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I Have Your Heart

I Have Your Heart

This sassy little heart is created from a recycled shipping envelope. I had not idea that you could get such awesome envies until I got this one in the mail. Of course I saved it and put it in my recycle drawer. Yesterday while playing I had glued down the heart paper as a background for my journal entry and then I started digging through my “green” drawer and rediscovered this envelope! I knew right then how this journal entry would play out. I used the back side of the envelope, so thankfully I still have a full side to play with. The flowers are cut from the envie as are the leaves. I used gel pen on the edges and my aqua brush to blend a bit. The red hearts are stenciled on using a stencil sponge with rubber stamping ink, and the blue hearts are rubber-stamped. It was really an easy peazy piece of pie! Which reminds me I’m going to make banana bread today! And if I need to whisk my eggs I’ll be using one of Tammy’s Toys! Yep! It’s 2sday again and time for Show & Tell. Here’s this weeks:

Tammy’s Toys Tuesday

See you back tomorrow so I can share some more creativity with you! My comments section has been fixed so if you’d like to leave a comment I will love you all forever!

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

Having still more fun with ATCs and Alice in Wonderland. Doing my version of the Queen of Hearts was a lot of fun. Who doesn’t love hearts! I LOVED this character in the movie. She played her part wonderfully. She was bold, imaginative, and funny. This was done on a precut illustration board ATC. First I drew the Queen and as always the first thing I do is the face. I used chalk pencils for her face and her hair then did a wash with red paint to add more vibrance. I used felt pens, microns, rubberstamps with acrylic paints, Zig painty metallic pen, tiny little heart stickers, gold leafing, and liquid appliqué. I finished off the edges of the card with DecoArt Elegant Finish in Emperor’s Gold. I LOVE the color of this paint.
I think I’ll be doing the Mad Hatter next, but first I’ll be playing with a drawing a did while resting my ankle on fluffy pillows on the couch. Here’s the drawing. It’s done on watercolor paper. I scanned it and darkened the lines in Photoshop so you could see it better. The actually drawing’s lines are very faint that they barely show. I’m looking forward to playing with this over the weekend. I need the distraction to keep my mind busy while I wait for next week and my blood work to get done… Then the waiting begins… As they say ~ Art Saves! Happy TGIF to all of you and Prayers please if you can spare some.Thanks and God Bless!

Squiggles the Snake

Squiggles the Snake

I’ve been playing around making some ATCs while I await my eye appointment. I’ve lost my “attention to detail” and need new glasses. My reading glasses also need replaced. I’m not one who really likes going to the Dr and usually try to put it off until absolutely necessary. Okay.. so now I’ve reached that point. I can’t see as well as I’d like to for painting. I only really noticed it while making this ATC. I won’t tell you why as if I do you’ll instantly see my flaws. =) HEE! Sneaky lil snake that I yam! This funny little guy is made using Micron pens and chalk pencils. He’s truly not quite finished yet and as soon as he is I’ll put my stamp of approval on him… AKA~ my signature. I’ll add the final touches and tweaks when my new glasses come in. Until then, I’ll be doing sketches, concept art,  and works in progress so I don’t go through art withdrawal. I’ll also be cleaning my desk again and doing a bit of living room decorating. I’ll be sure to share so stay tuned… I have another ATC to share with you tomorrow as well. Think ~ ALICE! =)

Green Gift Greets!

I was just playing around with materials on my desk while waiting for paint to dry this past week and decided to do something with these square cards I bought oh so many years ago. I sponged the edges, stuck each with a leaf sticker, and cut some circles from fabric and papers and glued them all together… I punched some wee little holes on the opposite side and strung some jute through them and tada! Gift tags! Super easy, super quick and the impact is powerful with the vivid colors. I’ll be putting these and several more of my creations up on my Etsy this coming week so be sure to stop by and see what’s new in the shop! I hope your Sunday is also a Funday and that you have some time for creating, or movies, or whatever it is that makes you smile! See you back here tomorrow with one mess or another. Happy Day!

Live Loud

♥ Live Loud ♥

And she’ll have fun, fun, fun, till her daddy takes her crayons away! Just another art journal experiment. I used a kraft type notebook paper called Cigar Paper that I bought at the college book store about 5 years ago. (I bought all they had left at the time and they were on sale. =) I lined it up with the ring holes at the top of the journal page and started to play. I took a few pieces of ripped collage paper and glued them down and tossed it aside for the day. That evening I picked up the journal and headed to the sofa with pencil in hand. I drew this girl and intended to give her a tri-colored face to see how it would look. As you can see the blending didn’t go so well as I didn’t use a glazing medium so the paint dried way to fast on the paper. No biggy, it’s just journal jazz and that’s where we learn and play. I gave her a matching hat, added funky flowers and cut leaves from collage paper. I outlined here with a black chalk pencil and used a handy dandy Q-tip to smudge it up. She looks like she’s just clowning around which is exactly what I was doing when I created her. Fun times as always! I just enrolled in a new online art class called Chaos and Calm. It promises to be something very different and educational. I can’t wait to buy my canvases and a few new brushes and get my fingers covered in messy paint goodness! If you want to check it out.. it’s Here! I LOVE the paintings in the background and would love to be able to paint something as wonderfully colorful and interesting as them. I’m super excited about getting started and will be on it asap on Monday morning.
In the meantime I’ll be playing with goodies already on my desk and spending the weekend with the hubs. I’ll see you back here tomorrow with some tags I’ve made to share with you. Have an awesome Saturday!

Shelix the Cat

♥ Shelix the Cat ♥

This was awesome! I had the best time with this she-cat. The first thing I did was choose her “attire” … and then I was stumped. When I get that way the first thing to do is SOMETHING! I started by adding turquoise. I used a circular patterned piece of “plastic” I have and stamped through it with a very small sponge. It overwhelmed me. To toned it down I added white tissue paper… and did a turquoise wash over it. Much better…But it still needs more, so black lava texture gel! Oh yes! Now I’m thinking of something to add to make it more interesting. Dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, through drawers, boxes, more boxes, more drawers… ah ha! I found the perfect ORANGE flowers… with yellow flowers along side. Hold the phone, the yellow brings far more punch to the party. (learned something about color.!) The flowers have a pop-dot on the back and I decide to leave it so the painting has more dimension. I like. Now for leaves, I collaged on some leaves cut from decorative napkins. (truly the only reason I bought 2 packages of these napkins.) I wanted a tad more yellow so I used a hard bodied yellow acrylic paint and stamped a few flowers around. It still needs something… While all this was going on and I was waiting for paint to dry I was also working on some gift tags… I was using green fabric for a flower for them (I’ll share them over the weekend) I had a messy pile of tiny tugged threads from said fabric “right” in front of me and I’m one to never let a medium go to waste… so grabbing my brush and gel medium on they go… all over this piece. And as each hat needs a ribbon and a flower or a feather, I chose a feather. Seriously, what cat wouldn’t be proud to display a birds feather in her cap! And she’s done. I hope you enjoyed the story of Shelix the Cat and how she came to be. I hope your TGIF is Fantastic and that all of your creative dreams come true!

Polka Dot

••• Polka Dot •••

She’s not doing the Polka but her name is Dot. Surrounded by circles and spheres she’s caught a flower in her hand and now has something to put in her vase at home. This pink and blue little blessing was a very fun painting to put together. I used so many different mediums and ephemera. I started with a pink background and used pen caps dipped in various colors of paint to stamp “bubbles.” Adding blobs of acrylic paints and dripping rubbing alcohol on them helped them to chase across the wooden canvas making interesting patterns that peek through the tissues, glittering circles, mini gold-rimmed stickers, and opaque white flakes. I used a pink Kleenex for the pink layered “paper.” The collage paper is something new I picked up a few weeks ago, it’s actually got a sticky back to it so it’s simply cut and peel! I gave her a 20’s style headband and topped it with a matching flower. To finish this off I dripped pearly crayons onto it and added a few rhinestones to give her extra girly bling. She’s ready for varnish and a picture hanger… and then she’ll be ready for a new home.

♥ Faces ♥

I spent last evening drawing these girls onto 4.4″ wooden canvases and couldn’t sleep, so I was up at 2:00 A.M wood-burning them into the wood. This morning I was up bright  and early (…and very blurry eyed.) shading their faces. They are now ready for action! Time to pick colors and themes and create some dreams. This is nearly like having a blank canvas as I ponder each one and choose colors and clothes. I think I’ll go outside the box on a few to stretch my color limits. Any ideas? Thanks for dropping by… be sure to come back tomorrow to see “Shelix the Cat.” She came fresh off the canvas late last night.

Coraline’s Garden

Coraline’s Garden

After mulling over this painting for a week I finally decided I wanted to paint Coraline in her garden, where she was happiest. I added button centers to the flowers strung with metallic threads to add sparkle and punch. I used stenciling, stamping, flowers cut from paper doilies, confetti circles, tiny fingernail art stickers, and finger painted some glitters about the garden. I think she turned out pretty sweet. And since it’s summer with flowers blooming all about it’s also quite appropriate. Thankfully our heatwave has taken a vacation and we have a nice overcast day with gray clouds so it looks as though the flowers will be getting watered by Mother Nature. I played late last night in my art journal before watching a few episodes of The Dresden Files… thanks to Netflix! We’ll watch the final episode tonight.  I wasn’t quite ready to get up this morning when I woke up but I did so anyway as I knew that painting awaited and that always lures me up as does the smell of coffee perking, I’ll be pouring my first cup very soon! Happy Tuesday, it’s time to take a peek inside the toy box again this week.

Tammy’s Toys

Yep! We all need a button like this on our keyboards. My keyboard is packed with keys, but this one is the one I wish I could make work. I haven’t yet decided where to put this… it’s got a sticky back that you can peel off so you can put the button where you want. I’m sure I’ll find someplace very creative to put this clever guy. Not quite the same type of button that Coraline has but a button nonetheless. Once I decide this guys final resting place I’ll be sure to share it with you. Until then it sits on my keyboard and I “pretend” to use it when necessary. Get out there and have a great day and I’ll be back here tomorrow to share last night late journal play with you.