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Bachelorette Buttons


I was partially finished with my buttons collage when I thought the flowers would need to pop more from a distance so I added some black lava, some of Martha Stewarts beadz, and some gold foiling.


Now I’m much happier with it. I’m loving the colors and the shabbiness. It’s the perfect girly accents to add to my gallery wall.

Today I’m playing with a board I’ve had stashed in my art supply closet for years…


My background so far consists of vintage text pages, glimmer mist in Viva Pink, and torn and crumpled decorative paper napkins in pale turquoise print. LOVE this! I’m going circles on this piece. More tomorrow on the progress of this super fun painting.

Accidental Art


While washing my hands this morning getting ready for another coat of lilac polish I noticed the shape of the soap took on a ghostly appearance. The creative side of me just couldn’t miss the opportunity to add some googly eyes and a post it note with BOO written on it for the next person in line for the bathroom. I thought I’d share my sudsy spirit with you today.


Mission accomplished! Sally Hanson’s Lacy Lilac nail polish is perfect for spring and summer and a statement polish for me for the lavender color which represents Lupus Awareness Month.

Today I’m finishing up my sewing collage and starting on this…..


I made this garland of buttons, beads, and bobbins for the painting I’m currently working on but it just didn’t fit in the way I wanted it to so I decided to make a special piece just for this band of bling. What better things to do this time of year than to create gardens… indoors and out!

Since the sun has taken a certain dislike to me I’ll make my garden indoors for now. I’ll share me blooms with you as they grow.

Sew Simplicity


From paper flowers to lace and ribbons. This 20 x 16 canvas is a work in progress that I plan to hang on my bedroom gallery wall. I love the shabby chic look of the torn tissue and the blotchy paint in the background. I used a vintage pattern for the dress form and recycled a plethora of lace and trim that I sponged with coordinating colors. Not all of this is adhered as of yet but I wanted to share the layout idea. The tassel string will need to be ironed out a bit and I have some wee little bobbins that I’ve wrapped with coordinating ribbons to add to the sewing pile. I just adore dress forms as you might be able to tell from my tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness last October.

Any ideas on what it might need? Let me know what you think. I’m excited about how this larger canvas is coming together…

Crayzee Colorful!


I love crayons… that’s simply the only reason for this ATC. The color, the smell, the memories, and oh the possibilities… Like everything in life. It’s all about attitude, ideas, and what we put our mind to! Like finding a cure for breast cancer… and making childlike posters in support of the effort. Amen sisters!

I did my shopping today and again hit Walmart… nothing exciting to report this week, unless you count L’OREAL BB Cream. I bought my first one after several months of struggling with a foundation as thick as plaster. Even though I managed to figure out a few techniques to work with the foundation… I truly think it’s application success depends on the humidity in the air. Bleh…. so tomorrow I’m going to try this new beauty product and I’ll give you my feedback.

Also… I picked up a few things in the sample isle… one of my favorite places for a chance to try new products for a largely reduced price. Today’s find is St. Ives Apricot Facial Scrub. I used this stuff epochs and eons ago and thought… why not. I’ll try it again.. especially when it’s practically free.

The rest is super boring and mundane but very needed… I will tell you that there truly is NO substitute for THIS product though…

That’s it for today… Tomorrow starts the countdown on ONE hand of how many days are left in my BCA Month series… so remember to check it out.

Have a great Friday night and have one for me!

Coraline’s Garden

Coraline’s Garden

After mulling over this painting for a week I finally decided I wanted to paint Coraline in her garden, where she was happiest. I added button centers to the flowers strung with metallic threads to add sparkle and punch. I used stenciling, stamping, flowers cut from paper doilies, confetti circles, tiny fingernail art stickers, and finger painted some glitters about the garden. I think she turned out pretty sweet. And since it’s summer with flowers blooming all about it’s also quite appropriate. Thankfully our heatwave has taken a vacation and we have a nice overcast day with gray clouds so it looks as though the flowers will be getting watered by Mother Nature. I played late last night in my art journal before watching a few episodes of The Dresden Files… thanks to Netflix! We’ll watch the final episode tonight.  I wasn’t quite ready to get up this morning when I woke up but I did so anyway as I knew that painting awaited and that always lures me up as does the smell of coffee perking, I’ll be pouring my first cup very soon! Happy Tuesday, it’s time to take a peek inside the toy box again this week.

Tammy’s Toys

Yep! We all need a button like this on our keyboards. My keyboard is packed with keys, but this one is the one I wish I could make work. I haven’t yet decided where to put this… it’s got a sticky back that you can peel off so you can put the button where you want. I’m sure I’ll find someplace very creative to put this clever guy. Not quite the same type of button that Coraline has but a button nonetheless. Once I decide this guys final resting place I’ll be sure to share it with you. Until then it sits on my keyboard and I “pretend” to use it when necessary. Get out there and have a great day and I’ll be back here tomorrow to share last night late journal play with you.