.

It’s Whispering Wednesday … so shhh! If you listen very closely you’ll hear something!

  • I’ve been collecting acorns that have been falling from the tree in the front yard… I have no idea why!
  • I’m reading about Himmler at the moment … talk about a spooky dude!
  • My hubs bought me the game Sims Medieval… fun stuff. Very interesting game. Check it out

Flowers In Her Hair

Flowers In Her Hair

I finished this little ditty last night. I used embossed collage paper for her dress and painted over the embossing with colors to go with the flowers in her hair. I also used a lot of glitter glaze on the dots and circles on this painting but my scanner didn’t pick up the yumminess. I’ll post her on Etsy tomorrow when I have a bit more time. I’m getting ready to dash downstairs to make dinner.

The commission is almost done and at the moment it’s drying. I’ll snap a photo for you later and let you see how it’s coming along. I should be done with it tomorrow and be able to get it in the mail on Friday … hopefully!

Whispering Wednesday

  • Dinner tonight is courtesy of Bisquick! (I actually had all the frozen ingredients for this.)
  • I listened to a documentary on Goebbels while painting today. What a creepy guy!
  • I joined this past week… awesome website! Join me.

Time to cook! Catch you on the flip-side of dinner

Angel Work in Progess

Work in Progress

This little sweetheart is going to be a redhead. I’ve been commissioned to paint an angel… her wings are sitting on my desk and will be added after I’ve progressed in the painting process. I’ve done commissions before but this one is a bigger piece so it’s going to be a lot of fun to get creative with. The colors are going to be reds/burgundies/pinks, and greens. I think I’ve already decided on the collage paper for her dress.

I’ll get more messy with this tomorrow as you’ll see … today is working on the face day.

I took some pictures of my studio to share with you. Now that it’s cleaned up… I can start reorganizing things that got shoved to the side during the moving and settling process. I’m also donating some of my old scrapbooking supplies to charity so I have more room for storage. I’m also planning out my wall space for shelves, storage and art! Should be fun!

As you can see… I’m getting there. I think I’d like to put some shelfs around the upper part of the wall to put decorative storage bins on. It would be neater and more efficient than digging through the closet for items I need. While I’m doing this I “should” take an inventory and record where I store what… but that’s a bit over the top. Although it would be relatively easy using a camera and Excel … It might be a worthwhile undertaking. =)  Time will tell. Heh~

Once again it’s Whispering Wednesday… and Hump Day

Here’s a few tasty tidbits.

  • Thanks to being an insomniac I only get about 4 hours of sleep each night.
  • The older I get, the more I see everything through a creative eye.
  • Lately my favorite lunch is 29¢ Cup of Noodles. (Gotta love Winco!)

Over n Out for now… I’ve got a face to paint!

Whispering Wednesday and Doodles Galore

I’ve been mad about flowers lately. I can’t seem to control the urge to draw and paint flowers this summer. So I’m embracing the desire and going as over the top as I can with my new passion. This little doodle is one of my new entries in my art journal. I’ve only made pencil sketches in the journal so far which is really odd for me… but it’s been a relaxing way to wind down after dinner in the evenings.

This is a photo of a sketch book entry that I hope to turn into a painting soon…(once I get the canvas for it.) I Photo-Shopped the color into this and thought it looked fun enough to share with you.

I love the long narrowness of this piece and can’t wait to pick up the canvas for it at Walmart next week. I was inspired by the blank canvases they had that were this shape and I just HAD to doodle up something that would fit into the space! I keep thinking up ideas and can’t keep up with myself.

I sold one of my crosses a while back and was asked if I’d make some earrings to match it… and here’s that finished commission that I’ll be posting on Etsy for my the client. Mixed media will go ANYWHERE!

And I’m working on the “nom nom” painting beneath the earrings. I’m using some pearly paints and I’m going to add some funky edging on the painting and some pearls in the center of the flowers… at least that’s the plan at them moment.

My Whispering Wednesday entry this week is done via photo-journalistic style. I’m giving you a glimpse into my messy desk to day along with a few fun facts about me.

*Especially Lime Sorbet tinted paint water. 😉

Laguna Ice Poppies

Laguna Ice Poppies

Here’s the ACEO of the day. This is done with illustration board, paints, papers, tissues, texture medium, silver tinsel glitter, gesso and a glass of cold iced tea (for the creator!) I absolutely love this one! The colors just speak to me. I’m taking this to a bigger level today too. I grabbed a big flat canvas I’ve had for …ever… and started in. I’ll photograph as I go.. it’s drying right now… see!

This is 16″ x 12″ and it’s going to be a very beautiful mess while I create… I have had blues and greens and yellows on my hands for the past few days… it’s gotten down into the beds of my fingernails…yep, I DO fingerpaint! Sometimes the fingers are the best blender brushes  you’ll ever find. And their always on hand! See what I did there? That would earn a much deserved groan in my house. But they’re used to me and actually wait for comments like that now. They know I’m out of sorts if I don’t make an odd comment now and again…. and again, and again.

I doubt this will be framed as it’s somewhat of a shabby chic style so I’ll likely drill holes and use fibers to hang it. I’ll probably put some fringe around the bottom too. I just love the textures of fibers, ribbons, stings and jutes, and yum! I think you know what I mean.

My Whispering Wednesday entry this week has arrived!

  • I’m taking a nap for lunch today. I was up REALLY late due to some ‘kids’ in the back area parking lot causing a ruckus.
  • My anxiety has been reeling it’s ugly head the past few weeks. I hope it’s not a sign of more to come.

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead

I bought this skull tissue paper about two years ago and have only had the opportunity to use it once before. I actually hadn’t planned on going with day of the dead with this but that’s the direction it took… I had a goth idea in mind but flowers started sprouting in eye sockets before I knew what was happening… Wow… I hope my garden does that well next spring after I plant! =)

You can’t tell in the light but the rim is painted with a metallic green paint… aka ~ Nail polish. Since I’ve been doing art all my nails have become ‘tools’ rather than accessories… so I figured why not use the beauty supplies in my mixed media. It adds a nice bit of punch to things… and it comes in SO many colors! Nom!

I’m going to be working on some earrings for a special order this week and have been digging through my jewelry findings and other odds and oddities for ideas. It’s always fun to create something from a request. It breaks down a few creative walls and makes me look at things differently.  I’ll photograph the process and share as I go. I’m also working on a few ATCs and some other yummy art. I started my first BIG canvases too… that’s going to be interesting.. and messy! I think I’m going to need a bigger table top easel… and a lot of drop cloths!

Today’s Whispering Wednesday already so here’s a few sweet nothings about me. =)

  • Every Wednesday~ (Hump Day) my hubs and I race to remember what day it is and we do a firsties email with the picture of a camel.. (for the humps!)  I’m ahead by about 97%
  • I’ve named the downstairs bathroom “The Flower Potty” as I’m decorating it like a garden shed.
  • I’m on a cooking dry-spell… I can’t seem to come up with any novel ideas lately. (and ideas!?)

See you tomorrow with some ATCs and the first steps in my earring project! Have a great evening and let me know what’s for dinner!

A look at my retreat

Here’s a picture of my room shortly after moving in…. and below is how it looks today…

I’m still working on it but I feel so good about getting my shadow boxes repainted and hung. My dad made them for me many moons ago for another house… they served as window treatments in a huge store-front style window. After a few coats of satin white they gleam again and look fresh as a daisy and ready for art and nik naks to display.  My nightstands are perfect for this room so I was really happy to have the added white furniture as I’m using such strong colors that anything else might overwhelm. On my night stand on the left of the picture I have a small-yet-growing collection of crosses that I plan to hang over my closet doors. I have some of my art popped on the shelves of the shadow boxes and a few reading lamps clipped to my headboard. I’ll be swapping them out when I find what I’m after… everything I’ve found so far is to bright and the bulbs for the lamps don’t come in 20w…. so my search continues. I have one of my bibles on the left with a notebook, and on the right I have my Kindle and a book that’s on my list to read. The photos are of my parents and my favorite kiddo.

I’m going to Walmart today to see if I can find some sheers for my headboard backdrop… and to find a frame for a poster of the Eiffel Tower my mom bought me… I’m also going to be looking for something to hang a very long shelf with. So I’m excited to venture out today (and sneak down the art aisle!)  I’ll share the shelf and art poster after I get that area started… right now it’s just a blank wall. Let me know what you think and if you have any creative juice ideas please share! I’m always open to suggestion!

My whisper for today is simple…

  • I’m reading my bible more and more lately. 

Until tomorrow… when I have some art to share… God Bless and take care!