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Boo Bees!


You knew it had to happen right? I mean they were just right there asking for it. I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by. And topping this card with beeswax was perfect. It’s deliciously mushy and messy and waxy. Super fun and super textured. I’m going to put some fall decorations out today. I’m finally inspired to get to it and I’m pretty sure the smell of melting beeswax is the trigger.

I’m playing with my nails today and giving myself a manicure. I ordered a few beauty supplies and some canvas’s. I’ll be playing with those as soon as they get there… With Christmas around the corner… I’m having to put my sewing series on hold till January… which gives me lots of time to gather more goodies for collaging with. I love a good scavenger hunt!

Drop by tomorrow for more… cleavage! o.O

Queen Bee

Queen Bee

More Journal playtime! She has yet to have her crown but I’ll be picking that up today on my weekly Fred Meyer shopping trip. They have an art isle that I know the entire inventory of and I have my eye on a sheet of silver crown stickers! =) Sometimes I think I’m the only one buying from that isle as the inventory doesn’t turn over fast enough. They haven’t gotten anything “new” in a long time. A few isles over they have a discount section that I’ve boughten some wonderful papers from so that’s always fun!

This bee was drawn over a “tiled” collage paper in yellow. I used star Post-it notes on both sides and used some of my star punches to cut some yellow stars. The green ones are stenciled and stickers. I used markers for the stripes on the bee and added some interest to the yellow with a yellow gel pen. She turned out quite sweet if I do say so myself. =)

I finished getting my magnets and key rings up on Etsy if you care do drop by. I’m very pleased with the prints for the key rings. The colors turned out perfectly! And the magnets are made from Moo cards with I just love!

We’ve been having visitors in the evenings again….

A momma and three kits. They are absolutely adorable and misleading! They started to chew on the screen door to get in for food. We’ve had that problem before so no soup for you! I couldn’t resist snapping their pics though.Come back tomorrow to see what I’ve finished up! I have lots on my plate today! Go pour yourself a cup of creative juice and see what happens!