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Glam and Chic


Repurposed ceramic tile trivets from the dollar store.


Wires, ribbons, and rhinestones are just the tip of the iceberg on these tiles. I used one of my craft mirrors and some string pearls to create this standing mirror. I added to the mirror by using a white rub on and this totally reminds me of a vanity table mirror I had as a little girl.

Today I’m starting a new painting with a bird as the subject. I’m going to be bees-waxing this one and I’m really looking forward to firing up my melting pot and relaxing to the aroma therapy of melted beeswax as I paint.

Happy June to you all.. I hope your summer is inspired!

Glam girl


Just a post on face art supplies today. I’ve been needing a few new toys to play with on my face so I bought this blush and bronzer/blush from Hard Candy. I also picked up a few lip treats and polishes. These insta-dry polish by Sally Hanson rock! They really dry instantly. And of course more nail/cuticle cream.


This is my birthday present to myself. I bought all of this for just over $20 from E.F.L. and their mega black Friday sale online. I’m pretty well set on makeup now. I have all the needs and some of the wants. This should last a good long while. My makeup basket is getting near to full.

Today I’m working on the last painting for the commission I’ve been working on. Paint, let paint dry, paint some more… rinse and repeat.

I’ll share a picture when I’m done… for now I’m off to gather the perfect twig to make a miniature fishing pole!

Friday’s Frills


While out overstocking on Halloween candy for zombies that didn’t show up… they must have had an apocalypse to attend…I found this gorgeous eye shadow palette. I’m sure I’m getting what I pay for at only $3.00 but HOW do pass that deal up. I wear VERY little shadow as it is so I would only be using a small bit of color over eye shadow primer which will give this staying power and can always be used for other delightful things as well… Which I’ll likely experiment with as time goes by.

I picked this up at Walgreens so if you have one close and you want go grab one. The only bad thing about this is it’s hard to open. I just used a lil box knife at the side of the closer to pop it open. For the price… it’s a fun toy.

Have an awesome Friday and a great weekend. I’m getting ready to start a commission this weekend so wish me luck… I’ve been having trouble focusing lately. Bleh!

Check out the link for the eye shadow palette here.