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Full Circle

Full Circle

From beginning to end… here’s the finished painting. I worked on this all day last Friday and finished it up. All I need to do now is give it a coat of varnish. I’ve temporarily hung it on my studio wall to photograph it and will have it up on Etsy by next week. What a fun project it turned out to be. I really enjoyed the washes of color and the freedom this allowed me to explore. I enjoyed it so much that I have a plethora of little items on my desk that I’m playing with… and I’m having a hard time tearing myself away from my playtime!

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already! The time has been flying by so fast since we moved… I finally got my plants re-potted in gorgeous new planters (I’ll photograph them and share soon!) And Monday was spent cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning some more. With three bathrooms their’s upkeep that needs to be done. =)

My parents came by on Monday and again on Tuesday with my niece. We had a nice visit and laughed till our sides hurt. I’ve been staying up WAY to late reading and have been paying for it this week. I feel foggy headed… but I finally finished Bonheoffer. Now I’m reading The Hiding Place. (It’s a *must-have-box-of-tissues* book so far.) I have a few books lined up for after I’ve finished this one but I haven’t decided yet which one it will be.

Whispering Wednesday is here once again and it’s time to share something obscure about me. So here’s a few oddities off the top of my head.

  • I don’t like rhubarb.
  • I adore tassels and fringe.
  • At 18 years old all my art supplies fit in a 12″ by 9″ basket…

…that I carried with me wherever I went. Oh how times have changed!

Jealous Heart

Jealous Heart

Spam can #1 done! … I used vintage sheet music, mod podge, wooden tiles, acrylic paints, rhinestones, glitter paints, tinsel confetti, heart stickers, black nail polish, black rubber-stamp ink, and topped it all off with an additional coat of mod podge. I lined the tin with tissue paper and inserted some brand new pencils. Whatcha think?

I just started a new tin as well. This one is being mod podged with torn brown paper bags. I bought THEE most awesome BIG buttons yesterday at Walmart that I’ll be using as the “centerpiece” of the next Spam-Can. So tune in tomorrow to see what I’m doing with paper bags, buttons, and old cans. I’m loving making the old new again. It’s really a fun process. I’m going to be making and posting these treasure holders on Etsy so be sure to check in soon in my shop to see what creative mischief I’ve been up to.

Again… it’s hump day and time for a few “secrets” about me.

  • I just tested myself for ADHD as I’m usually back and forth during the creative process… Thankfully I failed the test.
  • I usually take only half the meds my doc prescribes as some really aren’t necessary and they make me REALLY thirsty.
  • I’m an art supply hoarder and REALLY miss my old wallpaper books I had to abandon ten years ago.

Cheep Cheep

Impossible as it was to take a photo of a swaying bird-feeder while this character ate… I did the best I could without alarming our guest. Yes it turned out rather blurry so I tweaked it in Photoshop and made it look more “artistic.” I love birds… and I’m delighted to report that our feeder has become a hub for our fine-feathered friends in our new neighborhood. We have yet to buy a bird bath but it’s definitely on the list of must haves.

My desk is looking like a pile of paints and papers today as I’ve started the new painting and my fingers have various shades of blues and greens on them as I type. I love a beautiful mess like that! I’ll be playing a bit today but will be calling it short as my hubs has a short day at work and is then off to buy a BBQ and I’ll likely be making burgers this afternoon.

It’s already Wednesday so I have some whispers to share today… come real close so no one else hears while I whisper in your ear!

  • I believe that God shows me things through birds. 
  • In my early twenties I became absolutely fascinated with birds and studied and read up on them.
  • I am in love with my new gas stove – and have cooked birds… just chickens.. in it.
  • I have a twisted sense of humor!

That’s it for today. I have to rush off and get a few things done before my time is up for the morning. I’ll be back tomorrow with some juicy tidbit or another! God Bless YOU!

Mini Miracles

  Mini Magic

Here are the first ten mini magic mania squares that I’ve been working on. They are mounted on Chipboard and have gorgeous collage paper on the back so they are pretty, pretty on all sides. I dabbed the edges with paints and used high gloss varnish on the front and back of each magical marvel. I’m going to sell them in sets of either 3, 4, or 5 for a set price but I have a sheet of at least 40 to cut, pasted, varnish and complete with tender loving care. It’s a tedious job as they are ever so delicate and small, but we all know that good things come in small packages. So I’ll be working on these over the next few days and likely into the weekend when time permits and completing them to the best of my ability on Monday. I think they would make an awesome wall collage for small spaces like lockers, cubicles, dorm rooms, above a desk. You could even place them creatively inside a frame and make a mini gallery to show off your artistic knowledge.

The ideas are starting to accumulate now as I thought they might as I started getting really involved in the creative process of making them. Again… if you have ANY thoughts, please share them. I’d LOVE to hear what you’re input is. I think a trip to The Dollar Tree might help me find some other ways to showcase these “gigantic” little gems! =)

It’s Wednesday already… seriously where does the time go. I haven’t yet had the chance to take the pictures I wanted of my studio and bedroom to share with you. I must confess…. I was glued to my Kindle till around 3:00AM reading “The Lone Survivor” by Marcus Lutrell. If you’re anything like me and LOVE our troops… this is a must read. I closed the Kindle last night when I hit chapter 3 and I’m LOVING Marcus and his story.

I think that classified as a Whisper for Wednesday...

  • I love our troops with great passion and now proudly live in a military neighborhood.
  • We are having our first “dinner” guests this weekend for dinner and if it rains we’ll be eating on the couches as we have NO table yet.
  • I’ve revised my “Wist List” as I’ve received several of the items on it in the past week.

Drop in tomorrow to find out what I’ve purchased on my weekly grocery outing!

My Precious

Oooo-la-la! What fun I’ve been having creating these super cute ornaments. I got the idea from Jenga! I had a Jenja game with a block missing so I figured I had 53 clean palettes for creating just about anything I could think of. I came up with ornaments out of the blue. It was something I hadn’t done …yet! Now I’m hooked! I’ve made sixteen so far and they are posted ready for purchase now on Etsy! I hope you drop by and check them out.

I also played with making some bookmarks that I’ll be putting on Etsy tomorrow… I’ve dug out my laminator that’s been in the back of a closet for years… and I’m hoping like crazy that it hasn’t given up on me. I’ll find out later today when I plug it in and give it a whirl. I’ve been very busy playing in my studio this past week and have ignored a few boxes that are calling my name. They are in a closet so since they are out of sight they are out of mind. I need to pay them the attention they deserve and either get rid of their contents or find a home for them within our new home. Maybe they’ll turn into recycled art supplies!

It’s Wednesday already… rather hard to believe! Memorial Day has my week a bit mixed up… That will correct itself over the weekend I’m sure. It’s always good to have a few extra lazy days during the year. I made brats and potato salad with huge kosher pickles on the side and we pigged out! What a fun day.

It’s time again for Whispering Wednesday. So here’s a few things that you didn’t know about me till now…

  • I just started playing one of those stupid Facebook games… Gardens of Time. Fun, but I hope it passes soon!
  • I’ve been drinking Coke instead of coffee since we moved… What a “breakfast” huh?!
  • I’m addicted to creating! Oh wait… you may have figured that one out.

See you tomorrow with some bookmarks to share. GOD bless!

Behind the Easel!

 ♥ Enzo’s Dolphin

Finally a bit of free time today to draw out a painting and do a bit of wood-burning. This is something I’m making for Enzo. I’ve been following his mother’s blog and have been very touched by her story. Enzo’s wish is to swim with the dolphins so I decided after emailing briefly with his mom that I would paint a picture for his room so he will be able to cherish his memory once his wish is granted. This is going to be a very fun painting as I know where it’s going and it’s my first major project after several stressful months of house hunting and packing. This will be very therapeutic for me. I can’t wait to start digging through my paints and papers and all my mixed media medicine!

Today is another sunny day here in the Pacific Northwest so I took advantage of the beautiful lighting and took a picture out the stair landing window. We have a gorgeous maple tree outside that will bring many seasons of joy and color!

Won’t this tree be absolutely gorgeous all summer and then when it turns in the fall it will be like a  painting that changes daily with colors.

Saturday will be our 2nd week in our new home and it’s such a joy to wake up in such a big house and have so much room to wiggle about in. It’s very strange to be in such a vast space after living the “apartment” life for the past 10 years. I can you that I absolutely LOVE it though!

It’s Whispering Wednesday once again and time to share a secret or two about myself…so here goes!

  • I save all the greeting cards I get and make boxes with some of them.
  • I still haven’t hung my clothes up… they are all still packed in garbage bags ~ I’ve been alternating my shorts and tee shirts on a bi-daily basis. (SO much work to do – I don’t need to muck up all my clothes… just a few!)

Key Day!


Although the new house key isn’t on my key ring yet… it will be late this afternoon! How awesome is that. We’ve all been waiting for this day for  months! Finally, at last! How exciting is this? I had to share this with you as promised! Now, I’m back to packing and cleaning. I’ll keep you posted on my adventure! P.S. If you adore this key ring you can get one here! Hee… I couldn’t resist!

My whisper for this Wednesday is a very loud “YIPEE!”

Hoarders… NOT!


I was laying on the couch last night relaxing to some TV and as I looked around me I couldn’t help but feel “boxed” in. I have no idea how hoarders do it. I felt dirty and blocked in and almost like if I had to live this way I would surely suffocate.  If you look at this picture carefully, under the clock by the fireplace…(which is broken and the landlord said he would not fix….) you will see more boxes so our TV/Relaxation area is walled by boxes. It’s disgusting! BUT… I’m thankful because I know it won’t last too long and when we move I will feel so much more free than I feel now… or have felt in years.

Today other than packing my art closet and other various parts of the house I took time to get dinner going so we have something to look forward to tonight as we sit in out “box” fort. Tonight menu is Fiesta Tacos with corn tortillas and homemade Salsa Verde. Nom Nom. I started by slicing the steak meat into thin strips and making a marinade of lime juice, garlic, a package of taco seasoning…(yes, I cheated today) and chopped up fresh Cilantro, I added a few generous dashes of Chipolte hot sauce as well. I don’t serve cheese with these tacos so they are lean mean Mexi-machines! I might serve a side of refried beans or some rice. I haven’t decided yet. I feed 2 grown hungry men so I will likely pick one or the other.

Tomorrow I’ll get out for a short while to do a bit of shopping to pick up some packing supplies and some groceries then it’s back to the work. Things are going VERY well with the bank and the title company and we are getting an awesome interest rate so we are all smile around here.

I only have one whisper today for Whispering Wednesday and that is:

  • I hate packing!
I’ll keep you posted! And… take some advice if you would… When in doubt… THROW it OUT!

Whispering Wednesday

Tall Drink of Water

We had our home inspection yesterday but the gas didn’t get turned on so it was only a partial inspection. Today the Realtor and the inspector are going back over to check the gas situation which we are told should turn out good. There are a few things that will need to be done but most likely we can worry about them after the move in. So, it looks as if we are one step closer to getting our own home. Next we wait… again! We wait for the the seller’s bank to send back the papers for us to sign and then we give them to our loan officer. Then we wait again… we have to pay for an appraisal, and then we should get the word that we can move in. It’s looking more and more like we’ll get the keys at the end of this month. THANK GOD!  We got to spend two hours in the house yesterday with the inspector and it gave us a better feel for things and time to “really” look around at things we hadn’t thought about before. After the time there yesterday I’m more excited than I have been and I’m chomping at the bit to get the ball sunk in the hoop once and for all.

In the meantime between packing boxes and going through cupboards and drawers… I’ve been taking a bit of time to unwind and get some of my creative energy down on paper. This gal was a spur of the moment drawing I did on a very fun size of watercolor paper. I’m in the process of packing up part of my desk so we’ll see how quickly (or not) this painting comes along. If nothing else it’s good for some art therapy!

Now for some silly secrets and this weeks installment of Whispering Wednesday

  • I’m going to start a few “furniture” projects once we get settled in our new home.
  • I’m going to keep a picture journal of the moving process to share with you.
  • I’m looking into getting my bicycle fixed up so when/if the rains stop I’ll have some wheels to get around on.
  • I will only miss a few things about moving…. two are some foliage that glows deeps oranges and reds in the fall, and I’ll miss the amount of birds we get here. (I’m buying a bird feeder!)
  • I really want to buy a departing gift for my Evil Overlord…. The movie “Despicable Me” (but he’s not getting another red cent from us.)
I’ll be back tomorrow to let you know if there’s any new news! Until then… God Bless!

Whispering Wednesday

I packed again today and am sitting in a pool of sweat while I type this out to you. I managed four large boxes from the kitchen/living room/bathroom. One thing to be thankful for is that we live in small quarters so we haven’t been able to accumulate A LOT of stuff. Just enough to wear you out while packing. I’ve only a few smaller sized boxes left at the moment so I’ll have to pack those carefully… then I have some rather large boxes that will need “lighter” items in them so they don’t get dropped in transport. Oh the strategery of packing!

It’s already Wednesday and the week is flying by. I got an email from our Realtor this morning saying that we would likely hear “something” by Friday. It’s growing increasingly more frustrating and now that the packing process has truly begun it will be very stressful to live in a boxed up home. So say your prayers that things go through quickly and accordingly!

My Whispering Wednesday secrets this week are:

I’ve been spending my spare time on Ikea, Pottery Barn, Pier 1 Imports and the like fantasizing that I’ll actually have money to spend!

  • I’m dreading like crazy the process of packing up my desk.
  • I’m proud of myself for tossing the junk and getting huge piles ready for donations. It’s going to be a wonderful fresh start!
  • I have not seen nor spoken to my Overlord and his wife since this whole mess unfolded.
  • I have neglected my Facebook Profile with just minimal postings as I am SO busy house hunting, packing and praying for a reply from our Short Sale.
  • Tonight’s dinner is Cheese Ravioli with mushrooms and green onions with Chicken tenderloins on the side. (cleaning freezer… hah!)

I’ll see you back soon… and I hope to shout that I have some good news to share with you. God Bless and keep the Faith!