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Jenga Vampires


This is my son’s version of grocery day Jenga. I had to grab my camera and snap a picture because I thought it was a hilarious way to make fun and games out of unpacking the grocery bags. It’s towering infoodhno. Yeah… you don’t have to tell me how bad that play on words was. I can hear the groans from here. Winking smile

Moving right along… lets get back to BCA Month. Today is quite fun. Inspired by the twilight movies I made this…


This one is simple yet stunning. I used a white illustration board ATC and dripped red acrylic paint from the top. Then I cut the body from black glitter paper and dripped more red paint. After adhering the body to the background I used black jute and strung the vampire teeth beads glued them in place and they are ready to take a bite out of breast cancer!

Felicity Firestorm

♥ Felicity Firestorm ♥

I never know. This started with her expression and went instantly to her hair. I’m a cold weather person. I love weather in the 30s and 40s. When it hits the 70s I’m getting out of my comfort zone. I love rain. I love ice. I’d love Alaska and could very well have been an Eskimo in my former life.  I don’t love heat, and it’s been TOO hot for me this past week! Summer is gorgeous and the flowers are incredible works of art that only God can create, yet physically I find the heat exhausting and draining. It’s like a seasonal hot flash. I get physically ill from weather that is too hot so I’m VERY thankful for the portable AC that the hubs bought last summer, as without it I’d have to live in a bathtub of cold water, (no that’s NOT me… but you can everything on the Internet.) I could have gone so many directions with this journal entry but when I picked up the yellow chalk pencil for her “hair” it was pretty much set in stone where I was going to end up. I only used 2 collaging elements on this journal page. One being her dress and the other is the butterfly at her neck. (Both of which I bought grocery shopping yesterday. I seriously only go for the art isle at Freddie’s.) I created the big leaf rubber stamp using a precut Fun Foam shape and a Jenga block. Jenga blocks are great for gluing precut or custom cut shapes to as they have 2 sides so you have twice as many stamps with 1/2 the storage. I left the background on this entry white on purpose so that when I smudged the green Conte pastel over the green marker swirls it would bleed out into the white. The rest of this page was created with colored pencils, chalks inks, stamps, doodles, and some sparkle. I had fun time with her expression and can see myself using her angst over and over again for oh-so-many topics! Here’s hoping your weekend it’s too heated and it if is…. I hope you find a funtastic way to chill out!