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Happy October

Happy October!

I wanted to share a link today. If you remember back just about before summer started I made a painting for Enzo who had a wish to swim with the dolphins. Well… I’m happy to report that his wish came true and last month he… well… I’ll let his mom tell the story… click here.

She was sweet enough to post the painting I sent Enzo as well. It’s a heartwarming story. I encourage you to add a smile and some tenderness to your day and head over and read it.

With the weather changing I’m turning my gardening focus indoors and tending to my house plants. This is one I picked up at Home Depot over the summer. I love the colors…. very pretty

I’ll be back tomorrow for Psalm Sunday.



This is my fifth in the Autumn Owl series of ACEOs that I’ll be listing on Etsy tomorrow. Next I think I’ll play with a larger owl painting that’s been brewing in my head. I’m also finishing up this….

The painting under the owl is coming along nicely. It’s now pinks, reds and black… and white. I have more to do on it today but also need to hit the grocery today so I have limited time today. I’m also working on a series of small paintings that I plan to make prints for for Christmas postcards and such. Something to celebrate the upcoming holidays. I “should” have done this in July but it seems I’m always behind schedule.

My desk is a Hazmat zone right now so I have to run and suit up so I can get it cleaned up before heading out for my weekly shopping trip.

See you back here tomorrow for more mayhem and madness!



Happy Monday. If Monday “can” be happy. I finished up two mini paintings today and started in on a project that came to mind a few weeks ago. I have one more 4×4″ wooden canvas left and it’s saved for a commission I’ll be working on. I haven’t made a big painting in quite some time and am looking forward to the challenge of bigger projects but that will have to wait till I get some of my other to-do list checked off.

The holiday’s are creeping up on us slowly and I need to think about what I want to make for my family. I’ll have to brain storm! Anybody nave any ideas? I’m thinking some _________ will be happening for some of my nieces. (HAH!… you thought you’d get it out of me didn’t you!) You sneaky sneak sneak! You’ll just have to wait for Christmas to find out!

I’m looking forward to relaxing tonight in front of the TV with my sketch pad and some dinner… American Pickers is on pretty soon and House is on later tonight so I have a great line-up of entertainment to keep me busy. I’ll be back tomorrow to share a Halloween treat with you along with another show and tell of Tammy’s Toys. Have a great evening!


♥ Simplicity ♥

Playing on pink parchment that I glued into my art journal. My focus on my journal pages lately has been trying different ways of applying mediums as well as experimenting with facial expressions and features. I used a paper doily for her dress and washed over it with pink paint.
This was actually quite a simple page ~ hence the name… and the fact that there isn’t much to the background. It’s just a peaceful pink angel inspired from a book I’m reading ~~ Angels in my Hair by Lorna Byrne. I haven’t been able to put it down at night. I end up setting it down at 4:30 in the morning and kicking myself for reading too long and knowing I’m going to feel “ughhy” the next day .. heh.. the next day, who am I kidding, I’m up by 8ish. I’m half way through the book now so I only have a few more sleepless night left. It’s a very good book! I’m working in my journal today and gesso-ing some canvas’s for the Chaos and Calm class I’m taking. I’ll be picking up the remainder of the supplies I need for the class tomorrow when I hit Freddie’s for food. They have an art isle that I know like the back of my hand. =) I’ve had a busy day at my desk with helped relieve the stress of yesterdays long day on the phone dealing with providers and insurance. Ugh! I’m going back to painting now. I have a play date with myself. Be sure to come back tomorrow as I have some-bunny here who wants to say “hi!”

Polka Dot

••• Polka Dot •••

She’s not doing the Polka but her name is Dot. Surrounded by circles and spheres she’s caught a flower in her hand and now has something to put in her vase at home. This pink and blue little blessing was a very fun painting to put together. I used so many different mediums and ephemera. I started with a pink background and used pen caps dipped in various colors of paint to stamp “bubbles.” Adding blobs of acrylic paints and dripping rubbing alcohol on them helped them to chase across the wooden canvas making interesting patterns that peek through the tissues, glittering circles, mini gold-rimmed stickers, and opaque white flakes. I used a pink Kleenex for the pink layered “paper.” The collage paper is something new I picked up a few weeks ago, it’s actually got a sticky back to it so it’s simply cut and peel! I gave her a 20’s style headband and topped it with a matching flower. To finish this off I dripped pearly crayons onto it and added a few rhinestones to give her extra girly bling. She’s ready for varnish and a picture hanger… and then she’ll be ready for a new home.

♥ Faces ♥

I spent last evening drawing these girls onto 4.4″ wooden canvases and couldn’t sleep, so I was up at 2:00 A.M wood-burning them into the wood. This morning I was up bright  and early (…and very blurry eyed.) shading their faces. They are now ready for action! Time to pick colors and themes and create some dreams. This is nearly like having a blank canvas as I ponder each one and choose colors and clothes. I think I’ll go outside the box on a few to stretch my color limits. Any ideas? Thanks for dropping by… be sure to come back tomorrow to see “Shelix the Cat.” She came fresh off the canvas late last night.