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All Dolled Up


Some of the cheapest surfaces to paint on that aren’t free are found at the dollar stores. They most always have 6×6” ceramic tile trivets.  Simple paint over them with gesso or collage your own backgrounds on. I opted for black napkins crumpled and adhered over the tiles after painting them black. I did a wash of Metallic pearl white and a smearing of gold glaze before starting anything. As I’m currently working on art for my bedroom gallery wall I thought dress up would be fun.

I found some templates online and …


Started creating… I’ve a ways to go with this one yet.. but I’ve at least chosen my dress for the ball.


And my bustier’ for the bedroom.  I’m working on giving this mirror more bling and adding more interest to the background.. along with adding yumminess to the wearable’s.

Check back soon to see the progress.

What are you wearing to the ball?

Blue Bloomers


Happy Friday and Happy Day 12 of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Today’s card is called Blue Bloomers. I thought fall was the perfect time for blues/greens/browns. Going from a bright and beautiful world to on muted with browns and golden oranges. This year however, here in the Pacific Northwest our summer was dry and crunchy.Wilted rose  The roadsides are wheat colored from dried out grass. It reminds me of summers at Gammas’ in South Oregon when I was a little girl.

I’m looking forward to some rain Storm cloud to regenerate our NW greens! I miss the moisture in the air… and the pollen being tamed! Allergies this year have me sneezing and rubbing my eyes double time. I’ll be happy when this too passes!

Come back tomorrow for entry number 13 in my double DD series! I’m loving the challenges I face each day with this month long series.

Peace-out for now!