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Mixed Media and Makeup Mayhem


With the weather in the upper 80s and lower 90s it’s just too hot to be in my studio anytime after noon. I’ve been using my studio as my vanity as well… This has got to change as my makeup collection grows and changes as the seasons come and go. I need a decent storage area… as you can see …



The clutter of all my my art supplies and makeup and nail polish are blurring lines with each other at my desk and I’m going to need to find a solution very soon. I do have a desk downstairs but I was hoping to devote that to herbs and essential oils and reading materials. I need good lighting for both my “studio” projects… so I’m going to have to spend some time on Pinterest finding solutions for storage and whatnot.

And to think most of my products used to be confined to this…


One of these days if I don’t find a solution soon I’ll be grabbing my Acrylic Glaze instead of my moisturizer. So I’m on the search to end the mayhem and get my creativeness back on track!

Mind Mudslide


I’m trying very hard to work on three separate pieces but for some reason I’m having trouble concentrating and can’t get past the mudslide in my mind. Maybe it’s the mess on my desk that’s throwing me off.

Ya think?


Everything from A to Z has to be strewn about in this haphazard mess. Make up mirrors, heat tool, glues, paints, baggies of beads, jars of rhinestones and wooden shapes… yep… A whole bunch of brain clutter. I’m off to shop soon but if I’ll be cleaning this mess up tomorrow after I make the crew breakfast. Which by the way, is going to be something different this time around. Maybe after I have an organized area I’ll be able to focus my energy back on working on the mini’s I need to get done.

I’ll let you know if cleaning clutter cured the clog in my cranium. Until then. Go crazy creating! Just kidding