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Accidental Art


While washing my hands this morning getting ready for another coat of lilac polish I noticed the shape of the soap took on a ghostly appearance. The creative side of me just couldn’t miss the opportunity to add some googly eyes and a post it note with BOO written on it for the next person in line for the bathroom. I thought I’d share my sudsy spirit with you today.


Mission accomplished! Sally Hanson’s Lacy Lilac nail polish is perfect for spring and summer and a statement polish for me for the lavender color which represents Lupus Awareness Month.

Today I’m finishing up my sewing collage and starting on this…..


I made this garland of buttons, beads, and bobbins for the painting I’m currently working on but it just didn’t fit in the way I wanted it to so I decided to make a special piece just for this band of bling. What better things to do this time of year than to create gardens… indoors and out!

Since the sun has taken a certain dislike to me I’ll make my garden indoors for now. I’ll share me blooms with you as they grow.

Egg-spress Yourself


They look like eyes. they both cracked the same way into the pan. I immediately saw a face and had to snap a picture for my Accidental Art collection.

I took some pictures of myself last week and the pictures really didn’t look like me…so I took some more at different angles… and still, it’s really not me and I was unable to put my finger on what’s different/wrong. After really studying what the differences were… I figured it out. Whatever has me sick is causing one side of my face to ‘swell’ –it’s quite subtle but it’s very obvious around the eye area as it make me eye look like it’s bulging a bit, much like the left egg in this photo.

I see the rheumatologist next week… so hopefully we’ll find out eggactly what’s wrong with me.

Glitter Explosion


While adding the finishing touches on today’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month ATC I grabbed for some old school glitter glue I haven’t used in forever. I noticed that the glue wasn’t shaking to the tip so I squeezed the bottle and it was extremely brittle from age and it just exploded! I haven’t touched any of it … I’m letting it dry and I’ll be using the glitter litter for something clever down the road which should be lots of fun.


Button Up! This card is fully loaded with glitter and sparkly and topped off with buttons to fasten to keep you warm through the icy winter. Lots of gold and pink and brown. Sweet at pie!

Strawberries and the Beauty of Every Day Objectes.

Strawberry Cleaning

I was reading a new blog I found and came across a painting of a strawberry on it. It got me to thinking of the beauty in everyday objects and I remembered I had taken a picture about a year ago of strawberry stems in the vegetable sink. I saved the photo and didn’t really think too much more about it until today. There is beauty all around us in the most unlikely of places. Something about the strawberry pieces floating in the water struck a cord in me and I wanted to save the memory. Today I want to share the beauty. You can decipher for yourself what you see in the sink. I see many stories. Some sad, some delightful, some uncertain, and some yet to be determined. I’ll let you ponder your own stories. But before I let you go, there can’t be a strawberry without straw.

And so we have ~ the beauty of the broom!