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Journal Giraffe

Journal Giraffe

I finished this journal entry last night. I then propped it up between our computers and smiled each time I looked at it. I think it’s really sweet. This mini giraffe makes me happy. I used layers and layers of collaging items, from torn paper napkin, stickers, punched flowers, stamped and cut leaves, and more. There are a number of mediums used here including inks, chalks, & acrylics. I was thinking of using some Victorian paper with grapes on it and calling this “The Grapes of Giraffe” but I thought that was a “stretch” (pun intended.) However that may still come to fruition one day. I settled on pink as it’s only natural for me to want a miniature pink giraffe.   Inspiration for this entry comes from a TV commercial of all things. I love this commercial and just have to share it with you! Click ME!
See you tomorrow! Happy Creating.


♥ Simplicity ♥

Playing on pink parchment that I glued into my art journal. My focus on my journal pages lately has been trying different ways of applying mediums as well as experimenting with facial expressions and features. I used a paper doily for her dress and washed over it with pink paint.
This was actually quite a simple page ~ hence the name… and the fact that there isn’t much to the background. It’s just a peaceful pink angel inspired from a book I’m reading ~~ Angels in my Hair by Lorna Byrne. I haven’t been able to put it down at night. I end up setting it down at 4:30 in the morning and kicking myself for reading too long and knowing I’m going to feel “ughhy” the next day .. heh.. the next day, who am I kidding, I’m up by 8ish. I’m half way through the book now so I only have a few more sleepless night left. It’s a very good book! I’m working in my journal today and gesso-ing some canvas’s for the Chaos and Calm class I’m taking. I’ll be picking up the remainder of the supplies I need for the class tomorrow when I hit Freddie’s for food. They have an art isle that I know like the back of my hand. =) I’ve had a busy day at my desk with helped relieve the stress of yesterdays long day on the phone dealing with providers and insurance. Ugh! I’m going back to painting now. I have a play date with myself. Be sure to come back tomorrow as I have some-bunny here who wants to say “hi!”