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Golden Rose

♥ Golden Rose ♥

Another ATC fresh from the worlds tiniest easel.I made this ATC with the help of plenty of eye drops given to me by the Dr. (given meaning… that’ll be $12.00 please.) This ATC is for the Week 8 challenge at Eraser Queens challenge blog. I couldn’t wait to do this challenge as I’m a real sucker for anything PINK! But if you frequent my blog you know my passion for pink. The challenge was to use the colors Rose, White, and Gold. I think I pulled it off rather well. And now my eyes are exhausted. The Dr. found a few clouds in the photos of my right eye so I had to make an appointment upon his insistence with my family Dr. I have to wait for the papers for my blood panel to show up before I can do that. Then I go to my Dr. on the 31st of August. This year has been a non-stop trip to one doctor or another. Then I have to go back to my eye Dr in 3 months for a check on my dry eyes. He said they were the driest eyes he’d ever seen, which by no means surprises me as they constantly feel like sand paper.  My ankle Dr moved my appointment from this Friday to next Tuesday so I have that to “look forward to” /sigh. My calendar is now booked through November with one appointment or another with Dr visits. Not to mention follow up appointment to find out what’s causing the clouds in my eyes. I hope you’re clear eyed and focused! Until tomorrow.. I’m off to rest my eyes with a cold cloth laid over them for a few. Have a great hump day! And EAT your carrots!