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Glitz and Glitter


It’s day 10 of my Breast Cancer Awareness Month series. Lots of glam. The glitter didn’t photograph well but this card is the fully loaded baked potato when it comes to glitz. It’s got so much glitter and shimmer that it inspired me to glam up my nails too. Check it out!


Again with the photographing of glitter but you get the idea. I focus on painting just the tips of my nails with my glitter polish. I used Sally Hanson Xtreme Wear in Disco Ball. Up close and personal this polish really pops off the nail with light shimming everywhere from the rainbows of tiny specks of color. This manicure gave me a few ideas for some fun nail art that I’ll be trying next week. I’ll share more after my lab experiment. Mahhaha…

See you tomorrow for more Breast Cancer Awareness.