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USA or Bust


I missed posting yesterday. Time got away from me and before I knew it it was too dark to photograph this card. It’s sneakily getting darker soon…and making me crazy pumpkin spiced coffees and cocoas…go figure that the store didn’t have Pumpkin Spice creamer in again. I’m now on a mission to make my own. I’ll share the recipe when I find a good one. =)

I am on time today however! And here’s the Bloomin’ Buddies I finished yesterday in time for today’s posting…


The ‘buddies’ photographed far more yellow than they are… the are actually more on the green side, much like the leaves on the body.  Yummy fun with glitters and rhinestones. In her Sunday best.  Have a great day and I’ll be back tomorrow for Day 8.

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

Having still more fun with ATCs and Alice in Wonderland. Doing my version of the Queen of Hearts was a lot of fun. Who doesn’t love hearts! I LOVED this character in the movie. She played her part wonderfully. She was bold, imaginative, and funny. This was done on a precut illustration board ATC. First I drew the Queen and as always the first thing I do is the face. I used chalk pencils for her face and her hair then did a wash with red paint to add more vibrance. I used felt pens, microns, rubberstamps with acrylic paints, Zig painty metallic pen, tiny little heart stickers, gold leafing, and liquid appliqué. I finished off the edges of the card with DecoArt Elegant Finish in Emperor’s Gold. I LOVE the color of this paint.
I think I’ll be doing the Mad Hatter next, but first I’ll be playing with a drawing a did while resting my ankle on fluffy pillows on the couch. Here’s the drawing. It’s done on watercolor paper. I scanned it and darkened the lines in Photoshop so you could see it better. The actually drawing’s lines are very faint that they barely show. I’m looking forward to playing with this over the weekend. I need the distraction to keep my mind busy while I wait for next week and my blood work to get done… Then the waiting begins… As they say ~ Art Saves! Happy TGIF to all of you and Prayers please if you can spare some.Thanks and God Bless!