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Get Tested


In honoring the final day of BCA Month I ended my series with this ATC. I used a cigar colored notebook paper by Ecopaper.com left over from my college days. I LOVE this stuff. For the background I used a Bristol board base and covered it with a Kraft colored napkin saved from take-out. Mini clothespins hold a reminder for you to get yourself tested and the base of the card is trimmed with some jute fibers for extra texture.

Halloween Ghost is finally here and the weather today is wet and rainy… very typical for a Pacific Northwest Halloween. I’ve over five bags of candy readied in a basket at the front door so all we do now is wait for the lil goblins to show their fangs and faces!

For now, I’m off to work on a few loose ends on my desk and around the house. I’ll see you tomorrow! God Bless.

Blue Bloomers


Happy Friday and Happy Day 12 of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Today’s card is called Blue Bloomers. I thought fall was the perfect time for blues/greens/browns. Going from a bright and beautiful world to on muted with browns and golden oranges. This year however, here in the Pacific Northwest our summer was dry and crunchy.Wilted rose  The roadsides are wheat colored from dried out grass. It reminds me of summers at Gammas’ in South Oregon when I was a little girl.

I’m looking forward to some rain Storm cloud to regenerate our NW greens! I miss the moisture in the air… and the pollen being tamed! Allergies this year have me sneezing and rubbing my eyes double time. I’ll be happy when this too passes!

Come back tomorrow for entry number 13 in my double DD series! I’m loving the challenges I face each day with this month long series.

Peace-out for now!