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Recycled Journal Page


This journal entry started when I was cleaning up from my “I Need Chocolate” painting. I had finished painting the back of the wood panel with Berry Wine and had quite a bit of paint left on my makeshift palette. Rather than let it go to waste I decided to grab a paper towel. I noticed it had a decorative edge which made me smile as I knew I could emphasize it. I laid the towel flat on my desk and sprayed it with a misting of water. Then I started dabbing on the left over Berry paint. Alternating the paint with spraying more water on the towel the paint started to bleed really nicely. Once the paint was all used up and the towel was “pretty” I dabbed the towel with a cloth towel to soak up excess moisture. When it was dry enough to handle I glued the paper towel down in my art journal and let it dry. I used Stabilo markers on the preexisting decorative edge of the towel and brightened the colors to make them ‘P0P’ I used yellow paint to add the dots to the flowers along with the colors on the towel the yellow changed colors accordingly so it turned out very nice. I used a stencil sponge and black rubber stamping ink to stencil the word “Life.” Next comes the fun part… writing down whatever words popped into my head that related to life. The page has a nice “fabric” type feel to it and it’s soft to touch. I’m happy with how it turned out. =) Happy Hump Day! I hope your creative juices are flowing like a river! I’d love to know what you’re up to so leave me a comment and let me know! I’d LOVE to hear from you.

I Have Your Heart

I Have Your Heart

This sassy little heart is created from a recycled shipping envelope. I had not idea that you could get such awesome envies until I got this one in the mail. Of course I saved it and put it in my recycle drawer. Yesterday while playing I had glued down the heart paper as a background for my journal entry and then I started digging through my “green” drawer and rediscovered this envelope! I knew right then how this journal entry would play out. I used the back side of the envelope, so thankfully I still have a full side to play with. The flowers are cut from the envie as are the leaves. I used gel pen on the edges and my aqua brush to blend a bit. The red hearts are stenciled on using a stencil sponge with rubber stamping ink, and the blue hearts are rubber-stamped. It was really an easy peazy piece of pie! Which reminds me I’m going to make banana bread today! And if I need to whisk my eggs I’ll be using one of Tammy’s Toys! Yep! It’s 2sday again and time for Show & Tell. Here’s this weeks:

Tammy’s Toys Tuesday

See you back tomorrow so I can share some more creativity with you! My comments section has been fixed so if you’d like to leave a comment I will love you all forever!

I Need Chocolate

I Need Chocolate

You’ve had those days when nothing will satisfy you like a big chunk of chocolate just like me I bet. There’s something medicinal and soothing about chocolate. It’s one of God’s magic remedies. It’s tastes awesome, is actually good for you and it’s sooths the savage beasties in all of us.  This painting expresses just how much this gal needs her chocolate fix! Thankfully she’s got a big bar ready for unwrapping. This started with layers of cream and red, then I added a wine berry color wash and started layering in colors that would go well with the paper I had chosen for her dress. Of course we had to put some brown in here as after all… chocolate is the deepest of browns. I used gold metallic paper to punch some hearts from to layer over stenciled brown hearts. I used gold leaf to make the piece more cohesive with the use of the gold hearts and the gold wrapper in her candy bar. The edges are dabbed with a rich and thick gold paint that helps to add extra texture and richness. Now, If you’ll excuse me… I hear some chocolate calling me from the kitchen!

Childhood Sweetheart

Childhood Friends

This was a “experiment” I bought some collaging paper that’s covered in sock monkeys and after doing my hubs birthday gift sock monkeys have become a very loved source of enjoyment between us. I added a lot of layers of different goodies to this including torn pink tissue paper, black lava ever so sparingly, bright pink epoxy flower stickers, stamped leaves, and pink dots, along with an under layer of blobs of paints. I wanted to see how she would turn out with her dress focal point being the monkey’s uncle! It got a few thumbs up and smile around here so I’m guessing I can give myself an A. Today we’re relaxing at our computers playing games, learning new stuff, playing in my journal and just chatting a bit. We still the air conditioner aimed right at us so we’re keeping cool enough. THANK you GOD! After making ham and eggs with toast for the guys for breakfast I put on some pasta and eggs to cook and make a “Ham & Egg” pasta salad with green onions and homemade ranch dressing and it’s been chilling in the fridge since about noon so come dinner time we’ll have some nice and cold to eat to help keep the “cool” process going. I hope your weekend is as chillin’ as mine has been. I’m feeling rested and ready for the upcoming week of Dr’s appointments. It was more than I can handle so I prayed, handed it over to God and I’m feeling at peace. And there will definitely be a painting somewhere in the near future regarding above statement. See you tomorrow with a pink giraffe. Yep! You read that right.

Check Mate

Check Mate

I’ve had this sitting on my desk half finished for well over a week. Today it called to me. I had planned to use black, white, & red. But before I started in with the red I set it aside and worked on some ATCs. I looked up and there was a bottle of turquoise paint sitting right next to it and it hit me. I HAD to use it, and I’m very happy I did. It’s got pizazz! I used my usual plethora of paints and pretties while creating this mini 4×4″ eye candy. I had planned to play with my bee drawing today but this hollered at me and I think the bee will bee-gin tomorrow. The weather is sweltering hot so we aimed the air conditioner to where we’re sitting so it makes it nice and cool to create and hubs can game online with a cool breeze at his back. That about wraps it up of now, I have another mini 4×4 that pestered me for attention so I’m playing her some overdue TLC and THEN the bee! Let the games Bee-gin! See you hopefully tomorrow.

Felicity Firestorm

♥ Felicity Firestorm ♥

I never know. This started with her expression and went instantly to her hair. I’m a cold weather person. I love weather in the 30s and 40s. When it hits the 70s I’m getting out of my comfort zone. I love rain. I love ice. I’d love Alaska and could very well have been an Eskimo in my former life.  I don’t love heat, and it’s been TOO hot for me this past week! Summer is gorgeous and the flowers are incredible works of art that only God can create, yet physically I find the heat exhausting and draining. It’s like a seasonal hot flash. I get physically ill from weather that is too hot so I’m VERY thankful for the portable AC that the hubs bought last summer, as without it I’d have to live in a bathtub of cold water, (no that’s NOT me… but you can everything on the Internet.) I could have gone so many directions with this journal entry but when I picked up the yellow chalk pencil for her “hair” it was pretty much set in stone where I was going to end up. I only used 2 collaging elements on this journal page. One being her dress and the other is the butterfly at her neck. (Both of which I bought grocery shopping yesterday. I seriously only go for the art isle at Freddie’s.) I created the big leaf rubber stamp using a precut Fun Foam shape and a Jenga block. Jenga blocks are great for gluing precut or custom cut shapes to as they have 2 sides so you have twice as many stamps with 1/2 the storage. I left the background on this entry white on purpose so that when I smudged the green Conte pastel over the green marker swirls it would bleed out into the white. The rest of this page was created with colored pencils, chalks inks, stamps, doodles, and some sparkle. I had fun time with her expression and can see myself using her angst over and over again for oh-so-many topics! Here’s hoping your weekend it’s too heated and it if is…. I hope you find a funtastic way to chill out!

Bunny Hop

♥ Bunny Hop ♥

This is a bunny with attitude. She’s just daring you to even think of taking her carrot. I did the off-centered head on purpose just to see what it would look like and I think it’s rather cute. She’s got the cutest droopiest ears and a love for hopping around her garden. This journal entry is layers of love and fun. I started this by taking some bright pink tissue paper, wadding it up into a ball and then semi smoothing it out. I then adhered it with Mod Podge. I toned down the pink with a water/gesso wash and used a paper towel to pick up the extra unwanted medium. Then it was time for fun! I started the sketch and as always what comes from my pencil is almost always spontaneous. Using acrylic paints with glaze and finishing off the shading with watercolor pencils I had the base of her face done. I added micron pen and charcoal to complete it. She’s suited up in her daily hopping attire which is simply washed on layers of white paint. She stands in a garden of tulips which came from a decorative paper napkin. Extra flowers and leaves were stamped around to give extra garden detail. She’s got a mound of dirt with a carrot nearly ready for pulling and she holds her lunch in her hand. I have to say I really like the whimsical feel of this journal entry. I like her attitude and I really liked trying something different with her. Let me know what you think. Today is grocery day and it’s going to be hot out so I want to get going before it’s too hot! I’ll be back tomorrow for a TGIF show-and-tell!

Yar Matey!

For the most part I’ve completed my pirate. All I need to do now is touch up her hair, varnish her, and add some rhinestones gems to the booty she’s standing on. I had so much fun with her I’ll probably paint another one in the future.

There are a ton of differnt mediums used for this painting which made it so much fun. I got to get my fingers sticky with Beedz, Gold Leafing, rubberstamps, inks, gel pens, paints, ~ both acrylic and watercolor ~ embossing powder, modeling paste, glass bead gel medium, mica poweders, sponging, puffy glittering fabric paint and collaging papers. The list is endless, which is why mixed media painting so much fun. The amount of different things you can find for adding to painting are endless and it’s fun to stretch yourself and challenge yourself to explore as many as you can find! (And to dream up your own.) ~ The flu is still hanging on, but the threads of it get a wee bit weaker by the day. Lots of rest and OJ, Ricola, and Nyquil, and sadly still, lots of coughing. I’ve started on my Eve painting and am looking forward to adding layers to it today. I hope to be more frequent with my posting this week since the flu is on the way out the door, even if I have to kick it out with my high “heals…”