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Plum Press

Plum Press
Extra ~ Extra! Read all about it! Sticking with a palette of black, gray and purples I managed to find enough collaging and background elements to get this painting done the way I wanted it. I simply did a gray wash over the background and started layering items of interest. From rubber-stamps, collaged lavender napkins, black lava texture, dripped pearlized crayons, and glued on mini lavender rhinestones. I purposely dressed her in text trimmed garments. with rhinestone and feather accents. She actually is bit more purple than this photo shows but such is uploading. =) With lavender eye shadow she’s ready to head off to her next super scoop story.  She’s on a serious news story so be ready for a news flash soon! I always have a fun time with all the paintings I do.. but behind the scenes you’re missing another kind of art that I’m sharing now:

This is the palette I’ve been using for well over a month. It’s simply a meat tray from buying steak/pork chops/cubed steaks/etc! By the end of six months this will be a plethora of colors that bleed together and make an art piece of their own. One color covers another and so on forever! This is the current look from the last seven paintings I’ve done. I really love when the colors start to bleed together as you can see with the green and black at the bottom right. Six more paintings and I’ll have an even FORTY 4×4″ hanging paintings… not to mention the ones I used fun fibers to hang. I’ll be getting these ready asap to varnish and add to my Etsy as the Holiday season is up and coming soon and I have SO much to finish creating and share. I do have to say that I’ve had fun so far with what I’m creating and I’m thankful that creativity is something that no-one can take away! It truly is a gift from GOD! … God… Thank you!

Live Loud

♥ Live Loud ♥

And she’ll have fun, fun, fun, till her daddy takes her crayons away! Just another art journal experiment. I used a kraft type notebook paper called Cigar Paper that I bought at the college book store about 5 years ago. (I bought all they had left at the time and they were on sale. =) I lined it up with the ring holes at the top of the journal page and started to play. I took a few pieces of ripped collage paper and glued them down and tossed it aside for the day. That evening I picked up the journal and headed to the sofa with pencil in hand. I drew this girl and intended to give her a tri-colored face to see how it would look. As you can see the blending didn’t go so well as I didn’t use a glazing medium so the paint dried way to fast on the paper. No biggy, it’s just journal jazz and that’s where we learn and play. I gave her a matching hat, added funky flowers and cut leaves from collage paper. I outlined here with a black chalk pencil and used a handy dandy Q-tip to smudge it up. She looks like she’s just clowning around which is exactly what I was doing when I created her. Fun times as always! I just enrolled in a new online art class called Chaos and Calm. It promises to be something very different and educational. I can’t wait to buy my canvases and a few new brushes and get my fingers covered in messy paint goodness! If you want to check it out.. it’s Here! I LOVE the paintings in the background and would love to be able to paint something as wonderfully colorful and interesting as them. I’m super excited about getting started and will be on it asap on Monday morning.
In the meantime I’ll be playing with goodies already on my desk and spending the weekend with the hubs. I’ll see you back here tomorrow with some tags I’ve made to share with you. Have an awesome Saturday!

Polka Dot

••• Polka Dot •••

She’s not doing the Polka but her name is Dot. Surrounded by circles and spheres she’s caught a flower in her hand and now has something to put in her vase at home. This pink and blue little blessing was a very fun painting to put together. I used so many different mediums and ephemera. I started with a pink background and used pen caps dipped in various colors of paint to stamp “bubbles.” Adding blobs of acrylic paints and dripping rubbing alcohol on them helped them to chase across the wooden canvas making interesting patterns that peek through the tissues, glittering circles, mini gold-rimmed stickers, and opaque white flakes. I used a pink Kleenex for the pink layered “paper.” The collage paper is something new I picked up a few weeks ago, it’s actually got a sticky back to it so it’s simply cut and peel! I gave her a 20’s style headband and topped it with a matching flower. To finish this off I dripped pearly crayons onto it and added a few rhinestones to give her extra girly bling. She’s ready for varnish and a picture hanger… and then she’ll be ready for a new home.

♥ Faces ♥

I spent last evening drawing these girls onto 4.4″ wooden canvases and couldn’t sleep, so I was up at 2:00 A.M wood-burning them into the wood. This morning I was up bright  and early (…and very blurry eyed.) shading their faces. They are now ready for action! Time to pick colors and themes and create some dreams. This is nearly like having a blank canvas as I ponder each one and choose colors and clothes. I think I’ll go outside the box on a few to stretch my color limits. Any ideas? Thanks for dropping by… be sure to come back tomorrow to see “Shelix the Cat.” She came fresh off the canvas late last night.