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Glitter Explosion


While adding the finishing touches on today’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month ATC I grabbed for some old school glitter glue I haven’t used in forever. I noticed that the glue wasn’t shaking to the tip so I squeezed the bottle and it was extremely brittle from age and it just exploded! I haven’t touched any of it … I’m letting it dry and I’ll be using the glitter litter for something clever down the road which should be lots of fun.


Button Up! This card is fully loaded with glitter and sparkly and topped off with buttons to fasten to keep you warm through the icy winter. Lots of gold and pink and brown. Sweet at pie!

I Need Chocolate

I Need Chocolate

You’ve had those days when nothing will satisfy you like a big chunk of chocolate just like me I bet. There’s something medicinal and soothing about chocolate. It’s one of God’s magic remedies. It’s tastes awesome, is actually good for you and it’s sooths the savage beasties in all of us.  This painting expresses just how much this gal needs her chocolate fix! Thankfully she’s got a big bar ready for unwrapping. This started with layers of cream and red, then I added a wine berry color wash and started layering in colors that would go well with the paper I had chosen for her dress. Of course we had to put some brown in here as after all… chocolate is the deepest of browns. I used gold metallic paper to punch some hearts from to layer over stenciled brown hearts. I used gold leaf to make the piece more cohesive with the use of the gold hearts and the gold wrapper in her candy bar. The edges are dabbed with a rich and thick gold paint that helps to add extra texture and richness. Now, If you’ll excuse me… I hear some chocolate calling me from the kitchen!