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Steampunk Sparrow


This lil’ fella speaks for himself. He pretty much dictated himself into creation. I was just his vessel.

I used everything from vintage sheet music to feathers on this piece. Stencils, pearls, precut trim, hemp cord, watch parts, decorative tape, gold foil, stickers, paints galore, and beeswax.


Here you can see the textures of the wax, foil, gears, and watch parts. This turned out deliciously and smell oh so sweetly of honey with the beeswax on it. Good enough to tweet!

Boo Bees!


You knew it had to happen right? I mean they were just right there asking for it. I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by. And topping this card with beeswax was perfect. It’s deliciously mushy and messy and waxy. Super fun and super textured. I’m going to put some fall decorations out today. I’m finally inspired to get to it and I’m pretty sure the smell of melting beeswax is the trigger.

I’m playing with my nails today and giving myself a manicure. I ordered a few beauty supplies and some canvas’s. I’ll be playing with those as soon as they get there… With Christmas around the corner… I’m having to put my sewing series on hold till January… which gives me lots of time to gather more goodies for collaging with. I love a good scavenger hunt!

Drop by tomorrow for more… cleavage! o.O