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Beauties of Bangalore


If you love bling you’re got to love today’s entry in my BCA Month series. Red, gold, black, and bling! LOVE it. I used everything I could get my hands on. The card itself is covered in a gold foil candy wrapper. You can get packs of them in the baking/candy isle in craft and variety stores. (They come in lots of colors as well!)

The body is cut from the inside of a Yogi Tea box. It looks just like the Henna tattoos that the women of India are famous for. Truly beautiful and artful. I would love to try that form of art.

Next I dug through my boxes of embellishments and found all these delish goodies. Enjoy the shimmers and I’ll see you tomorrow from something from the opposite side of the creative box.

Peace of Mind


Peace of Mind! Get your exam this month. I’ve reached the halfway point in my series to do my share for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a challenging endeavor to say the least. I’m working on tomorrows card and had some foil glue drying…. I turned to finish off some bling and my embellishments have disappeared off my desk. I’m convinced there is a mysterious vortex in my studio that I’m losing items… and my mind to!

I “misplaced” several other items and after a complete cleaning of desk and studio…the missing supplies remain missing. Time for some more serious prayer. Maybe then I’ll have Peace of Mind too!

I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 17. See you then!